September 29, 2019
Vietnam Visa

Two special Vietnam visa you should know.

1. How to get fast Vietnam visa from Taiwan

Do you have to fly quickly to Vietnam and are you stuck without a visa at the airport? A visa is the most important thing to enter a country. However, for some personal reasons, or accidental travel or business, you have not yet prepared a visa. Your flight is about to board, how do you get a visa immediately? A Vietnamese visa is not difficult to handle, but it usually takes 2 business days to complete the application process. If you need an emergency visa to Vietnam, you can use the express service. This service can help you get a visa within 8 working hours, 4 working hours, 2 working hours or even 1 working hour.

Visa emergency processing is applied online, so you can do it easily when you are in Taiwan. You don’t need to submit any documents, fill out the application form online and pay the fee, and our visa service agent will help you as soon as possible (for example, You would have to search out a recognized, and Vietnam Immigration accredited Vietnam Visa Company online for your urgent Vietnam visa service. As you reach the official website of the company, go to the page for immediate Vietnam visa service. When you reach the company’s official website, go to the Vietnam visa service page immediately. You will find a concise visa application form designed explicitly for urgent Vietnam visa applicants when you open the page. The form would ask you to provide the following details:

  • Name and contact details: this will include your phone number and your primary email address. Pay attention to your email as this is where all further communications are going to take place. Also, the application form would ask you to submit an alternative email ID. Details about your Vietnam travel & urgent visa would include your flight details, full name, gender, date of birth, passport number, and present nationality. All the data mentioned should match the details of your passport. Also, a brief note stating the reason behind your immediate visa should be offered.
  • We provides “emergency visa services” to those who need to obtain a Vietnamese visa to enter Vietnam as soon as possible due to an emergency. Whether for business or tourism purposes, if you need to enter Vietnam as soon as possible due to a temporary emergency, and you have not applied for a visa in advance, you can contact us.

2. Vietnamese business visa

Vietnamese business visa is the most issued visa each year in Vietnam. The main target is the entry visa issued by foreigners who want to enter Vietnam for short-term business activities. Since Vietnamese business visas need to be applied for and certified by the Immigration Bureau in advance, and the materials required to be also submitted strict, it is the key to complete the visa materials and meet the requirements when going abroad to apply for Vietnamese business visas. I am bringing you a Vietnamese business visa today; I hope to help everyone.

Visa processing materials:

1. Original passport:

  • An original passport of the passport valid for more than six months
  • If you change your passport, please provide all the original old passports.

2 two-inch white background

  • Three photos of two-inch white background photographed in the past six months
  • Photo size 35 × 45mm (passport photo size)

3. Visa application form (filled by my agency)

4. Copy of the front and back of the ID card

5. Copy of the business license copy official seal (red chapter)

6. Unit dispatch letter: The dispatch letter must be printed on the official letterhead of the applicant’s unit, stamped with the official seal of the unit, signed by the person in charge (and the position of the person in charge)

7. A business card.

8. Invitation letter from the Vietnamese inviter

Please note that if you want to work legally in Vietnam, you must have a job permit to work in Vietnam, and a business visa is only one of the conditions for applying for work approval. Work approval is different from the business visa. Please don’t feel that you can work legally in Vietnam if you have a business visa.

We can arrange a letter of approval for travelers to receive a tourist or business visa upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam. Normally, we will automatically arrange for a one-month visa and business use for a three-month visa. If you want a business visa, but we have arranged a travel visa approval letter, please send an email to for a new business visa approval letter.

Normally, with a business visa, you can travel throughout Vietnam without a problem but use a tourist visa. If you are working or doing business in Vietnam, it will be a bit of a hassle.

Please remember to apply for a business visa to enter Vietnam. If you are following the situation (this is some of the cases we have experienced, and we are delighted if you can share your experience with us, you can send an email to

If an employee is in a position, he or she needs to apply for a business visa. You should also apply for a business visa when attending an international meeting in Vietnam.


Russian citizens willing to visit the country have to mandatorily apply for a visa in order to enter the country. Applying for visa shall be done based on two different methods.

Are you a Chinese citizen willing to visit Vietnam? Vietnam is a great destination that is loved for its culture, people, food, and natural beauty. But before you pack your bags, Chinese passport holders should apply for a Vietnam visa.

You cannot get a cheap Vietnam visa through an online service. However, you can get an approval letter for Vietnam visa.

Applying Vietnam Visa Online

Vietnam is a beautiful country to visit. Are you thinking of visiting on holiday or business? Whatever the reason, getting a visa is cheap and easy.

A Chinese national pays around $80 to get a visa to Vietnam, when applying directly through the embassy. But, if the same passenger applies for a visa on arrival, they just have to pay 15 USD for 3 months single entry visa and 20 USD for multiple entry visa.

Chinese citizen can apply for cheap Vietnam visa for Chinese citizen via three different methods. You can choose any one of them to get your Vietnam business visa.

Vietnam has emerged as one of the popular tourist destinations recently. With a growing number of Chinese traveling Vietnam for vacation and other purposes, Vietnam offers various methods to obtain a Vietnam visa to facilitate a greater flow of Chinese tourists to the country.

In order to get a Vietnam visa on arrival at any international airport in Vietnam, you need to prepare these documents in advance: 1. Original Passport When you travel abroad, passport is surely the most important document.

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