September 20, 2019
Vietnam Visa

Type of visa that will suite your travelling plans

Hello Everyone!
I’m Zena from Scotland and I quit my job last month and decided to travel for a while until I could figure out what my next step in my career should be and currently I’m sitting in my apartment as I’m typing this down, in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City with my favourite cup of coffee from M2C Café.

I’m actually expected to be in Hanoi at this moment but I decided to change my plans and stay in Ho Chi Minh for a few more days because I have fallen head over heels for this city and as a frequent traveler I would like to start off with one advice that travel plans do change pretty quickly and pretty swiftly so you should always be prepared for those changes and your plans always must have enough room to accommodate these changes.
Anyway, let’s move on to the purpose of this article which is to tell you guys about what is the quickest way to get a Visa to Vietnam either a visa at the embassy or a Visa on Arrival. So please bear with me and read through this article as I explain some very simple steps on getting a Visa on arrival

First things first, this is the process you need to go through before you step onto the soil of Vietnam and the first thing that you need to make sure about is that you must have at least six months of valid passport with you. If your passport has less than 6 months of expiry then get your passport renewed before making any travel plans.

Now let’s get into it:

There are only two steps to this process and might I add two extremely simple steps to this process. But before we get into it please click on the following link to confirm if Vietnam offers Visa on Arrival on your country’s passport or not, if not then you will have to go through the process of applying through the Vietnamese embassy in your country.
Firstly, you need to apply for and get a Visa Approval letter and it’s very important that you apply through a trusted website because as Vietnam is receiving more and more popularity, the amount of scam websites are also increasing. I applied for my Visa Approval letter through
The most important and best part about this site is that they offer guaranteed timely visa approval letters and my experience with them so far has been pretty smooth. They also offer an urgent service in which you can receive your Visa Approval letter in 4-8 working hours. So before you get to the airport, make sure you have printed out the approval letter and bring two photographs along as well.
Moving on to the second step, which is getting the physical visa in your passport which will happen at the immigration counter on the Vietnamese airport. For that you would need to provide a Visa Approval letter and a stamping fee which is 25 US dollars. They only accept US dollars so make sure you take that currency along beforehand.

So once you have done that filled out all the required forms and received the visa stamp on your passport, you are all set to explore this extremely beautiful country.
The only downside to this Visa process is that your Visa is a completely tourist visa which means you cannot work or stay in Vietnam for any longer than the specified days mentioned and there is not option of getting your visa extended.
But if you’re a tourist and looking for an opportunity to get away to a place with totally serene and secluded beaches with the worlds’ best coffee then this is the place to be. Also, Vietnam is a perfect spot for those individual who can’t decide between mountains and beaches and are always conflicted about running away to either then it’s the perfect spot since Vietnam has multiple mountain ranges on the west with a large coastal line on the East.

If you want to backpack through Vietnam then 15 days would be enough but in case you’re looking for a rather relaxing trip then I would suggest to stay in the major cities for 3-5 days and 1-2 days in smaller towns. You can cover Vietnam from either north to south or vice versa but if you’re entering Vietnam through Visa up on Arrival then make sure you enter the country through an airport which provides the service of Visa up on arrival.
You can also access Vietnam by road if you are vacationing in Cambodia or Thailand but in that case you’ll have to apply for a Visa through embassy since only certain airports in Vietnam provide the service of Visa on Arrival.
I really hope this article can help as many of you as possible and you have the best experience in Vietnam. Happy Travelling!


Vietnam, the city of exceptional beauty, is loved by people all over the world. The eagerness to travel to Vietnam expresses the country’s overwhelming nature, culture, food, people, history, and accommodation.

I am a professional engineer from incredible India who loves to discover the most beautiful cultural and heritage sites in the world. Being an avid and fanatical traveller, I always have a long list of locations in my mind that I wanted to explore in the globe.

Visa on arrival is essentially a visa, but you obtain it from the arrival airport instead of the embassy or consulate established in your home country. I, Malcolm Clarke, an Australian native, used to think availing visa without hassle is impossible.

There is a likelihood, albeit slim, that your visa application for Vietnam will be rejected. The chances of rejection rise if you are a national of a country which has strained diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

As a French national and as someone who has been to Vietnam; the process of getting a Vietnam visa is easier than ever. That said, this wasn’t possible before 2017 where you had to contact an unreliable third-party service to get the approval letter and submit relevant documentation.

Far from being a country devastated by wars, Vietnam has a lot to offer visitors who know how to appreciate it. Its nature os as generous as it is varied makes it a destination of choice for a change of scenery and rejuvenation.

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