September 17, 2019
Vietnam Visa

How to Successfully Procure Visa on Arrival for Vietnam

Visa on arrival is essentially a visa, but you obtain it from the arrival airport instead of the embassy or consulate established in your home country. I, Malcolm Clarke, an Australian native, used to think availing visa without hassle is impossible. The reality, on the other hand, couldn’t be different. From airport facilitation to compiling basic requirements, it worked out pretty easily for me. That said, you should get your Visa on Arrival for Vietnam approved through mandatory guidelines and all the required documentation.
It is possible for your visa on arrival to be rejected, so it is only prudent for the traveler to have a backup plan. Read on to find out some important steps, which will assist you with receiving your visa on arrival for Vietnam successfully.

1. Understand the Basic Requirements

This step is of paramount importance. You must meticulously read and make sense of the requirements. You have to make certain that you tick all the check boxes in the prerequisite criteria, which render you eligible for visa on arrival to Vietnam.
Needless to say, not complying with all the requirements can get your visa rejected. Getting your visa rejected by the Vietnam embassy in your home country is inconvenient but coming to know of your visa denial at the airport makes it much more difficult to devise an alternate course of action.

2. Gradually Comprehend the Procedure

The procedure to obtain a Visa on Arrival for Vietnam is pretty much standard and has certain pre-requisites, which the traveler has to meet. (These prerequisites have been laid out comprehensively on their embassy’s website). It is critical to have a thorough understanding of the procedure to know what needs to be done even before arriving at the Vietnam airport.

3. Gather Important Information:

Be sure to download the online version of the visa on arrival form. Peruse all the section in the form and gather the information, which has to be filled in. Pieces of information include personal data such as your name, date of birth, citizenship, work and home addresses in your home country, landline and mobile numbers and so forth. These details are easy to recall.
To save time at the airport, it is advised to download and pre-fill the required visa on arrival applications forms. Moreover, print out all the documents needed for your Visa on Arrival and keep them together with your filled-in application forms. These documents include return flight tickets, invitation letters etc. Having all the documents and application forms together spares you from unnecessary hassle while you are at the airport.

4. Compile Photographs and Cash

Gather several copies of your passport size photos. Make sure that the photographs comply with the photo specifications. These specifications will be elaborated in the visa requirements section. Airports usually have photo booths if you have been unable to obtain the passport size photographs beforehand.
Thereafter, find out the visa fee and get the cash ready. The Vietnam Visa on Arrival fee can be paid either in the traveler’s home currency or in American dollars. It is best advised to arrange the money beforehand as ATM’s are not usually available near the Visa on Arrival windows at Vietnam airports. However, currency exchanges are present at the airport, but the exchange rate is a far cry from the one you get at a local currency exchange in the city.

5. Follow the Standard Procedure:

Upon arrival at the Vietnam terminal, head for the immigration and customs section. Then look for the Visa on Arrival counter before grabbing all the required forms and filling them. Depending on the airport, there may be several counters and steps required for processing the Visa on Arrival.
You might be required to hand over  all the documents and application forms  at one counter and pay the fee and collect your passport at a different counter. Simply follow the rest of the passengers if you are uncertain as to how to proceed
It is imperative to keep in mind that you will be called upon by token number or your name to collect   passport from the counter. Check that the visa sticker is present and that all the other details are accurate once you collect your passport.

6. Quick & Simplified Application Process:

In a nutshell, the process begins with applying for an approval letter via a local travel agency. The processing time for this step is usually two (2) business days. After you receive your visa approval letter, make all the necessary flight arrangements to Vietnam. This can also be facilitated by the travel agency. Also, confirm your hotel booking to spare yourself from any inconvenience later on.
Upon arriving in Vietnam you need to get the application from the visa on arrival window. After duly filling the forms, you have to attach it with a passport photograph, the visa approval letter, and a passport copy.
Finally, you submit these documents along with the visa fee to the officer at the visa counter.
Welcome to Vietnam!


There is a likelihood, albeit slim, that your visa application for Vietnam will be rejected. The chances of rejection rise if you are a national of a country which has strained diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

As a French national and as someone who has been to Vietnam; the process of getting a Vietnam visa is easier than ever. That said, this wasn’t possible before 2017 where you had to contact an unreliable third-party service to get the approval letter and submit relevant documentation.

Far from being a country devastated by wars, Vietnam has a lot to offer visitors who know how to appreciate it. Its nature os as generous as it is varied makes it a destination of choice for a change of scenery and rejuvenation.

1. What are the different types of visa for Vietnam? There are about twenty visas for Vietnam, according to the reasons of your arrival and your status on the national territory.

I am Iniya, a newlywed from India who had an extravagant wedding in Vietnam. A perfect blend of various cultures, Vietnam is a mesmerizing country in South East Asia.

I am Rachit Agarwal from India, and I was looking to expand my professional horizons at a foreign land. I am into marketing, and I have found that Vietnam is brimmed with many lucrative marketing job opportunities.

I am Akriti, an Indian citizen who is passionate about traveling the world. Presently, I am on a quest to travel the entire Asian continent.

You are a Taiwanese citizen, and you want to travel to Vietnam. However, the place where you live is too far away from the Vietnamese consulate in Taiwan or is abroad, so it is not convenient to go to the embassy to apply.

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