September 23, 2019
Vietnam Visa

Do China Passport Holders Need A Visa For Vietnam?

Vietnam visa via Embassy

Image by Danilo Bueno from Pixabay

As China is not in the Vietnam visa exemption list, the Chinese citizen should get a valid visa to visit Vietnam for either tourist or business purpose. Here we have mentioned the different methods to apply for Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa via Embassy

For applying Vietnam visa, you need to reach the Vietnam embassy in China and complete the visa application process. While going to the embassy, make sure that you have the passport and all the original documents with you. For applying the Vietnam visa, you can contact the nearest one among the following

  • Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Beijing, China
  • Consulate General Of Vietnam In Shanghai – China
  • Consulate General of Vietnam in Guangzhou, China
  • Consulate General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Kunming (China)
  • Consulate General of Vietnam In Hong Kong – China
  • Consulate General Of Vietnam In Nanning – China

Once the application process over, you may need to reach the embassy to get the visa when it gets ready. So you may need to spend at least two days for the visa process. To avoid this many people avoid the process of contacting embassy for their visa application.

Vietnam Visa on arrival

Applying for visa on arrival is one of the easiest forms of getting the Vietnam visa. You need to do is complete the online application form. Here we have explained the visa on arrival process in four simple steps.

Step 1: Fill the online application

The first step is to fill the secure online visa application form using the accurate details including your full name, entry date, date of birth, exit date, etc.

Step 2: Pay online

Once you fill the online application form, submit it and pay online. You have to pay the service fee during the online application process. The service fee varies depending on the type of the Vietnam visa you are applying for.

Step 3: Receive your approval letter

After submitting your online visa application form for cheap Vietnam visa for Chinese citizen, you will receive a visa pre- approval letter to your email within two to five business days. Once you receive it, you must make a copy or download this letter as it is necessary to show at the destination airport to get your visa stamped on your passport.

Step 4: Get your visa stamped

At the destination airport, you have to produce your visa pre-approval letter at the front desk. Then you need to pay the stamping fee for your Vietnam visa to get your visa stamped to the passport.

After completing all these four steps, you can enter Vietnam.

Advantages of applying for Visa on arrival

  • You can choose to apply for 1 month or 3 months with single entry or multiple entries
  • No document is required to apply online
  • No queuing at the embassy
  • Pick up visa on arrival at your destination airport

If you apply for a visa on arrival with us, we offer a 100% money back guarantee in case your visa is declined by the government, or you don’t like our service.


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