September 30, 2019
Vietnam Visa

How much is a 3 Month Visa for Vietnam?

How much is a 3 Month Visa for Vietnam?

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The Vietnam visa fee depends on the type of visa you are applying for. A 3 month cheap Vietnam visa is associated with business visa. Even though the purpose of your visit is for vacation, you will get a 3 month visa only through a business visa. There are two types of 3 month business visa, including single and multiple entries. Therefore, the cost differs for both the entries. If you are applying for single entry visa, you can enter and exit Vietnam one time within the 3months. On the other hand, with multiple visa, you can visit frequently within the 3 months validity of visa.
The Vietnam visa fee falls in two categories such as visa service fee and visa stamp fee. While the approval letter fee (service fee) should be paid online with debit or credit card or PayPal account, stamping fee should be paid in cash at the airport to the immigration officer to get the visa stamped.

How to apply a visa for Vietnam?

You have three options to choose from:-

  • Apply and pay online for an e-visa
  • Apply through the embassy
  • Contact the agency to get the approval letter for visa on arrival method

Regardless of the method, you choose to apply for cheap Vietnam visa; your passport should be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival. If your passport is expired or about to expire, renew or apply for a new one.

Vietnam E-visa

To obtain the visa through this method, you will need a scanned passport and photo that is taken recently. Once you upload the images, you need to pay $25 as fee online. After 3 business days, you will receive an email with your e-visa attached. You if the visa is rejected you would be notified. Print the visa and take it with you to Vietnam.

Vietnam visa on arrival

It is one of the most convenient and popular methods to obtain a Vietnam visa. The visa on arrival only works if you arrive in any one of the international airports in Vietnam. Fill out the application form, pay the service fee through online,  print the approval letter, and get your visa stamped at the destination airport by showing the approval letter and paying the stamp fee to the immigration officer.

How much Vietnam visa on arrival?

Tourist visa

1 month single entry –> 6 dollars service fee & 25 dollars stamping fee
1 month multiple entries -> 8 dollars service fee & 50 dollars stamping fee
3 months single entry -> 15 dollars service fee & 25 dollars stamping fee
3 month multiple entries -> 20 dollars service fee & 50 dollars stamping fee.
6 months multiple entries -> 30 dollars service fee & 95 dollars stamping fee.
1 Year multiple entries -> 50 dollars service fee & 135 dollars as stamping fee.

Business visa fee

1 month single entry –>75 dollars & 25 dollars stamping fee
1 month multiple entries -> 80 dollars service fee & 50 dollars stamping fee
3 months single entry -> 85 dollars service fee & 25 dollars stamping fee
3 month multiple entries -> 90 dollars service fee & 50 dollars stamping fee
6 months multiple entries -> 185 dollars service fee & 95 dollars stamping fee
1 Year multiple entries -> 210 dollars service fee & 135 dollars stamping fee
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Russian citizens who need to visit Vietnam for work purposes or business reasons should apply for Vietnam visa. You could apply for one either through the embassy or proceed online and apply with the help of a reliable visa agency.

If you are intending to do business in Vietnam, part of your planning process should include securing a business visa. While you are in Russia, you can start the process as long as you have the requirements.

Are you in Russia and thinking of visiting Vietnam? Vietnam is a beautiful place with a lot of interesting sights to see and things to do. Visiting the country from Russia simply takes good planning.

Russian citizens willing to visit the country have to mandatorily apply for a visa in order to enter the country. Applying for visa shall be done based on two different methods.

You cannot get a cheap Vietnam visa through an online service. However, you can get an approval letter for Vietnam visa.

Applying Vietnam Visa Online

Vietnam is a beautiful country to visit. Are you thinking of visiting on holiday or business? Whatever the reason, getting a visa is cheap and easy.

The Vietnamese government has been taking efforts in making Vietnam a prominent tourist destination and has, thus far been successful in it. The country’s beautiful tourist destinations have been attracting tourists from all across the world.

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