September 27, 2019
Vietnam Visa

How much is a 30 Day Vietnam Visa from China?

30 Day Vietnam Visa from China

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Unfortunately, Chinese is not in the Vietnam Visa Exemption list. So, if you want to enter Vietnam you will need a Visa, regardless of the purpose of the visit. Getting a Visa is very easy, and Vietnam Visa price is affordable as well. Procedures at Vietnam’s International Airports are easier and smoother than at land borders. Crossing overland from China is stress-free. If you are planning to visit Vietnam, enter by air rather than land.

Vietnam Visa Fees

There are two types of cheap Vietnam visa fee, including Visa service fee and Visa Stamping fee.

Chinese citizens should pay around $80 for getting Vietnam visa through the Embassy.  However, the price may vary depending on the location. If you are applying for visa on arrival, you need to pay $25 for approval letter for a single entry visa or a $50 for multiple entry visas upon arrival. This fee is applicable for both 30 days and 90 days.

Types of Visa

There are three ways a Chinese citizen can obtain a visa. Either way, the passport must be valid for at least six months after the arrival date in Vietnam.

Applying for Vietnam Visa via Embassy

Here is how you need to apply for visa through the embassy

  • Download the application form which is available on the website of the embassy.
  • Fill the form with correct details, attach your photo and send it to the embassy through post or in person
  • Track the status of the application by contacting the embassy
  • Receive the visa through post or in person

Applying via Embassy is the traditional method to get Vietnam visa and many are secured with this option. However, you must be aware that the process takes around 4 to 5 business days. You can choose to get the visa via embassy if you are not entering Vietnam through air, expect to have visa in advance, and live nearby the embassy. If you need an urgent visa, this method won’t be suitable.

Applying visa online

Visa on Arrival is the easiest way to get the Vietnam visa. When compared to traditional method, Visa on arrival is cost-efficient method to obtain a Vietnam visa. Many prefer this method as it helps save time, money, and the hassles of visiting the embassy and tracking the visa process.

  • Fill out the secure online application form
  • Confirm and pay for service fee
  • Once you pay the service fee, the application will be processed and you will receive the approval letter in 4 hours to 2 business days.
  • Upon arrival, submit the documents such as your passport, 2 photocopies, approval letter and stamping fee to the immigration officer to get your visa stamped.

Applying E-visa

  • Go online and fill out the application form
  • Pay $25 online as service fee
  • You will get a code to track your application and notified whether the application for visa is approved or not after 3 business days
  • Print the visa and take it with you

When compared to the other two methods, E-visa is the most convenient options. This process simplifies the procedure to get visa for Vietnam. The online process is very secure and simple. Are you planning to visit Vietnam? Get in touch with our professionals. We, Vietnam Visa Cheap, are the leading travel agency in Vietnam and we are happy to assist you with visa process.


Vietnam is one of the popular tourist destinations that has been receiving great praise from travellers all across the world. Citizens of China has to apply for cheap Vietnam visa in order to visit the country.

The Visa Approval Letter is issued by the immigration department of Vietnam. This approval letter authorizes the foreign nationals to enter into the country of Vietnam and exit in a given time frame.

As a Chinese citizen, you need to apply for a valid Vietnam visa for visiting Vietnam. You can get the visa in three different ways: one by contacting the Vietnam embassy in China, next is applying for E-visa and the other is applying for Visa on Arrival.

Vietnam is one of those travel destinations that has more to offer. The beautiful landscapes, foods, culture, people, and more would entice any traveller.

Chinese citizen who are planning for a business trip to Vietnam, you need a Vietnam visa to enter the country. You have three different options to get the Vietnam business visa.

Be it a business or tourist visit, Chinese citizens need to obtain a visa to enter Vietnam. While it is not necessary to get a visa for Vietnam in advance from china if you travel by air, you have to obtain a visa in advance if you enter Vietnam by land or cruise.

Yes, you can get an E-visa for Vietnam from China. Citizens of China who are eligible for applying Vietnam e-visa can apply online.

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