November 14, 2019
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Extend Vietnam e-visa

Almost all the states require their nationals to get hold of a Vietnam visa and gain entrance in Vietnam. Only except for a few countries whose citizens can enter Vietnam visa-free. The visitors that belongs to the list of eighty-one countries that are eligible for Vietnam e-visa can apply for it online (List Of Countries That Allowed For Vietnam E-Visa). With e-visa, travelers are saved from the fatigue of visiting the embassy of Vietnam and save a lot of money and time. The e-visa allows the applicants to stay in Vietnam for a maximum number of thirty days. If they want to stay for more days, they are obliged to extend or renew their Vietnam e-visa.

The Vietnam e-visa is a simple and straightforward process in which the applicants need to fill in an online application form. The applicant is required to give personal information together with details of his passport and travel dates. Once the application is submitted, the traveler is then asked for payment of the e-visa fee via credit card or debit card. The process ends here, after which the applicants wait for two or three days and get the e-visa on his email that he provided.

The approved e-visa is presented to the immigration officer at the Vietnam airport, where he gets the entry in Vietnam. However, if the traveler wishes to stay more than 30 days in Vietnam, then he needs to extend  or renew his Vietnam e-visa. The travelers who fail to extend their Vietnam e-visa will pay the penalty for the extra days he stays in Vietnam.

The traveler needs to apply for the extension of the visa if they want to stay more in Vietnam. There are many ways to extend Vietnam e-visa. But what is essential is that the traveler needs to exit Vietnam and then apply for an application of an e-visa application that is new. The cost of the new visa application or the extension of the e-visa is the same as before. If you don’t want to exit Vietnam, you should contact with a travel agent and ask for their sponsor to get your e-visa extended.

How To Extend Vietnam E-Visa ?

Previously, the travelers could extend their Vietnam e-visa while they stayed in Vietnam. However, now, the traveler must contact with a travel agent and ask for their sponsor to get your e-visa extended OR they have to exit Vietnam and make new application to get a new visa, although the applicant doesn’t have to go back to his own country of origin. The traveler can exit Vietnam and go to it’s neighboring countries like Laos, Cambodia, or China and apply for an e-visa application from there.

As the applicant must exit Vietnam to extend the Vietnam e-visa, the traveler can move to the third countries Vietnam shares a border with. The traveler can cross the borders via land and apply for new Vietnam e-visa from these countries quickly and easily.

There are many options for travelers to cross the land border from each country. There are 8 landports for entering Vietnam from Laos with an e-visa, 3 landports for entering Vietnam from China, and 5 landports for entering Vietnam from Cambodia. The travelers can travel to these borders and enter other countries via busses that are scheduled regularly.

Why Is It Necessary To Extend Vietnam E-Visa ?

Remember, one of the requirements for the traveler to enter Vietnam is to abide by law and order practiced in Vietnam.

Staying more in Vietnam without fulfilling the requirement to extend Vietnam visa is exploiting the law. The travelers who stay for more than three days after the visa expires will have a fine of 22USD to pay anyhow. This penalty is for each extra day he remains after the expiry of the permit. If a traveler stays three days more after the visa expires, then he can go to the airport where he pays the penalty. He will be given an exit stamp to exit the country.

On the contrary, as days increase, the penalty also increases, and traveler is then asked to go to the local office of immigration and pay for it.

The traveler who overstays for ten days has to pay 55USD. Whereas for one month overstay, the penalty is 175USD. If the travelers stay in Vietnam for one to three months after the visa expires, the punishment on him is of 440USD. For one year of overstaying, the penalty reaches 700USD. Not only that, but the traveler is then forced out of the country with no more permission to enter Vietnam again. The travelers who have violated this law multiple times and failed to extend Vietnam visa also pay the same penalty as the latter.

Vaccines to travel Vietnam
November 14, 2019

Vietnam is a hub of many natural picturesque landscapes and beautiful cave for the travelers to visit and enjoy the time in the country. Many travelers face difficulties when they search for a visa to apply to visit Vietnam.

The Chinese nationals can face difficulties in obtaining Vietnam e-visa because of the controversy on their microchipped passports (passport with nine dash line map). The Chinese e-passport holders are now required to apply for Vietnam visa individually via a different process for application (visa at the embassy or visa on arrival).

When you decide on going to Vietnam for your next fun trip, the first thing that hits your mind is the process of applying for the Vietnam visa. There are different types of visas that the applicants can opt for.

Vietnam transit visa
November 14, 2019

Vietnam transit visa is the document that allows travelers to enter Vietnam while they move to another country after waiting in Vietnam for a short time. This visa is only for travelers who wish to stay in Vietnam for a brief time, say a few hours or a day to reach their final destination.

Vietnam e-visa for children
November 14, 2019

Traveling with family is always fun. But the part where the parents have to get the passport and visa ready for their children is a task full of hassle.

Vietnam e-visa from China
November 14, 2019

Traveling to Vietnam has become easy via the electronic system that the government has introduced. One can quickly get an electronic visa, also called e-visa, from anywhere around the world to enter Vietnam.

Vietnam e-visa from Laos
November 14, 2019

One of the popular Southeast Asian borders to travel to Vietnam is from Laos. The border crossing through Vietnam e-visa is hassle-free, and one can easily opt for any means of transport he wishes.

Vietnam e-visa from Cambodia
November 13, 2019

Vietnam shares its border with three countries; China, Laos, and Cambodia. If one wishes to enter these countries, there are different land ports for the Vietnam e-visa.

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