September 20, 2019
Vietnam Visa

Travel to Vietnam with only 2 days of planning

Getting a Visa these days is actually a headache; there is so much paper work and documentation involved that you need another vacation to get over the process of Visa application. From getting bank statements to property documents and job certificates, I always end up wondering if I’m taking a Vacation to run away from work and to actually add more work to my already busy schedule.
On my last vacation, even though I went through this whole process of Visa application, unfortunately my luck ended up messing my plan at the very last minute, but I’m still grateful for whatever happened because that incident encouraged me to explore Vietnam.
The visa process for Vietnam was as easy as a 1st grade’s math problem and I was actually mad at myself for not discovering Vietnam sooner. My trip to Vietnam was a blast and so convenient that I decided to pen down my journey so more people could benefit from it.

Before we get started, a little about myself: I’m Sharzad from Mumbai, India and I graduated last year from Art school (finally). To celebrate my graduation and to blow off some steam before the husting and bustling of new job and practical life starts, me and my friends planned to go to Bali, Indonesia to explore the beautiful beaches and waterfalls in the second week on January. Got our Visa sorted through a travel agent and booked our tickets and hotels. Super excited and all packed, we were counting the days to our departure but destiny had some other plans for us. Three days before our flight we got the news that a tsunami has hit Bali killing many tourists, so naturally we had to cancel our plans.
At that point we started looking for other countries with nice secluded and peaceful beaches (preferably somewhere is Asia) who can give a visa on arrival. We came across Vietnam’s Visa on arrival with a permission letter. At first we were very skeptical about Vietnam because we did not personally know anyone who had travelled to Vietnam but after doing extensive research and reading hundreds of reviews and articles about a girls trip to Vietnam, we decided to take a leap of faith and got our Visa Approval letter in one day from for 6 US dollars ONLY (2 working days processing).

P.S. there are multiple online sites that can provide a Visa Approval Letter but there are multiple sites that are huge scams so make sure to do your research properly before investing into it. I will make sure to link down my trusted sites at the end of the article.

We already had our air ticket booked of Thai Airways from Bombay to Bangkok and Bangkok to Bali (4 hours stay in Bangkok), so we got that changed to Bombay to Bangkok and Bangkok to Hanoi instead (5 hours stay)
Upon reaching Saigon we went through immigration and got our one month visa on arrival for only 25 US dollars and viola, we had entered Vietnam without much hassle.

I understand that the idea of getting a Visa approval letter might be confusing for some, so let me clear out a few misconceptions about Visa upon arrival to Vietnam.

  1. Your passport needs to be valid for at least six months before applying for Visa on arrival.
  2. You must apply and fill the form for visa approval letter at least 2 days prior to your departure. Once your application is approved you will receive your Approval letter through e-mail.
  3. Requirements for Visa upon Arrival for every country’s passport holder are different so make sure to check the website and do your research before deciding which visa you can opt for.
  4. Vietnams’ Visa policies are slightly different from other Asian countries but not as complicated as people perceive it to be.
  5. Policies for Visa upon arrival by air and by road are different so make sure to do your research before making any travelling plans.

Lastly, Vietnam is just as safe as any other Asian country for girls. We were six girls all around the age of twenty two and our experience was extremely relaxing and fun.


Vietnam, the city of exceptional beauty, is loved by people all over the world. The eagerness to travel to Vietnam expresses the country’s overwhelming nature, culture, food, people, history, and accommodation.

I am a professional engineer from incredible India who loves to discover the most beautiful cultural and heritage sites in the world. Being an avid and fanatical traveller, I always have a long list of locations in my mind that I wanted to explore in the globe.

Visa on arrival is essentially a visa, but you obtain it from the arrival airport instead of the embassy or consulate established in your home country. I, Malcolm Clarke, an Australian native, used to think availing visa without hassle is impossible.

There is a likelihood, albeit slim, that your visa application for Vietnam will be rejected. The chances of rejection rise if you are a national of a country which has strained diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

As a French national and as someone who has been to Vietnam; the process of getting a Vietnam visa is easier than ever. That said, this wasn’t possible before 2017 where you had to contact an unreliable third-party service to get the approval letter and submit relevant documentation.

Far from being a country devastated by wars, Vietnam has a lot to offer visitors who know how to appreciate it. Its nature os as generous as it is varied makes it a destination of choice for a change of scenery and rejuvenation.

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