After a traveller enters Vietnam with a valid visa, they could only stay in the country for a specified time period. If a traveller wants to extend their stay in Vietnam, the obvious method that they would usually think of is to exit the country, apply for a fresh visa, and re-enter the country.

Applying for cheap Vietnam visa via visa on arrival is the most preferred method of applying for Vietnam visa. You can get the visa within two to five days after the applying the visa online.

Whether you are driving across the border, traveling by cruise ship or flying, you will need a passport. To apply for a Vietnam visa, your passport must be valid for 6 months.

Are you a Chinese citizen willing to visit Vietnam? Vietnam is a great destination that is loved for its culture, people, food, and natural beauty. But before you pack your bags, Chinese passport holders should apply for a Vietnam visa.

A Chinese national pays around $80 to get a visa to Vietnam, when applying directly through the embassy. But, if the same passenger applies for a visa on arrival, they just have to pay 15 USD for 3 months single entry visa and 20 USD for multiple entry visa.

Chinese citizen can apply for cheap Vietnam visa for Chinese citizen via three different methods. You can choose any one of them to get your Vietnam business visa.

Vietnam has emerged as one of the popular tourist destinations recently. With a growing number of Chinese traveling Vietnam for vacation and other purposes, Vietnam offers various methods to obtain a Vietnam visa to facilitate a greater flow of Chinese tourists to the country.

Getting a visa is much easier and less costly these days. In the early days, the only way to apply for a visa is by traveling and visiting the embassy office, wait in long queues for minutes or even hours, fill the form, and wait again for several days to get the application approved.

For those planning for a wonderful vacation around the globe, Vietnam is gaining its popularity as a tourist destination. Over the last few years, many Chinese nationals have been travelling from china to Vietnam, just to take a trip across the border to have an experience of Halong Bay, the most preferred scenic attractions in

You can get your Vietnam visa at the arrival airport by applying for Vietnam visa on arrival option. It is the most simple and preferred method of applying cheap visa for Vietnam by Chinese citizen.

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