March 13, 2019
Blog Steps to get Vietnam Visa Cheap

Follow these 4 Simple Steps to get Vietnam Visa Cheap for Spanish Citizens

Are you a Spanish citizen willing to know more about the process involved in the Vietnam visa application? Here is your comprehensive guide that will explain to you the 4 simple steps with which you could get your Vietnam visa easily. You might already be wondering how simple that would be. Well, with the modern methodology of visa application called Visa on Arrival, anyone could procure their desired type of visa in no time.

About Visa on Arrival:

Visa on Arrival is an online application program that lets travellers to apply for their required type of visa easily anywhere, anytime. Always remember to deal with only with the best visa agents such as Vietnam Visa Cheap that offers this service.

4 Steps in Vietnam Visa Application:

1. Applying for Visa Online

The first step is to visit the visa agency’s website. Vietnam Visa Cheap offers one of the best services for online visa application. Once you get to their website, fill out the online application form with details such as nationality, type of visa required, entry and exit dates, and other required information. As you complete the application and choose the required type of visa, you will have to pay a nominal service fee. You can make the payment using your credit card or PayPal account.

2. Get Your Visa Approval Letter:

After submitting your visa application, Vietnam Visa Cheap will forward your application to the Immigration of Vietnam, and get it approved soon. When the application is approved, you will receive your visa approval letter to your email. Download and print a copy of the visa approval letter. This is required to receive your visa when you arrive at Vietnam.

3. Pick Up Your Visa at Vietnam:

After arriving at the Vietnam airport, approach the landing visa desk and show your visa approval letter. Upon successful verification, you will be obtaining your visa. Before that, you must pay the stamping fee, the official fee paid to the government. After payment of the said fee, you will be getting your visa stamped on your passport.

4. Check in Vietnam:

Now that you have picked up your visa, show it at the check-in point and enter Vietnam. Enjoy your trip!

About Visa on Arrival Fees:

As mentioned above, you must pay the service fee during the application process, and the stamping fee when you are getting your visa at the destination airport. Hence the Vietnam visa total cost will involve the service and stamping fees. Here’s the fee information for Spanish citizens:

Single Entry Visas:

  • $6 for 1 month tourist visa
  • $15 for 3 months tourist visa
  • $75 for 1 month business visa
  • $85 for 3 month business visa
  • Stamping fees of $25 applicable for single entry visas

Multiple Entries Visas:

  • $8 for 1 month tourist visa
  • $20 for 3 months tourist visa
  • $80 for 1 month business visa
  • $90 for 3 month business visa
  • Stamping fees of $50 applicable for multiple entries visas

These are the four simple steps required to apply for Vietnam visa. When you apply with Vietnam Visa Cheap, you get the additional advantage of money-back guarantee. If your application was not accepted by the government, you will receive a full refund. Also, if you are not satisfied with the agent’s service experience, you will still receive 100% of your Vietnam Visa fee back. So, go ahead and start applying today.

Vietnam visa for citizens of Belarus

For Belarus citizens there is no need of visa for visiting and staying at Vietnam for fewer than 15 days. But, as Belarus citizens, if you need to stay for more 15 days, it is essential to have visa.

Spain passport placed on the map

Several people even to this day believe that they have to spend a fortune to apply for Vietnam visa. The truth is, you don’t have to anymore.

Spain Citizen Passport

If you are applying for Vietnam visa from Spain, you might be wondering how much will it cost for application. With the introduction of the advanced and comfortable Visa on Arrival online application service, things have got a lot better.

Man holding the passport by his hands

In a bid to boost the tourism industry of Vietnam, the Vietnamese government has been simplifying rules regarding visa requirements for several countries. As part of such policies, various citizens from selected countries can enjoy visa exemptions with certain restrictions.

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