November 14, 2019
e-visa Vietnam

Vietnam e-visa from China

Traveling to Vietnam has become easy via the electronic system that the government has introduced. One can quickly get an electronic visa, also called e-visa, from anywhere around the world to enter Vietnam. The traveler is saved from the hassle of going to the embassy and waiting there for hours in a queue. People can also travel to Vietnam from its neighboring countries via the Vietnam e-visa. One of the neighboring countries of Vietnam is China. Apply for Vietnam e-visa from China also makes it easier for travelers to get entrance in Vietnam by traveling from China. In China, travelers can apply for the e-visa online easy via laptop or tablet with internet connection. Once the applicants get the e-visa via email, he can present it on the port of entry he chooses and enters Vietnam. The traveler can stay in Vietnam for up to thirty days on his e-visa. The process of applying for e-visa ends in just a few notes, and then the applicant has to wait to get the e-visa via the email he gave in the application.

Borders to cross from China to Vietnam

Though using Chinese borders to gain entrance is not that much standard practice, but it is still smooth and hassle-free.

The borders that both countries share are located in the northeastern region of Vietnam. Visitors from China, who want to travel to Vietnam via land border crossing, can apply for an e-visa to enter Vietnam via following landport :

  1. Mong Cai Landport (in Hoa Lac ward, Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam)
  2. Huu Nghi Landport (17km from Lang Son city, Lang Son province, Vietnam)
  3. Lao Cai Landport (Lao Cai city, Lao Cai province, Vietnam)

Details about the transportation to the border gates

There several busses that can take the travelers to Vietnam via the Lao Cai – Hekou border. The traveler can also opt for Huu Nghi (Friendship) border gate in Dong Dang for crossing too, the trains are also available for travelers to take to reach Vietnam. Mong Cai Landport in the province of Quang Ninh is also an excellent and convenient option to choose to gain entrance in Vietnam for visiting Ha Long Bay.

If the traveler opts for the border gate Hekou then he can take the train to reach Hekou. Upon reaching the traveler, they should look for the green buses that can make the travelers to the border to enter Vietnam.

Not to mention, before you reach the immigration counter, you need to walk a 100 meters bridge that distinguishes China from Vietnam. Once the traveler reaches the border, he has to show the ticket of immigration, passport, and the Vietnam e-visa to get into Vietnam quickly.

Vietnam e-visa from China Procedure to Apply

The applicant fills the application form for Vietnam e-visa from China, e-visa application form will require you give your personal information. The information includes the applicants’ name, birth date, and address the details of the travel document-passport. The applicant has to make sure he types the information correctly, such as the format of the birth date and passport number. If the applicant makes any typing or spelling mistakes, chances of either rejection or delay in the approval of the e-visa increase. The other information that the applicant needs to provide during the process of the e-visa application is the address of stay in Vietnam and the applicant’s stay dates in Vietnam. The applicant also requires a debit or credit card to pay for the fees of the visa fee online.

The Vietnam e-visa application process is completed within 3 days, except for a complicated case where it may take 7 days. Once the visa is approved, the applicant gets the e-visa via email. He requires to take print of it and confer to the immigration officer at the arrival of the point of entry.

At the port of entry, the traveler once shows the e-visa print copy; he also needs to present the passport along with the Vietnam e-visa. If any traveler has more than one passport, he needs to make sure he brings the passport that aligns with the passport information in the e-visa application.

The applicants are advised to bring the valid passport and documents at the time they enter the port of entry of Vietnam. The Vietnam e-visa from China is a simple and straightforward process. Still, any mistake in the credentials they give may create a fuss at the entry ports. On arrival in Vietnam, the traveler can then take the vans that will take them to Sapa. If they wish to go to Hanoi, they can also take trains to Hanoi easily.

The travelers need to take care of their documents all the time and keep a copy of the Vietnam e-visa from China all the time with them when they travel in Vietnam.

Vaccines to travel Vietnam
November 14, 2019

Vietnam is a hub of many natural picturesque landscapes and beautiful cave for the travelers to visit and enjoy the time in the country. Many travelers face difficulties when they search for a visa to apply to visit Vietnam.

The Chinese nationals can face difficulties in obtaining Vietnam e-visa because of the controversy on their microchipped passports (passport with nine dash line map). The Chinese e-passport holders are now required to apply for Vietnam visa individually via a different process for application (visa at the embassy or visa on arrival).

Extend Vietnam e-visa
November 14, 2019

Almost all the states require their nationals to get hold of a Vietnam visa and gain entrance in Vietnam. Only except for a few countries whose citizens can enter Vietnam visa-free.

When you decide on going to Vietnam for your next fun trip, the first thing that hits your mind is the process of applying for the Vietnam visa. There are different types of visas that the applicants can opt for.

Vietnam transit visa
November 14, 2019

Vietnam transit visa is the document that allows travelers to enter Vietnam while they move to another country after waiting in Vietnam for a short time. This visa is only for travelers who wish to stay in Vietnam for a brief time, say a few hours or a day to reach their final destination.

Vietnam e-visa for children
November 14, 2019

Traveling with family is always fun. But the part where the parents have to get the passport and visa ready for their children is a task full of hassle.

Vietnam e-visa from Laos
November 14, 2019

One of the popular Southeast Asian borders to travel to Vietnam is from Laos. The border crossing through Vietnam e-visa is hassle-free, and one can easily opt for any means of transport he wishes.

Vietnam e-visa from Cambodia
November 13, 2019

Vietnam shares its border with three countries; China, Laos, and Cambodia. If one wishes to enter these countries, there are different land ports for the Vietnam e-visa.

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