October 28, 2019
Vietnam Visa

Simple Steps to Apply Cheap Vietnam Visa Online From Taiwan

Apply Cheap Vietnam Visa Online From Taiwan

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Vietnam is one such attractive tourist spot that attracts a huge number of tourists from across the globe. To visit Vietnam, you need to get a valid Vietnam visa if your country is not listed in the exemption list. Especially, if you are from Taiwan, you need to get a valid Vietnam visa to enter the country.

There are three ways to get the Vietnam visa, and they are –

  • Applying through the Vietnam Embassy
  • Requesting for the visa on arrival
  • Applying through E-Visa

The most sought after procedure is to apply for cheap Vietnam visa through the Visa on Arrival method. This is because, the traditional embassy approach will consume more time, and the E-Visa Vietnam cost can be pretty expensive.  Here we have stated about the three types of visa processing methods and the importance of applying for a Vietnam Visa approval letter.

  • Applying through the Vietnam Embassy – This is the traditional type of getting the Vietnam Visa. People in olden days used this method. But, if you choose this method, you will have to wait in a long queue to complete your visa application process. You need to carry all your ID proof, and certificates for the purpose of verification. You must get in touch with the nearest embassy to claim your visa.
  • Visa on arrival – In this process, you can apply for visa from the comfort of your home. You just have to fill in the online application form, make the payment thru online and wait for the Vietnam Visa approval letter. You will receive the mail in your inbox in 3to 5 business working days. All you have to do is, just download, make a copy of it, and produce it at the destination airport. On verifying your visa, the visa authority will stamp the Visa approval letter. You will have to pay the fee at the airport during the visa stamping process.
  • E-Visa – This is one best way of getting your visa at a very short duration. The only disadvantage is, the e-visa Vietnam fee is expensive than the other process.

Why should you get the Visa Approval Letter?

In case, if you are looking to opt for visa on arrival, you must have an approval letter to get your visa stamped at the airport. Without the approval letter, you will not be allowed to enter the country. Moreover having the visa approval letter authorizes that you have got your visa approved and you are eligible to get the visa stamped at the destination airport.

Basic Requirements:

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months before you enter Vietnam.
  • The Visa application form must be duly filled and there must not be any discrepancy in the form and the data in passport.
  • The applicant must not travel before the arrival date specified in the visa approval letter.

Vietnam Visa Cheap can help you with the visa on arrival process without any hassles. It can help you save more on your valuable time and money with 100% cash back for the applications rejected by the government.


Taiwanese are not on the visa exemption list, so you need to get a visa to enter Vietnam. Be it tourist or business visit, you need to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa either through the embassy or online.

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The Immigration department of Vietnam releases the Visa Approval letter to the citizens of Taiwan, who is looking to travel to Vietnam by air. This Vietnam Visa Approval Letter is an important document that enables a visitor to get the visa permit on arrival at the airport.

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So you are planning to visit Vietnam and confused about whether to apply for a single or multiple entry visa. It depends upon the purpose of the visit as they are different from each other in terms of a number of entries till the visa expiration date.

Vietnam has become one of the most attractive places for both tourist people and the business people. Taiwan is one among the various countries that allows many people to visit Vietnam for either business or tourist purpose.

Taiwan citizens who are planning to go to Vietnam for either business or tourist purpose need to get a valid Vietnam visa to enter the country. As Taiwan is not in the visa exemption list, you need to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizen before travelling to Vietnam.

As a Taiwan citizen, you must have got a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam for both tourist and business purpose. After you come to Vietnam, you may be in a situation to extend your Vietnam visa for a few more days and wondering about the procedure to extend your Vietnam visa.

Visiting Vietnam is not a big deal anymore since online visa applying options are available today. There are two types of Vietnam visa applying option exit in this digital world.

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