September 29, 2019
Vietnam Visa

How to get Vietnam visa on arrival at any international airport in Vietnam

In order to get a Vietnam visa on arrival at any international airport in Vietnam, you need to prepare these documents in advance:

1. Original Passport

When you travel abroad, passport is surely the most important document. Without your passport, you cannot enter any country. Moreover, please do not forget that your passport must be valid more than 6 months prior to the entry date, and it is required to have at least 2 blank pages on your passport.

You cannot use the expiry passport to enter Vietnam. In case you applied a visa in advance, review and make sure that the passport number in the application form is the same with your current passport number.

2. Visa Approval Letter

Many people misunderstand that they can get visa on arrival without any application in advance, and they are refused to get visa at the arrival date. Please note that you only can get visa on arrival if you already applied a document which is called “visa approval letter”.

Visa Approval Letter is the letter which is approved, signed and read sealed by the Vietnamese Immigration Department. Your name and the other applicants’ name will be showed on the letter with the information “these below people are granted to get visa on arrival at the international airports”. It is also considered as a “pre-approval visa”, but it is use for boarding the airplane and getting the real visa at the airport only.

You need to apply a visa approval letter before flying to Vietnam.

Visa approval letter, as its name, is not the real visa. It is the “approval notice”, which allows you to get the real visa at the airports on arrival date. Therefore, if you do not apply this letter before arriving, you cannot get visa at the airports.

3. Photos

You need to prepare two photos size 4×6 (one for sticking on the Vietnamese visa application form, one for back up).

Prepare 2 photos before coming to Vietnam

Photo requirement:

  • Size: 4×6 cm
  • Must clearly show a full face, front view and open eyes
  • Make sure photo presents full head, from top of hair to shoulders level
  • Take the photo in a plain white or off-white background
  • Avoid shadows on the face or background
  • Face should be in a natural expression (with mouth closed)
  • No sun glasses or hats are to be worn, as they obscure the full face
  • The contrast and lighting conditions in the photo should be normal

4. Vietnamese visa application form (Form NA1)

This is the form to collect the information of your trip. You can get this form in front of “visa upon arrival counter”.

It should be better to print it out and fill out before coming to Vietnam (you can learn it in advance and clearly know how to fill out it correctly). It also saves your time.

5. Cash

You have to pay the stamp fee to get your visa on arrival. The visa stamp fee is the fee which you directly pay to the Immigration officer at the Visa Upon Arrival counter to get the real visa and visa stamp.

  • Single entry for 1 month up to 3 months staying is 25 USD per person
  • Multiple entries for 1 month up to 3 months staying is 50 USD per person
  • Multiple entries for 6 months staying is 95 USD
  • Multiple entries for 1 year staying is 135 USD

The stamp fee is collected in cash only, so you need to prepare some cash before coming to Vietnam. Both US Dollars or Vietnam Dong are accepted, but US dollars is recommended. If you pay in Vietnam Dong, you may pay a higher fee than this amount in US Dollars (due to balance exchange).


Here is what you need to do for obtaining visa at the Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho Chi Minh City). Other airports might slightly different but still the same in primary.

1. Before Boarding

The airlines only allow you to get on the airplane in case you have visa (Of course, if you are free of visa to enter Vietnam, you just tell them you are visa exemption). The visa can be the real visa sticking on your passport, E-visa document, or visa approval letter. So, you just show the airlines staff your original passport + the visa approval letter. They will check and then you are allowed to fly to Vietnam.

2. When Arriving the Airport

After arrival, you will see the sign board which show you the way to come to “Landing visa counter”.

3. At the “Visa Upon Arrival Counter”

Documents (initial passport + visa approval letter+ finished visa application form with picture attached) are required to submit to the immigration officer at the “Visa On Arrival Counter.” He / she will ask you to come to the room to wait a couple of minutes after obtaining your papers. She will call your name after checking and ask you to pay the visa stamp fee.

4. At the Cashier Counter

Then, you come to the cashier counter (close to the Visa On Arrival counter) to pay. Please notice that only USD will be accepted. You return your passport with your visa inside after paying.

Please carefully check the information showed in visa. If there is any wrong information, you need to ask to revise immediately.

5. At the Immigration Custom Check and Passport Control

At that time, you already had visa. You just show your passport at passport control counter and do the custom check. After this step, you are in Vietnam already.


1. How to get fast Vietnam visa from Taiwan Do you have to fly quickly to Vietnam and are you stuck without a visa at the airport? A visa is the most important thing to enter a country.

Russian citizens willing to visit the country have to mandatorily apply for a visa in order to enter the country. Applying for visa shall be done based on two different methods.

Are you a Chinese citizen willing to visit Vietnam? Vietnam is a great destination that is loved for its culture, people, food, and natural beauty. But before you pack your bags, Chinese passport holders should apply for a Vietnam visa.

You cannot get a cheap Vietnam visa through an online service. However, you can get an approval letter for Vietnam visa.

Applying Vietnam Visa Online

Vietnam is a beautiful country to visit. Are you thinking of visiting on holiday or business? Whatever the reason, getting a visa is cheap and easy.

A Chinese national pays around $80 to get a visa to Vietnam, when applying directly through the embassy. But, if the same passenger applies for a visa on arrival, they just have to pay 15 USD for 3 months single entry visa and 20 USD for multiple entry visa.

Chinese citizen can apply for cheap Vietnam visa for Chinese citizen via three different methods. You can choose any one of them to get your Vietnam business visa.

Vietnam has emerged as one of the popular tourist destinations recently. With a growing number of Chinese traveling Vietnam for vacation and other purposes, Vietnam offers various methods to obtain a Vietnam visa to facilitate a greater flow of Chinese tourists to the country.

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