August 10, 2019
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How Do I Pay For Vietnam Visa From Italy?

Italy citizen can visit and stay in Vietnam for 15 days without a visa and can stay more than 86 days in Vietnam by applying for a visa. So, how do I pay for Vietnam visa from Italy? This is depending on the visa applying method you choose. Basically, you will have two different methods to apply for a visa. One is applying for a visa via the traditional way; that is applying via the local embassy. Another updated option is applying for a visa via online; that is applying via visa on arrival or E-visa.

  1. If you apply for a visa via traditional way (local embassy), you have to visit your nearby embassy and pay the fee directly.
  2. If you apply for a visa via online (visa on arrival, or E-visa), you have to pay the Vietnam visa fee for Italy citizen via online (credit or debit card).

Among this, applying for your visa and paying the Vietnam visa price, visa on arrival or e-visa is a reliable choice.

Why Visa on Arrival Or E-Visa?

Through visa on arrival or E-visa (online) process, apply for a visa is a simple and stress-free one. You have to fill the online application with the details asked for. If required you need to attach your picture of passport information page and photo of your face. If you need a visa by the next day, you have to add on to the express service. Or as normal, your visa will get approved within two working days, and the mail will be sent to you as an approved letter. You have to stop at the “visa on arrival” office in the international airport of Vietnam to pay for the visa stamping fee and pick up your visa.

If you choose E-visa, you have to show your e-visa letter upon checking the passport control. No need to stop at the “visa on arrival office” to pick up the visa, and no need to pay extra fee for stamping on arrival.


Applying at visa on arrival option, you need to pay the first set of Vietnam visa fee for Italy citizen (service fee) via debit or credit card, since your applying via online. he second set of Vietnam visa fee (stamp fee) via ready cash.

At E-visa , you need to pay the full e-visa Vietnam fee for Italy citizen via debit or credit card as like visa on arrival option since the visa applying process is online.

Visa on arrival Types for Business and Tourist

  • 1 month single entry
  • 1 month multiple entries
  • 3 months single entry
  • 3 months multiple entries

E-Visa Types for Business and Tourist

  • 30 days, single entry

Bottom Line

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Visa Approval

If you are a UK citizen, you do not require a Vietnam visa for a stay of 15 days. If you are willing to extend the stay for more than 15 days, you need a Vietnam visa.

Passport with visa

Citizens of Australia must have a visa to visit Vietnam. They are three methods to apply for a visa.

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Are you a Monaco citizen who is planning for traveling to Vietnam for business or tourist purpose? You must get a visa to enter and stay at Vietnam! Like Moldova, Andorran, Malta and more countries, you also don’t have 15 days visa exemption to visit Vietnam. So, make yourself ready for applying Vietnam visa.

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Now, for Monaco citizens, applying visa is an easy and stress free job. Yes, since the immigration department introduced the “Visa on Arrival” the complete online process, the Monaco citizen are allowed to apply for your visa within a short period of time and without stress.

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There is no visa exemption for Malta citizens, like some other countries do. Also, there is NO embassy or consulate of Vietnam representing in Malta.

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From diverse travel experiences to welcoming culture, Vietnam, the culturally rich and exciting holiday spot has got a lot to offer to its visitors. If you are a Macedonia citizen who is willing to make a stay in Vietnam, you must apply for Vietnam visa before you are entering into the country.

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