October 27, 2019
Vietnam Visa

Importance of Applying for the Approval Letter for Vietnamese Visa from Taiwan

Approval Letter for Vietnamese Visa from Taiwan

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The Immigration department of Vietnam releases the Visa Approval letter to the citizens of Taiwan, who is looking to travel to Vietnam by air. This Vietnam Visa Approval Letter is an important document that enables a visitor to get the visa permit on arrival at the airport.

There are some countries across the globe that lets a visitor into their country and their application is scrutinized only after they enter into the country, but in Vietnam, you can enter the country only if you have the visa approval letter. Yes, you can know if your visa is accepted or rejected even before your enter the country.

At Vietnam Visa Cheap, we have been helping a number of people from Taiwan to get their cheapest Vietnam visa, and have been frequently asked about the significance of this letter. Here are a few reasons that state the importance of a Visa Approval Letter.

  • Makes the Visa Procedure Simple – Assuming that you live in a place, which is far away from the Vietnam embassy in Taiwan, it would be difficult for you to wait in a long queue at the embassy to get your visa. Whereas, this Visa Approval letter will save you from all the hassles of the queue, as you will be issued the letter only after you provide all the vital information. You will be eligible for the cheap Vietnam visa, at the airport once you provide the letter to the immigration officer.
  • To Board the Plane – You will be allowed to board the plane from Taiwan to Vietnam, only if you have the Visa approval letter, as this letter implies that you have been granted an entry into the country. Most significantly it suggests that you will be granted visa after you get into the airport. So, without the approval letter, you cannot board the plane, as it is a mandatory document along with your passport and the boarding pass.
  • Your Visa Details are present in the Approval Letter – All vital information related to your visa is present in the approval letter. The letter also holds information about your passport and the duration that you will be staying in the country, along with the Vietnam visa total cost.
  • It is your Temporary Visa – You can use this visa approval letter as a temporary visa to enter into Vietnam, until you get your actual visa on hand. With an approval letter on hand, you can be rest assured that you will be granted entry into the country and the cost that will incur during the visa process. You can save a lot of time and money, with this approval letter. Ultimately, this approval letter eases your travel.

However you need to know that there are some requirements that you need to cater to on your visa on arrival. The data that you have produced on the application and the passport must match, in case of any discrepancy, even the approval letter will not be of any help. Moreover, the passport must have a validity of a minimum of six months, with sufficient space for the visa stamping process.

At Vietnam Visa Cheap, we ensure that you will receive your Vietnam visa or we will offer 100% money back guaranteed if the visa application declined by the government.

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So you are planning to visit Vietnam and confused about whether to apply for a single or multiple entry visa. It depends upon the purpose of the visit as they are different from each other in terms of a number of entries till the visa expiration date.

Vietnam has become one of the most attractive places for both tourist people and the business people. Taiwan is one among the various countries that allows many people to visit Vietnam for either business or tourist purpose.

Taiwan citizens who are planning to go to Vietnam for either business or tourist purpose need to get a valid Vietnam visa to enter the country. As Taiwan is not in the visa exemption list, you need to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizen before travelling to Vietnam.

As a Taiwan citizen, you must have got a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam for both tourist and business purpose. After you come to Vietnam, you may be in a situation to extend your Vietnam visa for a few more days and wondering about the procedure to extend your Vietnam visa.

Visiting Vietnam is not a big deal anymore since online visa applying options are available today. There are two types of Vietnam visa applying option exit in this digital world.

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