November 21, 2019
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Vietnam E-visa for Italian

The electronic visa for Vietnam is a kind of visa issued to foreigners by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. It is known as an e-visa because it is accepted with an electronic system. This electronic document allows travelers to gain entry into Vietnam quickly. However, there are only a few countries that are eligible to avail of the facility of e-visa. Fortunately, Italy is amongst those countries. The Vietnam e-visa for Italian allows nationals to travel to Vietnam without the hassle of going to the embassy to apply for a visa. The e-visa issued to Italian is for single entry, and they can stay in Vietnam for 30 days.

The Vietnam e-visa for Italian is applied via a secure online application. It takes around a few minutes to end the process, and it is easy and straightforward. The applicant needs to answer a few questions that are personal together with the details of his passport, such as expiry date and passport number. Also, the traveler needs to answer a few questions regarding the travel details.

Vietnam E-visa Application For Italian

The application process for the Vietnam e-visa for Italian is straightforward. It only takes a few notes to end the whole process. The applicant needs to have a computer and an internet connection to apply for the Vietnam e-visa.

The process requires the applicant to answer a few questions related to personal data. Also, the applicants need to type in the information on the passport. Not to mention, the applicant also needs to tell the health history, including the vaccination records too. The traveler requires to type all the information correctly and adequately. The tying or the spelling mistake in the application form will result in the delay of the process. Also, there is a chance that a visa may get rejected too. The applicant should have a debit card or a credit card to pay for the fee of permission after the submission of the e-visa application.

The e-visa processing time is around two to three business days. In rare cases, it may take a week. The travelers should apply for the e-visa at least a week before they decide to travel to Vietnam.

The Vietnam immigration department reviews the application process, after which they send the e-visa via the email provided by the applicant. The applicant needs to take a print of the Vietnam e-visa for Italian. The e-visa is accepted at different ports of entries of Vietnam (List of Ports that allowed foreigners enter and exit Vietnam by E-visa.). The traveler should confirm whether the port of entry they choose to agrees with the e-visa or not before they decide to travel.

Once the traveler arrives at the Vietnam port of entry, he needs to show the e-visa to the officer, after which he is free to enter the country and enjoy the stay!

Visa requirements of the Vietnam e-visa for Italians

Travelers need to meet the criteria to get a visa to enter Vietnam. The Vietnam e-visa for Italians require travelers to submit all the information when they apply for e-visa online. Anyone who fails to meet the criteria will not be granted the Vietnam e-visa for Italian.

The applicant needs to provide the personal details, travel details in Vietnam, and passport details in the online application.

The online applications require the following documents:

  • A passport that is valid for six months at most
  • A debit or a credit card to pay for the fee of e-visa
  • A valid email address where one can receive the e-visa
  • The biological information page’s scan of passport
  • A passport size photo in JPG format. Photo Guide.
  • The dates of entering and leaving Vietnam
  • The ports of entry and the points of exit
  • Two empty pages to receive the stamps for visa

Travelers must complete all the documents to get permission on time without any delay. The process becomes easier if all the documents are available in advance.

It is necessary for the Italian passport holders who possess two passports should take the passport with them that aligns with the information on the e-visa. If there is a mistake, the traveler needs to go back without gaining entrance in Vietnam, which can be very hectic.


Vietnam e-visa is a straightforward process for travelers to enter Vietnam with just a few clicks on the online application. The process takes a few notes only to end.

The travelers from America who wish to visit Vietnam can quickly get the Vietnam e-visas for US Citizens to gain entrance in Vietnam. It is an electronic document that allows the traveler to stay in Vietnam for around thirty days with a single entry allowance.

New Zealand Passport

Travelers from around the world can visit Vietnam by applying for the Vietnam e-visa. The Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand nationals allow the travelers to stay in Vietnam for thirty days.

Vietnam is a beautiful country with various sightseeing areas, which are usually natural, making it a more awe-inspiring and fun-to-be country. The traditional image of Rice fields and conical hats are picturesque, with the locals being so welcoming and energy filled.

Poland passport

A Vietnam visa is the necessary process of immigration for all travelers to Vietnam. Confiding in on the purpose of the traveler’s visit, a Business or Tourist visa is required to gain entry in Vietnam.

Canadian Passport

Visa for Vietnam is a travel document which endowed Vietnamese authorities offers, permitting people to visit and gain entrance in Vietnam. The Vietnam e-visa is issued to different nationals by the Vietnamese Department of Immigration through the electronic system.

Vaccines to travel Vietnam
November 14, 2019

Vietnam is a hub of many natural picturesque landscapes and beautiful cave for the travelers to visit and enjoy the time in the country. Many travelers face difficulties when they search for a visa to apply to visit Vietnam.

The Chinese nationals can face difficulties in obtaining Vietnam e-visa because of the controversy on their microchipped passports (passport with nine dash line map). The Chinese e-passport holders are now required to apply for Vietnam visa individually via a different process for application (visa at the embassy or visa on arrival).

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