September 20, 2019
Vietnam Visa

Sudden weekend getaway to Vietnam

We all have friends with whom we just sit together and make random travelling and life plans knowing full well that those plans will never become a reality and we’ll just continue to dream and make those plans.
On one fine Saturday night like such, I (Safiya) was having drinks with my girls and discussing our exhausting and draining work routine and all of us would just want to run away somewhere and actually live our lives (lol). It was the week before 4th of July holidays so naturally we were super excited about having a few days off where we could just relax and enjoy. In the midst, incoherently a conversation broke out about how the city gets crowded and loud on the 4th of July weekend and one won’t be able to completely enjoy the break in peace and calm, and so my friend randomly suggested to take a vacation to a less crowded and serene place where we can easily enjoy our down time and relax while also having some fun. Everyone laughed it off and continued chatting. But god knows how much I needed that vacation in a quite serene place busy from the noise and fast paced life of New York. So, the next day at work I started looking for places where we could simply get a Visa on Arrival and which is coherently cheaper and less crowded that most coastal countries.

During my research I came across this image of Vietnam on Instagram and I just fell in love. As I started looking more into Vietnam I kept falling more and more deep into love with it and kept wondering why it’s not as popular as it should be. Though I’m glad it’s not because who would want such places to be crowded, right?
I did my research regarding their Visa and figured out all the costs and itinerary and called my friends, I got all of them on board within one hour (I honestly don’t know how that happened, maybe it was destiny) and we filled out the form and applied for our Visa Approval Letter through The process is super simple and easy, there are also so many YouTube videos made on this process so in case you get confused don’t forget to check them out. I also loved this website because they have a live chat feature and there was an agent constantly helping us out through the process. I only paid 6 US dollars for the Visa Approval letter and then the wait began. The wait wasn’t that long though, we received our Visa Approval letter in mail within two days and as soon as we got that we booked our flights and started Packing.

We landed in Vietnam and went through a very similar process of Immigration like anywhere else in the world, we showed out Visa Approval Letter and paid the stamp charges which they only accept in US dollars. The stamp charges were only 25 dollars for a 1 month Visa or a 3 month Visa, but we still decided to get a months’ visa because our busy work schedule would never allow us to go for another vacation in the next three months anyway.

So that’s it, that’s all you need to do to enter Vietnam through Visa on Arrival and the process is super simple and convenient. Initially I never intended to tell people about this place because it will end up getting crowded eventually once many tourists find out about it but the place was so beautiful and so therapeutic for me that it just didn’t seem fair to keep this secret away from the world, hence I decided to pen down the story. Because don’t we all just want to away to another part of the world which is far far away and different from our usual routine lives? Plus the Visa process is so simple that one can easily plan a sudden trip there with just a day or two of planning. Trust me when I say this, every time I get another week or even a long weekend off, I’m totally flying off to Vietnam without a doubt. I took another trip down to Vietnam four months after my first one and decided to get a Bank account there through; even though it’s not necessary, I just wanted to get it for my personal convenience.
Also, here are some of the must try places/ things on your visit to Vietnam:

  1. Hanoi : For its colonial and pre-colonial French architecture.
  2. Sapa : For it’s fresh air and Rice terraces
  3. Halong bay
  4. Phong Nha – Ke Bang

For its beautiful and unreal underground cave.
For more details don’t forget to check out this article


Vietnam, the city of exceptional beauty, is loved by people all over the world. The eagerness to travel to Vietnam expresses the country’s overwhelming nature, culture, food, people, history, and accommodation.

I am a professional engineer from incredible India who loves to discover the most beautiful cultural and heritage sites in the world. Being an avid and fanatical traveller, I always have a long list of locations in my mind that I wanted to explore in the globe.

Visa on arrival is essentially a visa, but you obtain it from the arrival airport instead of the embassy or consulate established in your home country. I, Malcolm Clarke, an Australian native, used to think availing visa without hassle is impossible.

There is a likelihood, albeit slim, that your visa application for Vietnam will be rejected. The chances of rejection rise if you are a national of a country which has strained diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

As a French national and as someone who has been to Vietnam; the process of getting a Vietnam visa is easier than ever. That said, this wasn’t possible before 2017 where you had to contact an unreliable third-party service to get the approval letter and submit relevant documentation.

Far from being a country devastated by wars, Vietnam has a lot to offer visitors who know how to appreciate it. Its nature os as generous as it is varied makes it a destination of choice for a change of scenery and rejuvenation.

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