November 20, 2020
Vietnam Visa

Vietnam Entry Permit For Visitors from China During the Covid-19 Season

Vietnam is now slowly opening its borders but only to travelers who can help mitigate the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. And in order to prevent another wave of the pandemic, Vietnamese authorities will only permit the entry of foreigners coming from countries with low infection rates, such as China. The only eligible visitors at the moment are foreign investors, highly skilled workers, business managers, foreign experts, and their family members.

To ensure the safety of everyone, the government has devised a plan that eligible visitors must follow when entering the country. This includes applying for an entry permit from the local People’s Committee and submitting a negative Covid-19 test upon entry.

Special Procedures for Entry

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Vietnamese authorities have put in place some special procedures for the entry approval and visa issuance of foreign visitors. The local People’s Committee is authorized to approve the entry of foreign experts and arrange a suitable isolation facility for them. All foreign visitors, except those who are visiting for the short-term, will be asked to isolate for 14 days upon entry into the country.

Here’s the entry procedure for visitors from China who are eligible for entry into Vietnam:

  1. The sponsor company of the foreign employee must send a letter of request to the People’s Committee of the province where the company is registered. It should ask the committee to approve the entry of a foreign visitor from China. The letter should also state the reason why they are asking the foreign visitor to come to Vietnam. Accordingly, the People’s Committee will issue an entry approval while the Department of Health will issue a quarantine approval.
  2. Next, the sponsor company must submit an application for entry permission as well as a visa approval to Vietnam’s Immigration Department.
  3. Once the entry permit is granted, the foreign visitor can now book a ticket for a flight to Vietnam. But before flying to Vietnam, the visitor must first secure a negative Covid-19 test result through a PCR test taken in the past 3 to 7 days. It’s also important that the test is taken by certified labs and in accordance with the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization.
  4. Upon arrival in Vietnam, the visitor will be checked for symptoms of Covid-19, which includes getting the temperature. If the visitor has no symptoms, he will be allowed to go to the quarantine facility. The sponsor company must arrange a private vehicle to pick-up the visitor because taking public transportation would not be allowed in order to limit exposure.
  5. At the quarantine facility, the visitor will be tested for Covid-19 on the first day. He must follow the health protocols set by the local Health Department, such as wearing a facemask and maintaining social distance.

Requirements for Flight Check-in

When checking in for the flight, the airline must make sure that the passenger is eligible for entry in Vietnam. Thus, it is their responsibility to check if the passenger has the following documents:

  • Passport copy, which should be valid for at least six months from the date of entry.
  • Approval letter, which the sponsor company will get from the local People’s Committee.
  • Entry permit from Vietnam’s Immigration Department. This will also be issued to the sponsor company.
  • Approval of the local Health Department where the quarantine facility of the visitor is located.
  • Booking confirmation from an approved-hotel for the 14-day quarantine. This should also include a private pick-up transportation service.
  • Proof of travel insurance that includes coverage for treatment of Covid-19. The visitor’s sponsor company in Vietnam must also attach a letter of commitment that they will shoulder the cost of treatment in case the visitor will test positive for Covid-19.
  • A negative result of a Covid-19 certificate and taken via PCR test. The test must be conducted at least 5 to 7 days before arrival in Vietnam and should be taken by an authorized lab in China.

The family members who will be traveling together with the foreign visitor must also submit the requirements stated above in order to be allowed entry into the country.

Important Things to Keep In Mind

Take note that the entry procedures to Vietnam could change from time to time, depending on the Covid-19 situation. Authorities might require additional documents aside from those stated above.

It is therefore important that travelers must be updated with the latest development on the entry of foreign visitors to Vietnam during the Covid-19 pandemic. It may be necessary for the sponsor company to contact Vietnam’s Immigration Department to ensure that the foreign visitor won’t have any trouble entering the country. Getting assistance from a local agency in Vietnam is also a big help since they can assist in the application of an entry permit and all the other requirements.


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When the Covid-19 outbreak started, Vietnam immediately closed its borders to prevent the virus from further spreading into the country. Things are slowly going back to normal now but Vietnam is careful enough not to allow another wave of the outbreak to take place.

Vietnam shares a close trade relationship with Taiwan. In 2019, the bilateral trade between the two countries reached US$16 billion and this keeps on increasing year by year.

Traveling to Vietnam these days can be complicated. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are several requirements and health protocols that visitors must follow before they can be allowed entry into the country.

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