September 25, 2019
Vietnam Visa

Can We Enter Vietnam Earlier Than The Granted Date In Approval Letter?

Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

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No, you cannot enter at an earlier date than the granted date in the visa approval letter!

Maybe you can enter the country at a later date mentioned on the visa approval letter, but not prior to the date mentioned. Moreover, your visa will be valid only the date of your entry till your exit date as mentioned on the Visa Approval Letter. You can enjoy your stay anytime between the entry and exit date. Likewise, you will have to leave Vietnam by the exit date.

Here are a few things that you must know about the Visa approval letter –

What is the valid period of a Visa approval letter?

The Visa approval letter is usually approved based on the arrival date as mentioned in the Visa application, when a person submits online. Hence, the extent of the date will be counted from the date that is selected as the ‘arrival date,’ as mentioned on the application, and not the date that you submit the application. If you are a foreigner, who is looking out for a single month visa, you must note that you cannot enter Vietnam, before the date mentioned on the Visa approval letter. So construct your plans based on the visa approval letter and enjoy your trip within the valid duration.

Is there any procedure to get the Visa approval letter from China?

Yes, there are a few procedures to claim the Visa approval letter. But, with the assistance of a professional Vietnam visa agency like, getting your visa approval letter is very easy and they offer a 100% money back guarantee if the visa application is declined by the Vietnamese government. Here are some basic guidelines that will help you in filling out the application.

  • As a first step, you must fill out the Vietnam visa application on the related section.
  • Make sure to fill the relevant information that is described on the passport, so that the details mentioned in the application and passport correlate.
  • After you are done with filling out the application, proceed on to the next steps of making the payment of your Vietnam visa fee, through Western Union, Bank Transfer or PayPal. This fee is actually collected by the agency and they collect it and pay it to the Immigration Department.

It will usually takes about 2 to 3 business days for the issue of the visa approval letter, which is usually sent it to the email. If you are a traveller, you must print it and have it in your bag, along with the important things that you are planning to take with you on your travel.

Procedure for Stamping the Official Visa

Upon your arrival at the Vietnam international airport, you will come across a counter named – ‘Vietnam visa on arrival ‘which is also called as the landing visa. In this security check, the immigration officer will ask you to present your passport, visa approval letter, Entry and exit application and photos for verification. The officer will stamp the official visa on the passport only after thoroughly checking all the documents.

Hope these details will be of great help to you when you apply your Visa Application letter with Vietnam. You can always rely on a professional agency like –, which will help you deal the process with ease and at a minimum e-visa Vietnam fee.


Vietnam has become one of the finest holiday destinations that people all over the world plan to visit during their vacation. If you are planning to go Vietnam during holidays, then you need to know some basic details about Vietnam.

Even though Vietnam is a tourist spot, it attracts many business people towards it. People who need to get a Vietnam business visa from China have to apply for a valid visa using any one of the following process.

As China is not in the Vietnam visa exemption list, the Chinese citizen should get a valid visa to visit Vietnam for either tourist or business purpose. Here we have mentioned the different methods to apply for Vietnam visa.

Vietnam is one of the tourist spots that attract most tourists towards it. Every year many people from various country visit Vietnam.

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