October 13, 2019
Vietnam Visa

Vietnam visa on arrival : Things you should prepare before flying to Vietnam

There have been more and more flights from Taiwan to Vietnam in latest years. In addition to its lovely landscapes and vibrant cultural aspect, Taiwanese people were drawn by the lax and straightforward approach of life and its distinctive ancient cities. Please note that for both tourism and business reasons, Vietnam visa is needed for passport holders in Taiwan. Today Taiwanese travelers can apply for a Vietnamese Embassy (paper-based) visa or apply for a visa at the airport on arrival. Before you get to know your Vietnamese visa, especially if you want to apply for a “landing sign”, please be sure to check them below out first.

1. Don’t forget to apply for a visa approval letter.

If you want to get your entry visa, kindly ensure that you have a letter of approval for the visa. In case you have not obtained a visa approval letter in Vietnam, you may not be allowed to get an entry visa in Vietnam. Therefore, don’t forget to apply for a visa approval letter for the first time. You can apply through the online application before your arrival to Vietnam. Usually, you should complete an online visa application form and pay the online service fee in order to get a Vietnam “visa on arrival“. Once the request is submitted, two to three days after the approval date, you will receive a letter of visa authorization supplied to your e-mail. Upon arrival at the destination airport, you must demonstrate this letter of permission to the immigration officials.

Recommendation: We can arrange a visa approval letter for travelers to receive a tourist or business visa on arrival at the airport in Vietnam. Usually, we will automatically arrange for a one-month visa and business use for a three-month visa. Please send a message via chat box  at website https://vietnamvisa.cheap if you have any doubt or click apply now for a visa approval letter to obtain an entry visa.

2. After receiving the visa approval letter, here are the following things to do to avoid your visa issue after obtaining a visa approval letter:

Remember: Always take a copy of your visa approval letter right after you got it as a proof that you get entry Vietnam legally and the Vietnam Immigration Department may track it on their system if something happened unpredictively.

– Passport is the most crucial documentation to be carefully maintained when you’re travelling abroad. Many individuals can be terrified by the idea of losing the passport

– The visa approval letter was approved by the Vietnamese Immigration Department, signed and sealed in red.

– Print a copy of the visa approval letter before departure.

– Double check the visa approval letter and ask to correct any errors or errors. Check your passport and entry and exit dates printed on the visa approval letter to ensure that you leave home without any mistakes or errors before leaving the airport.

– Display a copy of the visa approval letter to show boarding and obtain an entry visa.

– Please remember to confirm flight information via e-mail

3. Picking up your visa on arrival in Vietnam (at the airport)

Arrive at Vietnam at your destination airport, and you will see a visa issued by the officers from the immigration office in front of the passport control counter. If you land at Hanoi Airport, you will see the “Visa on Arrival” office at the old terminal or the “Visa Application” new terminal. If you land at Ho Chi Minh City Airport, you will see the “Landing Visa” office. If you land at the airport in Da Nang, you will see the “Visa Issuing Office”. In order to obtain a visa at the office mentioned above, you should preapare: a passport (or a valid travel document) + visa approval letter + a Vietnamese visa application form (form NA1) + cash for visa stamping fee (US$ 25 for single entry visa or US$ 50 for multiple entries visa)

These are some advice you need to pay attention when you arrive at the airport terminal

– You will see an arrow leading to the Visa Issue Office (also known as the visa on arrival)

– At the Visa Issuance Office, Handover: Visa Approval Letter + Passport + Visa Application Form NA1 (with your photo)

– Waiting to be required to pay visa stamp duty (a visa for less than 3 months, $25 for a single entry or $50 for multiple entry. $95 for a multiple of six months and $135 for a one-year visa)

– Waiting to retrieve your passport with visa.

– Remember to check the visa carefully before leaving, because there is no opportunity to request a correction after checking the passport.

– Please check your visa carefully before exiting.

If you want to get through these procedures quickly, you can use some extra VIP services such as Visa On Arrival support or Airport fast track. Please visit our website https://vietnamvisa.cheap and send an e-mail to us for more information. All of our staff handle all the procedures for you above.

Vietnam visa online

To extend your stay in Vietnam, you can either extend your visa or opt for a visa renewal. Any traveller who enters Vietnam with a valid visa can stay in the country only for the specified duration in the Visa approval letter.

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Vietnam is a great place with many attractions, traditional food, people, culture, trekking etc. But before you plan to head for the trip, you need to apply for the Vietnam visa, especially if you are a Russian passport holder.

Vietnam is encouraging more visitors to visit the country especially tourists. To make it more attractive, the requirement of a visa for visitors from particular countries has been waived.

For those looking to have a remarkable travel experience, Vietnam is a good place to visit. With the intention of boosting the tourism industry, the government of Vietnam has exempted some countries from visa requirement.

Russian citizens who need to visit Vietnam for work purposes or business reasons should apply for Vietnam visa. You could apply for one either through the embassy or proceed online and apply with the help of a reliable visa agency.

  After a traveller enters Vietnam with a valid visa, they could only stay in the country for a specified time period. If a traveller wants to extend their stay in Vietnam, the obvious method that they would usually think of is to exit the country, apply for a fresh visa, and re-enter the country.

Visa Application

The Vietnam visa fee depends on the type of visa you are applying for. A 3 month cheap Vietnam visa is associated with business visa.

If you are intending to do business in Vietnam, part of your planning process should include securing a business visa. While you are in Russia, you can start the process as long as you have the requirements.

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