September 20, 2019
Vietnam Visa

Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Indians – All You Need To Know

I am a professional engineer from incredible India who loves to discover the most beautiful cultural and heritage sites in the world. Being an avid and fanatical traveller, I always have a long list of locations in my mind that I wanted to explore in the globe. I know that my greed in discovering amazing sites in various countries will not make me sit in one place. There are numerous places to visit, but Vietnam with lush mountains, Buddhist shrines, stunning beaches, and bustling cities kept attracting me for a long time. Vietnam has everything for each and every type of traveller. Hanoi is the bustling city in the north of the country with lots of character, and the famous Ho Chi Minh City is a modern city in southern Vietnam.

The urge in going Vietnam tour was getting delayed due to visa. I really had no idea about the rules and regulations in getting Vietnam visa for Indians. Since I have travelled to many countries getting visa is the most restless thing one needs to take when planning to tour abroad. Although Vietnam is nearer to India, I was thinking about how to apply for a visa and procedures to apply for a travel visa for Indians. When I googled to know more about the application process to get Vietnam visa for Indians, I was really surprised by seeing Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians. Also, there is Vietnam e-visa for Indians, where everyone can apply online and download the Vietnam e-visa for Indians online.
After knowing this facility of getting Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians, my intense feeling of excitement urged me to apply as soon as possible. This fabulous facility denied me to visit the embassy and choose the general way. I am very much eager in getting Vietnam visa on arrival to avoid the mess in getting the Vietnam visa. Before exploring the adventures sites in Vietnam, this Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians gave me utmost pleasure and adventurous experience.

What are the steps involved in getting Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Read on to know about how did I get my Vietnam visa on Arrival. You’ll be shocked about the applications process since it is a straightforward and hassle-free process. You can complete your visa application in just a few simple steps. Every Vietnam visa for Indians is approved by Vietnam immigration department, and you can receive the visa approval letter by email in a few working days. However, there are specific standard rules and regulations to get your Vietnam visa on arrival.

1. Proceed with Application Form

Always it is a must to fill an application form for the Visa process. The complete application form should be filled with full concentration and 100% attention when it comes to the visa application process. If you don’t want to spoil a whole tour with a simple mistake, then utmost care should be taken while filling the application form. Because your visa gets approved only when it is appropriately filled.
The application form includes standard information like your Full name, Date of Birth (DOB), Passport Number, and nationality as same as in your passport. Apart from this, you have to enter your arrival date and arrival airport. Of course, choosing your visa type is very important. If you want you can also select the extra service.

2. Review and Settle Your Payment

The information you have given is directed to a review section where you can recheck your details to avoid complication. Double-check to make sure that they are all correct. After this, you must choose your payment methods. The payment gateways include PayPal, Western Union, or Bank transfer to pay for the service fee.

3. Check Your Email

Once you have paid the service, you’ll get the Vietnam visa approval letter or any other related official confirmation letter. So kindly check your mailbox including inbox, Spam or Junk mail. Now it’s time to prepare all the mandatory things.
Get your visa approval letter attached with entry and exit form via email.
Fill in the entry-and-exit form with necessary details
Take two passport-sized photos 4x6cm and an amount of 25 USD for single entry stamping fee and 50 USD for multiple entry visa to pay for visa stamp fee on arrival when you arrive
Put all the things required as mentioned above along with your passport in luggage, then show them to Immigration officer after you reach Vietnam airport

Board your plane and get your visa at Vietnam airport finally

You are now eligible to board your place by showing your Visa Approval Letter as a regular Visa. You’ll be allowed inside without any questions are arguments.
Whether you arrive at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi city or Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh city or Da Nang International Airport in Da Nang city…., it’s time to present all things in the safely prepared luggage. Once you submit your visa approval letter, passport, two passports sized photos, the entry-and-exit form and stamping fee, the immigration officer will process your visa and get it stamped.
Last but not least, to save your time at the airports, you are suggested to use airport fast track service for making your way to the Hotel.
I know that you are planning your dates to explore Vietnam. Getting Vietnam visa for Indians is as easy and quick as I explained to you. Don’t waste your precious time in thinking, fix your dates, and explore Vietnam. Thank me later.


Vietnam, the city of exceptional beauty, is loved by people all over the world. The eagerness to travel to Vietnam expresses the country’s overwhelming nature, culture, food, people, history, and accommodation.

Visa on arrival is essentially a visa, but you obtain it from the arrival airport instead of the embassy or consulate established in your home country. I, Malcolm Clarke, an Australian native, used to think availing visa without hassle is impossible.

There is a likelihood, albeit slim, that your visa application for Vietnam will be rejected. The chances of rejection rise if you are a national of a country which has strained diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

As a French national and as someone who has been to Vietnam; the process of getting a Vietnam visa is easier than ever. That said, this wasn’t possible before 2017 where you had to contact an unreliable third-party service to get the approval letter and submit relevant documentation.

Far from being a country devastated by wars, Vietnam has a lot to offer visitors who know how to appreciate it. Its nature os as generous as it is varied makes it a destination of choice for a change of scenery and rejuvenation.

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