November 1, 2019
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Vietnam e-visa for tourist: everything you should know

A Vietnam visa is the necessary process of immigration for all travelers to Vietnam (Who is exempted from Vietnam visa?). Confiding in on the purpose of the traveler’s visit, a Business or Tourist visa is required to gain entry in Vietnam. The most popular type of visa is the Vietnam e-visa for tourist, which is valid for up to 30 days. The tourists can extend their e-visa once they arrive in Vietnam.

The Vietnam e-visa for tourist is a straightforward and secure online process for travelers who desire to stay in Vietnam for a short period. Vietnam e-visa saves the traveler from the hassle of going to the embassy and standing in line to get the visa on arrival. The whole process of permission takes only minutes to end.

A sample of an eVisa Vietnam


The Vietnam e-visa for tourist is a computerized authorization of traveling to Vietnam from the Vietnamese government Authorities (the Immigration Department of Vietnam). The e-visa is issued in PDF format and is valid for 30 days only after the initial date of entry. It is the same as a visa but has no label or stamp in the passport when he receives the e-visa. Vietnam e-visa for tourists is applied online where the applicant enters personal information such as name, birth date, and address. The applicant is also asked a few questions related to his health records, and a few queries are related to the security. The whole procedure ends in a few minutes, and then the applicant waits for the e-visa approval. The applicant must be outside of Vietnam when he is applying for the tourist e-visa and must be eligible to fulfill the Vietnam tourist e-visa criteria. To apply online, applicants need to have the following:

  • The traveler should have a 6-month valid passport,
  • Two empty pages on his passport to obtain the stamp once he arrives at the check-in points of Vietnam,
  • A debit card or credit card for payment of the e-visa online,
  • An email address where he will get the PDF format of the e-visa.

Usually, the e-visa approval takes 3 business day, but it may extend to three days in exceptional situations. The applicant should, therefore, apply online for the e-visa at least a week before planning the trip.

There are 2 ways to get an e-visa for Vietnam : 1/ Apply directly at the government website : – Please note that there is no support and the payment is non-refundable. 2/ Apply your e-visa an agency or via our easy application form online with 24/7 support & 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Please note that our fee is higher than the government website.


Before applying for the Vietnam e-visa for tourist, the applicant should check the name of their country in the list below to make sure they are eligible for the Vietnam e-visa.

Andorra France Monaco Sweden
Argentina Germany Myanmar Timor Leste
Armenia Georgia Montenegro Uruguay
Australia Hungary Nauru United Kingdom
Austria Greece New Zealand UAE
Azerbaijan Hong Kong (China) Netherland United States
Belgium Iceland Norway Venezuela
Belarus Ireland Palau Vanuatu
Bosnia India Peru
Herzegovina Italy New Guinea Papua
Bulgaria Japan Panama
Brunei Korea (South) Portugal
Brazil Kazakhstan Poland
China Mainland Latvia Philippines
Canada Lithuania Qatar
Chile Liechtenstein Russia
Colombia Luxembourg Romania
Cuba Malta Samoa
Croatia Macedonia Serbia
Czech Republic Macau (China) San Marino
Cyprus Marshall Islands Slovakia
Denmark Micronesia Solomon Islands
Estonia Mexico Slovenia
Finland Moldova Spain
Fiji Mongolia Switzerland

The passport holders of the countries, as mentioned above, can fill the simple online application to apply for the Vietnam E-Visa. These nationals can have a joyous visit to the country, filled with vast tourist attractions and sightseeing. 


Person applying visa online

The Vietnam e-visa for tourist, as told before, is an easy and straightforward process that only takes a few notes to complete. All you need is to connect yourself to the internet and a source on which you can apply for it. Once you fill in the required information, the process takes around three working days to end. In the cases of exceptions, the time to prepare for the e-visa may extend. It may take up to seven days in rare cases.

The traveler must type all the information correctly without any spelling or typing mistakes to avoid any mishaps in the future when they arrive at the border of Vietnam. The applicants are advised to review all the typed information before they submit their online form.

Once the application is approved, the applicant receives a PDF format of the e-visa, which he needs to print and provide it to the immigration officer at the Vietnam airport. The applicant should also bring the passport that aligns with the information he provided in the online application for Vietnam e-visa for tourist.


The Vietnam e-visa for tourists is valid for 30 days. The e-visa can also be extended if the traveler wishes to stay longer in Vietnam. The tourist e-visa becomes invalid once the traveler exits Vietnam. If he wants to re-enter, then he needs to apply again online or also can avail of the visa on arrival facility. Not to mention, that e-visa is also valid for a few national but not all. So the applicant should make sure he is amongst the nationals who are eligible to apply for an e-visa.

The Vietnam e-visa for tourists makes it easy for travelers to plan a sudden trip to Vietnam. The process is hassle-free and makes it simpler for the tourists to have a fun trip to Vietnam by just applying online that takes only a few minutes to complete. Other than tourists, travelers can visit Vietnam for other purposes such as business meetings, summit, to study, and for employment.


The Vietnam electronic visa is a kind of visa handed over to travelers by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. It is known as an e-visa because it is designed to be authorized with an electronic system.

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Vietnam is a beautiful country with various sightseeing areas, which are usually natural, making it a more awe-inspiring and fun-to-be country. The traditional image of Rice fields and conical hats are picturesque, with the locals being so welcoming and energy filled.

Applying Online Vietnam visa

Often visitors need a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam for any purpose.  People of few countries are exempted from Vietnam e-visa requirements (Please read Who is exempted from Vietnam visa for more information).

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Vietnamese visa is a travel document offered by endowed Vietnamese authorities, permitting people to visit and enter Vietnam. The Vietnam e-visa is one of the types of visas issued to different nationals by the Vietnamese Immigration Department through the electronic system.

Tourist visa (category DL) – Issued to tourists who will visit Vietnam for the purpose of tourism. The duration of a Tourist Visa (category DL) is not longer than 3 months.

What is the E-Visa of Vietnam?
December 25, 2018

What is the E-Visa of Vietnam? The e-visa is an alternative to a paper-based visa issued by the embassies of Vietnam. Instead of applying for a visa at the embassies of Vietnam, the Immigration Department of Vietnam has now launched an E-VISA program, which enables you to apply for a visa online.

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