May 3, 2019
Blog Steps to get Vietnam Visa Cheap

4 Simple steps to get Cheap Vietnam visa for Malta Citizens

There is no visa exemption for Malta citizens, like some other countries do. Also, there is NO embassy or consulate of Vietnam representing in Malta. So, how to get applied for visa to visit Vietnam? This might be your question now! Don’t panic, thankfully immigration department introduce the Visa on arrival, a budget-friendly option, where you can apply for your visa via online, and here you no need to submit your original documents like you do in embassy. Within 4 simple steps you can get your Vietnam visa.

Requirements for the Visa Application through “Visa on Arrival Option” | Vietnam Visa Cheap

  • To get your cheapest Vietnam visa for Malta citizens, you should be ready with these  requirements for the visa application given below.
  • If you are taking your kids with you to visit Vietnam, they should also need passport.
  • Recently taken passport size photo.
  • Credit card or debit card to pay the service see of first set Vietnam visa fee for Malta citizens.
  • A passport with minimum six months validity from the date of arrival

Applying through Visa on Arrival – 4 Simple Steps | Vietnam Visa Cheap

Step 1: Options Section

Here you have to mention the passport nationality, purpose of visit, visa type, port of entry, entry date and exit date. Then you have to add on the service.

Step 2: Applicants Section

Here you have to fill the online application with the accurate details in your original documents, and attach your recently taken photo.  Such as your full name, passport number, date of birth, and more.

Once you finish filling the application, submit it by paying the service fee for your visa type and the visa purpose.

Service fee for Tourist Visa on Arrival | Vietnam Visa Cheap

For one month single entry – 6 USD

For one month multiple entries – 8 USD

For three months single entry – 15 USD

For three months multiple entries – 20 USD

Service fee for Business Visa on Arrival | Vietnam Visa Cheap

For one month single entry – 75 USD

For one month multiple entries – 80 USD

For three months single entry – 85 USD

For three months multiple entries – 90 USD

Step 3: Checkout Section

Within three business days you will receive the visa approval letter, get it printed. You have to present this visa approval letter to the immigration Check-in counter at your destination airport.

Step 4: Thank you – The Process Get Completed

Once you get your approved visa after the visa verification process, you have to pay the final Vietnam visa fee for Malta citizen (stamp fee) at immigration department with ready cash to get your visa stamped onto your passport.

[Note: The stamp fee will differ based on the visa type for both tourist and business purpose visa]

Stamp fee for Both Tourist and Business Visa on Arrival

  • For one month single entry – 25 USD
  • For one month multiple entries – 50 USD
  • For three months single entry – 25 USD
  • For three months multiple entries – 50 USD

Are you ready to apply for your cheap Vietnam visa for Malta citizens? Contact us for the stress free online process! We work hard to get you visa approved as soon as possible. We offer 100% money back guarantee if customers not satisfied with our service. We also offer 100% money back guarantee if the visa application declined by the government.

young woman reading emails on laptop computer

Are you a Monaco citizen who is planning for traveling to Vietnam for business or tourist purpose? You must get a visa to enter and stay at Vietnam! Like Moldova, Andorran, Malta and more countries, you also don’t have 15 days visa exemption to visit Vietnam. So, make yourself ready for applying Vietnam visa.

Young couple sitting on sofa with laptop

Now, for Monaco citizens, applying visa is an easy and stress free job. Yes, since the immigration department introduced the “Visa on Arrival” the complete online process, the Monaco citizen are allowed to apply for your visa within a short period of time and without stress.

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From diverse travel experiences to welcoming culture, Vietnam, the culturally rich and exciting holiday spot has got a lot to offer to its visitors. If you are a Macedonia citizen who is willing to make a stay in Vietnam, you must apply for Vietnam visa before you are entering into the country.

Lithuania Citizen passport

A Vietnam visa is required for the citizens of Lithuania to enter Vietnam if you are travelling for business or tourist purposes. For Lithuania citizens, there are three different methods available for applying visa to Vietnam.

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If you are a citizen of San Marino and planning to go to Vietnam, you can apply for Vietnam visa via embassy or apply for a visa on arrival. Even though you feel it safe to apply via the Vietnam embassy, it is easy to apply for a visa on arrival.

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For Macedonia passport holders visiting Vietnam, a Vietnam visa is required regardless of their purpose of visit and the length of the stay. Currently, there are three different options for Macedonia citizens to apply for Vietnam visa.

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