November 21, 2019
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Vietnam E-Visa For New Zealand: A-Z You Needed To Know

Travelers from around the world can visit Vietnam by applying for the Vietnam e-visa. The Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand nationals allow the travelers to stay in Vietnam for thirty days. The e-visa is valid for only one-time entry in Vietnam. There are only numbered countries that can avail of the Vietnam e-visa, and fortunately, New Zealand is amongst those countries. The Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand is a simple and easy process via which the travelers can travel to Vietnam. The travelers save themselves from the hassle of going to the embassy where they have to stand in queue for hours to get the visa.

Points To Ponder When One Applies For Vietnam E-Visas For New Zealand.

Excluding a few countries, all the other states require a visa to gain entrance in Vietnam. The reason for traveling can be many. The traveler can visit for tourism, business, meeting relatives, etc. the traveler has to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand online.

The online application requires the traveler to enter the necessary information. The information includes personal details such as name, birthdate age, and gender. The applicant needs to provide passport information such as passport number and expiry date of the passport. Also, the travel details to Vietnam is necessary information. The traveler needs to give the travel dates and the address of stay in Vietnam.

The Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand is the easiest way to get a visa for Vietnam. The other visa type includes a visa on arrival where the traveler receives an approval letter to board the plane. The visa on arrival is only for air travel. Here, the traveler requires to stand in the line at the Vietnam International Airport to get the visa and stamp on the permit.

The citizens of New Zealand can also visit the embassy in Vietnam. In their country and get the visa. All the other visa types require a bit of hassle for the traveler, unlike Vietnam e-visas for New Zealand.

Hence the best hassle-free option is the Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand that all the travelers should go for when they plan to go to Vietnam.

What Do You Need To Get The Vietnam E-Visa For New Zealand?

The Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand is, no doubt, a simple process. Still, one needs to be careful when providing the information when they apply for one. The online application takes only a few notes to end. The travelers opting for Vietnam e-visas should note that personal, passport, and travel details are essential to fill the application.

Following is the criteria for applying for the Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand nationals:

  • Personal information is required to fill in the form : name, age. Gender, status, birthdate, nationality
  • Passport details is required to fill in the form : passport number, the expiry date of the passport
  • Scanned biological page of the passport is required to upload in the form.
  • A recent taken photo of your face is required to upload in the form. Photo Guide.
  • Six months valid passport
  • Two empty pages to get the stamp
  • A debit or a credit card to pay for the e-visa fee
  • A valid email address to receive the e-visa

After submission of the online form, the applicant needs to wait for seven business days to get the visa. The applicant receives e-visa via the email they provided in the application form for a permit.

The Process Of Visa Application

The immediate process of the Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand makes the travelers sit at home and get the visa without even paying a visit to the embassy. This process saves them time and money of the traveler as otherwise, the travel needs to spend at least two tours at the embassy. One visit to apply and the other visit to take their visa from the embassy.

The online application is understandable and easy to complete. All that the travelers have to do is provide the required information. After submitting the online form next step is to pay for the fee of the visa. For the payment, the traveler has to have a credit or a debit card. Once the immigration department of Vietnam reviews the application, if they approve it, consequently, they send the visa to the email address of the applicant.

The applicant needs to provide all the information correctly and adequately. Any information that is incorrect will result in the delay of the process. In some cases, the applicant visa may get rejected too.

The visa process time is only two to three days in the usual cases. However, on rare occasions, it may take more than that. The traveler must apply for the Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand at least a week before they plan to visit Vietnam.


Vietnam e-visa is a straightforward process for travelers to enter Vietnam with just a few clicks on the online application. The process takes a few notes only to end.

The travelers from America who wish to visit Vietnam can quickly get the Vietnam e-visas for US Citizens to gain entrance in Vietnam. It is an electronic document that allows the traveler to stay in Vietnam for around thirty days with a single entry allowance.

Vietnam is a beautiful country with various sightseeing areas, which are usually natural, making it a more awe-inspiring and fun-to-be country. The traditional image of Rice fields and conical hats are picturesque, with the locals being so welcoming and energy filled.

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A Vietnam visa is the necessary process of immigration for all travelers to Vietnam. Confiding in on the purpose of the traveler’s visit, a Business or Tourist visa is required to gain entry in Vietnam.

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November 21, 2019

The electronic visa for Vietnam is a kind of visa issued to foreigners by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. It is known as an e-visa because it is accepted with an electronic system.

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Visa for Vietnam is a travel document which endowed Vietnamese authorities offers, permitting people to visit and gain entrance in Vietnam. The Vietnam e-visa is issued to different nationals by the Vietnamese Department of Immigration through the electronic system.

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November 14, 2019

Vietnam is a hub of many natural picturesque landscapes and beautiful cave for the travelers to visit and enjoy the time in the country. Many travelers face difficulties when they search for a visa to apply to visit Vietnam.

The Chinese nationals can face difficulties in obtaining Vietnam e-visa because of the controversy on their microchipped passports (passport with nine dash line map). The Chinese e-passport holders are now required to apply for Vietnam visa individually via a different process for application (visa at the embassy or visa on arrival).

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