November 13, 2019
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Vietnam E-Visa 2020

A Vietnam visa is the necessary process of immigration for all travelers to Vietnam. Confiding in on the purpose of the traveler’s visit, a Business or Tourist visa is required to gain entry in Vietnam. The most popular type of visa is Vietnam e-visa 2020, which has a validity of up to 30 days. The tourists can extend their visas once they arrive in Vietnam.

The Vietnam e-visa is a straightforward and secure online process for travelers who desire to stay for a short period in Vietnam. Vietnam e-visa saves the traveler from the hassle of going to the embassy and standing in line to get the visa. The whole process of permission takes only minutes to end. On the other hand, the processing time, after which the applicant receives the Vietnam e-visa is two to three business days after they apply for it online. The nationals of eighty countries can apply for it, and there are limited ports at which the Vietnam e-visa is accepted.

Eligible Nationals To Apply For Vietnam E-Visa 2020

Before filling the application of Vietnam e-visa 2020, the applicant should check the name of their country in the list below to make sure they are eligible for the Vietnam e-visa. List Of Countries That Allowed For Vietnam E-Visa.

The passport holders of the countries, as mentioned above, can fill the simple online application to apply for the Vietnam E-Visa 2020. These nationals can have a joyous visit to the country, filled with vast tourist attractions and sightseeing.

Conditions to understand when one opts for Vietnam e-visa 2020!

For the travelers who opt for Vietnam e-visa 2020, it is essential to know the conditions that make them eligible for the e-visa.

  • The Vietnam e-visa is only available for the travelers who are in the listed countries for the eligibility of Vietnam e-visa.
  • The e-visa validity is for thirty days only from the date they mentioned in the application for traveling to Vietnam.
  • When the validity to stay in the country is over, the traveler is required to either leave Vietnam or apply for an extension or renewal of the visa beforehand.
  • The travelers are advised to keep a print of e-visa all the time with them when they are traveling in different areas of Vietnam.
  • The minors who are above 14 need to have their e-visa application. Whereas the children under the age of 14 will be included in the form of their parents.
  • When the applicant is in Vietnam, he is requested to abide by the law of Vietnam and take care of everything related to law and order of the country.

Requirements And Process Of Vietnam E-Visa 2020


The Vietnam e-visa 2020, as told before, is an easy and straightforward process that only takes a few notes to complete. All you need is to connect yourself to the internet and a source on which you can apply for it. Once you fill in the required information, the process takes around three business days to end. In the cases of exceptions, the time to prepare for the e-visa may extend. It may take up to seven days in rare cases.

The traveler must type all the information correctly without any spelling or typing mistakes to avoid any mishaps in the future when they arrive at the border of Vietnam. The applicants are advised to review all the typed information before they submit their online form.

Once the application is approved, the applicant receives a PDF format of the e-visa, which he needs to print and provide it to the immigration officer at the Vietnam airport. The applicant should also bring the passport that aligns with the information he provided in the online application for Vietnam e-visa 2020.

Documents required:

  • A passport that is valid for six months at most
  • A debit or a credit card to pay for the fee of e-Visa
  • A valid email address where one can receive the e-visa
  • The biological information page’s scan of passport
  • A passport size photo in JPG format. Photo Guide
  • The dates of entering and leaving Vietnam
  • The ports of entry and the points of exit

The Vietnam e-visa 2020 is granted to the people who have a valid passport, and they do not come in the suspension cases of entry in Vietnam due to any reason.

Ports where the Vietnam e-visa 2020 is accepted!  

Vietnam also has sixteen land ports where Vietnam e-visa 2020 is accepted.

  • Cha Lo Landport
  • Lao Cai Landport
  • Bo Y Landport
  • La Lay Landport
  • Na Meo Landport
  • Tay Trang Landport
  • Mong Cai Landport
  • Tinh Bien Landport
  • Song Tien Landport
  • Moc Bai Landport
  • Lao Bao Landport
  • Ha Tien Landport
  • Nam Can Landport
  • Xa Mat Landport
  • Cau Treo Landport
  • Huu Nghi Landport

There are eight airports where one can go with Vietnam e-visa 2020.

  • Cat Bi International Airport
  • Da Nang International Airport
  • Can Tho International Airport
  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport
  • Noi Bai International Airport Ha Noi.
  • Phu Quoc International Airport
  • Cam Ranh International Airport
  • Phu Bai International Airport

And nine seaports welcomes the travelers with Vietnam e-visa 2020.

  • Quy Nhon Seaport
  • Nha Trang Seaport
  • Hai Phong Seaport
  • Hon Gai Seaport
  • Da Nang Seaport
  • Ho Chi Minh City Seaport
  • Vung Tau Seaport
  • Chan May Seaport
  • Duong Dong Seaport

Once the applicant lands at any of the ports mentioned above, he is required to give Vietnam e-visa 2020 to the immigration officer together with the passport. The officer reviews e-visa and passport, after which he grants the stamp, after which the traveler is allowed to enter the country.

Vietnam e-visa from Cambodia
November 13, 2019

Vietnam shares its border with three countries; China, Laos, and Cambodia. If one wishes to enter these countries, there are different land ports for the Vietnam e-visa.

Vietnam E-Visa
November 13, 2019

Visa for Vietnam is a travel document offered by endowed Vietnamese authorities, permitting people to visit and gain entrance in Vietnam. The Vietnam e-visa is amongst the types of visas issued to different nationals by the Vietnamese Department of Immigration through the electronic system.

The Vietnam electronic visa is a kind of visa handed over to travelers by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. It is known as an e-visa because it is designed to be authorized with an electronic system.

Apply For A Vietnam Visa

Vietnam is a beautiful country with various sightseeing areas, which are usually natural, making it a more awe-inspiring and fun-to-be country. The traditional image of Rice fields and conical hats are picturesque, with the locals being so welcoming and energy filled.

Applying Online Vietnam visa

Often visitors need a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam for any purpose.  People of few countries are exempted from Vietnam e-visa requirements (Please read Who is exempted from Vietnam visa for more information).

A Vietnam visa is the necessary process of immigration for all travelers to Vietnam (Who is exempted from Vietnam visa?). Confiding in on the purpose of the traveler’s visit, a Business or Tourist visa is required to gain entry in Vietnam.

Apply For A Vietnam Visa

Vietnamese visa is a travel document offered by endowed Vietnamese authorities, permitting people to visit and enter Vietnam. The Vietnam e-visa is one of the types of visas issued to different nationals by the Vietnamese Immigration Department through the electronic system.

Tourist visa (category DL) – Issued to tourists who will visit Vietnam for the purpose of tourism. The duration of a Tourist Visa (category DL) is not longer than 3 months.

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