November 14, 2019
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Vietnam transit visa

Vietnam transit visa is the document that allows travelers to enter Vietnam while they move to another country after waiting in Vietnam for a short time. This visa is only for travelers who wish to stay in Vietnam for a brief time, say a few hours or a day to reach their final destination. It is not essential for everyone to get the Vietnam transit visa but may apply to a few travelers.

This article will walk you through the conditions under which one may need Vietnam transit in their intervals between the flights to some other country or town. The requirements and the situations travelers’ needs are explained to you to get detailed knowledge about the visa called the transit visa.

The travelers may need a Vietnam transit visa when they need to stay in Vietnam for a day or more than a day. Both the situations are made evident in this article to the travelers visiting Vietnam for a small period. 

Vietnam Transit Visa for Travelers to Stay in Vietnam for a Day!

The travelers who have to wait for the next flight to the final destination will have to stay at the airport if their waiting time is only a day. Spending a day at the airport and they have to look for transfer directions to reach the general area of transfer.

However, those who wish to enter Vietnam even if their stay is for a day will need a transit visa to enter Vietnam. Without the transit visa, travelers will not be allowed entry in Vietnam even for a minute. They cannot cross the border boundaries via land or sea without a Vietnam transit visa.

The travelers who wish to enter Vietnam for a day until the time arrives for the departure of their next flight to their destination country, they will need the following things:

  • a valid passport of at most six months,
  • an authorized document that shows your final travel country,
  • a proof that they have an onward destination to cover.

If the traveler decides not to stay at the airport and gain entrance in Vietnam, then they need the documents mentioned above to show to the officer. Once the officer checks the papers and reviews it, then the Vietnam transit visa is given to the traveler for one day to visit Vietnam till they board for their next flight.

Vietnam Transit Visa for Travelers to Stay in Vietnam for More Than One Day!

The travelers who have a stay of more than a day at the airport until they get ready for their next final destination flight, need to have a Vietnam transit visas. E-visa is granted to travelers to enter Vietnam till the time of departure of their trip to the country of their wish. Anyone who wishes to exit the airport will need an e-visa for transit purpose to enter Vietnam.

Even if the traveler wants to travel two points in Vietnam to reach to the final destination airport or area, they still need a Vietnam e-visa. For example, a traveler wishes to reach Hai Phong from Hanoi in Vietnam; then, he needs a Vietnam transit visa to travel between the two bridging points.

Procedure to Apply For Vietnam e-Visa with Transit purpose 

The travelers who transit through Vietnam to move to another country will need a Vietnam transit visa. They know their destinations in advance, so they need to apply for the Vietnam e-visa in advance too. The traveler is requested to apply for the online application of the e-visa of Vietnam at least 3 business days before they reach the Vietnam International Airport. If not, they will require to stay at the airport until the time of the next flight comes.

The traveler needs to fulfill the following requirements to get the e-visa:

  • Applicants personal information like name, birthdate, etc
  • Passport details such as the expiry date and passport number
  • The medical and vaccination history of the applicant
  • A scanned page of the passport
  • A passport size digital photo. Photo Guide.
  • A credit card or debit card to make the payment for the visa fee
  • An email address where they can receive the e-visa

Once the traveler fulfills the requirements, an e-visa is issued to them, after which they can quickly enter Vietnam via their Vietnam transit visas. The visitor is advised to take care of the timings of the arrival of the next flight to depart for the final destination. They should at least be back at the Vietnam International Airport for three hours prior to the departure of the flight. Getting the Vietnam transit visa is an easy and straightforward process. Still, the applicants should always take care of reaching the airport at the timings that will make it easier for them to move to their next travel country.

Vaccines to travel Vietnam
November 14, 2019

Vietnam is a hub of many natural picturesque landscapes and beautiful cave for the travelers to visit and enjoy the time in the country. Many travelers face difficulties when they search for a visa to apply to visit Vietnam.

The Chinese nationals can face difficulties in obtaining Vietnam e-visa because of the controversy on their microchipped passports (passport with nine dash line map). The Chinese e-passport holders are now required to apply for Vietnam visa individually via a different process for application (visa at the embassy or visa on arrival).

Extend Vietnam e-visa
November 14, 2019

Almost all the states require their nationals to get hold of a Vietnam visa and gain entrance in Vietnam. Only except for a few countries whose citizens can enter Vietnam visa-free.

When you decide on going to Vietnam for your next fun trip, the first thing that hits your mind is the process of applying for the Vietnam visa. There are different types of visas that the applicants can opt for.

Vietnam e-visa for children
November 14, 2019

Traveling with family is always fun. But the part where the parents have to get the passport and visa ready for their children is a task full of hassle.

Vietnam e-visa from China
November 14, 2019

Traveling to Vietnam has become easy via the electronic system that the government has introduced. One can quickly get an electronic visa, also called e-visa, from anywhere around the world to enter Vietnam.

Vietnam e-visa from Laos
November 14, 2019

One of the popular Southeast Asian borders to travel to Vietnam is from Laos. The border crossing through Vietnam e-visa is hassle-free, and one can easily opt for any means of transport he wishes.

Vietnam e-visa from Cambodia
November 13, 2019

Vietnam shares its border with three countries; China, Laos, and Cambodia. If one wishes to enter these countries, there are different land ports for the Vietnam e-visa.

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