October 27, 2019
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Difference Between Single Entry Visa And Multiple Entry Visa In Vietnam

Difference Between Single Entry Visa And Multiple Entry Visa In Vietnam

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So you are planning to visit Vietnam and confused about whether to apply for a single or multiple entry visa. It depends upon the purpose of the visit as they are different from each other in terms of a number of entries till the visa expiration date. Before applying cheap Vietnam visa, you need to know the difference between both the visas.

Difference between single and multiple entry visa

A single entry visa allows you to enter and exit Vietnam only once. If you exit Vietnam though you have an expiration date, you cannot use the visa as it will automatically be invalid. You have to apply for a new one.  A single entry visa is also called a visa with single use. If you apply for one month visa, you can enter and exit Vietnam from Thailand only once only during those 30 days.

On the other hand, in multiple entry visa, you can enter and exit Vietnam as many as times you want till your visa expiration date. You don’t have to apply for a new one every time you enter or exit Vietnam. If you have applied for a one month visa, you can enter and exit Vietnam multiple times within those 30days. If you have a multiple entry cheapest Vietnam visa, you will have to travel by air in any of the international airports for the first time to get your visa stamped at the airport in Vietnam. Later on, you can travel by land or sea and you don’t have to follow any visa procedure as you have your visa stamp on your passport. Just show the passport and travel as many as times until your visa expires.

So, before you are applying for a Vietnam visa decide which one would like to opt. If the purpose of the visit is tourism, then a single entry visa would be the right choice. If you are planning for a business visit, then you need to get a multiple entry visa, which would allow you to enter and exit visa as many as times you want by any means of transport.

Here is how you need to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa

Fill out the online form and ensure to provide the right details, including your name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, gender, and the arrival of date.

You need to confirm and pay through your credit or debit card or net banking. Vietnam visa cost is cheap. You have to pay $17 as the processing fee to get the approval letter, and you will have to pay $25 for single entry visa and $50 for multiple entry visa as the stamping fee upon arrival to get your visa stamped.

You will get your approval letter from within 2 business days through your email. Once you get it, print and take it with you. Remember, the approval letter only allows you to travel by air, but you cannot enter Vietnam unless you get the passport stamped.

Upon arrival, submit the approval letter, your original passport, along with the stamping fee to the emigration officer to get the visa stamped on your passport.

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The Immigration department of Vietnam releases the Visa Approval letter to the citizens of Taiwan, who is looking to travel to Vietnam by air. This Vietnam Visa Approval Letter is an important document that enables a visitor to get the visa permit on arrival at the airport.

Vietnam has become one of the most attractive places for both tourist people and the business people. Taiwan is one among the various countries that allows many people to visit Vietnam for either business or tourist purpose.

Taiwan citizens who are planning to go to Vietnam for either business or tourist purpose need to get a valid Vietnam visa to enter the country. As Taiwan is not in the visa exemption list, you need to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizen before travelling to Vietnam.

As a Taiwan citizen, you must have got a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam for both tourist and business purpose. After you come to Vietnam, you may be in a situation to extend your Vietnam visa for a few more days and wondering about the procedure to extend your Vietnam visa.

Visiting Vietnam is not a big deal anymore since online visa applying options are available today. There are two types of Vietnam visa applying option exit in this digital world.

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