November 1, 2019
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Vietnam e-visa for Indian: An exhaustive guide

The Vietnam electronic visa is a kind of visa handed over to travelers by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. It is known as an e-visa because it is designed to be authorized with an electronic system. This electronic document allows travelers to gain entry into Vietnam quickly. However, only a few countries are there that are eligible to avail of the facility of e-visa. Fortunately, India is amongst those countries. The Vietnam e-visa allows nationals to visit Vietnam without the hassle of going to the embassy to apply for a visa. The e-visa issued to Indians is for single entry, and they can have at most a 30-days stay to roam around the awe-inspiring landscapes of Vietnam.

The Vietnam e-visa for Indians can be applied via a secure online application. It takes around a few minutes to end the process, and it is easy and straightforward. The applicant needs to answer a few questions that are personal together with the details of his passport, such as expiry date and passport number. Also, a few questions regarding the travel details are asked.

The Indians can apply online, and they can get the e-visa via email they provided in the application form. The fee of the e-visa is paid via debit card or credit card, and the process to get the e-visa lasts for three business days. In this way, the Vietnam e-visa for Indian allows travelers to get the approval of the permit and its confirmation before they travel to Vietnam.


Before the Indians decide to apply for the e-visa, they need to know the requirements. The Vietnam e-visa for Indian has essential criteria. If one fails to meet its obligations, the travelers may face hurdles in getting the e-visa. Profiled below are the requirements for Vietnam e-visa for Indians.

  • The Indian nationals should have a passport that is valid
  • The Indians citizens should provide a scanned passport page carrying their biological information
  • The applicant should present a passport size digital photo
  • The traveler should have a debit or a credit card to pay the fee for e-visa

Other than the above documents, the Indians should also provide the following details and information while they fill the online Vietnam e-visa for Indian application.

  • Full name, address, and birthdate, etc
  • Details of the passport
  • Details of travels such as the stay address in Vietnam and the dates of traveling
  •  Health records and vaccination records.


The Indians can apply for a visa for Vietnam in two different ways.

A: Apply for e-Visa of Vietnam while staying in India

The foremost advantage of Vietnam e-visa for Indian is that it can be applied from anywhere around the world. All the Indian nationals need is a computer and an internet connection. The Vietnam e-visa online application is present on the internet where they can start applying right when they are sitting in their lounge. It takes hardly 7 to 10 minutes to end the process of applying for e-visa. The details earlier are required to be put on the application form.


– It is advised to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Indian at least seven days before they decide to travel.

– After the Vietnam Department of Immigration receives the application and full fees, they review it and run it through their security databases. Make sure the application questions are answered adequately and correctly as any mistakes will delay the process or even your e-visa may get rejected too.

– The Vietnam e-visa for Indian is in PDF format, and the applicants receive the e-visa via email they provided after the immigration department approves it.

– When the Indian nationals receive the PDF format of the e-visa, it is vital that the applicant prints the e-visa and brings it with them to the border of Vietnam. If it is possible, the applicant is advised to publish it in color and keep it in a place that he can conveniently find on their arrival at the Vietnam Airport.

– The Indians who possess two passports should make sure to bring the passport that aligns with the information they entered in the Vietnam e-visa application. The information on the passport they bring and the e-visa should match to get in the country hassle-free

B: Apply for Visa on Arrival at the Vietnam International Airport.

Indian passport holders who wish to stay in Vietnam for more than 30 days or want multiple entry visa should choose to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival which allow you stay in Vietnam up to six months depend on the visa type you choose. Unlike e-visa, the visa on arrival is available at the Vietnam International Airports only. In order to pick up your visa on arrival Vietnam, it is necessary that you should apply online to get the visa approval letter which you have to show at the visa desk in the international airport of Vietnam for picking up your visa on arrival.

The Indians nationals require to have the following documents with them when they come to Vietnam for visa on arrival:

  • Visa approval letter that is printed
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Fee for the visa the stamp.

Thought the Indians have an option for visa on arrival too. Still, the Vietnam e-visa for Indian is the perfect hassle-free option. The Indians can apply for the e-visa anytime, anywhere. The e-visa application form takes a few minutes, and they do not have to go to the embassy. Additionally, the visa on arrival is only accessible to seven international airports in Vietnam. In contrast, the Vietnam e-visa for Indian is accessible on all ports of entry.

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Vietnam is a beautiful country with various sightseeing areas, which are usually natural, making it a more awe-inspiring and fun-to-be country. The traditional image of Rice fields and conical hats are picturesque, with the locals being so welcoming and energy filled.

Applying Online Vietnam visa

Often visitors need a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam for any purpose.  People of few countries are exempted from Vietnam e-visa requirements (Please read Who is exempted from Vietnam visa for more information).

A Vietnam visa is the necessary process of immigration for all travelers to Vietnam (Who is exempted from Vietnam visa?). Confiding in on the purpose of the traveler’s visit, a Business or Tourist visa is required to gain entry in Vietnam.

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Vietnamese visa is a travel document offered by endowed Vietnamese authorities, permitting people to visit and enter Vietnam. The Vietnam e-visa is one of the types of visas issued to different nationals by the Vietnamese Immigration Department through the electronic system.

Tourist visa (category DL) – Issued to tourists who will visit Vietnam for the purpose of tourism. The duration of a Tourist Visa (category DL) is not longer than 3 months.

What is the E-Visa of Vietnam?
December 25, 2018

What is the E-Visa of Vietnam? The e-visa is an alternative to a paper-based visa issued by the embassies of Vietnam. Instead of applying for a visa at the embassies of Vietnam, the Immigration Department of Vietnam has now launched an E-VISA program, which enables you to apply for a visa online.

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