April 30, 2019
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How do I get a cheap visa for Vietnam from Moldova Citizens?

Are you living at Moldova and looking to visit Vietnam with your family? Then pre plan and choose the right option to apply for visa for you and your family. Totally, you have three options to applying visa. But, to get your visa sooner without any stress in a time and money saving way, you have to choose the right option that fits you. Here we have explained the three options to apply for your visa that help you make a perfect decision.

1. Applying Vietnam Visa at Embassy

Applying visa at embassy is one of the reliable ways for applying Vietnam visa. But you have to wait in a long queue to apply, and need to submit your original documents at the embassy. In some cases, you may also miss the documents in hurry. So, pay attention in getting your documents, if you apply for your visa at embassy.

The Moldova Citizens who are wishing to apply at embassy, there is a news for you. There is NO embassy or consulate of Vietnam representing in Moldova. Even though if you want to apply for your visa at embassy, you have to visit your nearby country like Ukraine that has an embassy. This gives even more difficulties to apply for your visa.

Things to Consider before Visiting the Embassy

  • Avoid visiting the Ukraine embassy during the public holidays. This is because, the Embassy of Vietnam will be closed on the public holidays of both Vietnam and Ukraine.
  • The embassy will be open at 8:30 A.M to 5:30 P.M (Monday to Friday). So, consider visiting the embassy before 5:00.
  • Take all your original documents including your passport.
  • Have your recently taken passport size photo.
  • Know the Vietnam visa fee for Moldova citizen and bring the cash with you.

2. Applying Vietnam Visa at Visa on Arrival | Vietnam Visa Cheap

Applying for your visa at Visa on Arrival” is the cheap and best way to apply for your visa. Since the complete process of applying for your visa is done online, you no need to submit your original documents or wait in a long queue. All you have to do is to find a reputable travel agency that offers 100% money back guarantee if customers are not satisfied with their service, and if the visa application is declined by the government.

Things to Consider before Applying visa at Visa on Arrival

  • Check whether the website is 100% risk free website
  • Credit or debit card to pay the service fee
  • Recently taken photo of yours
  • All your original documents including your passport to fill the online application

3. Applying Vietnam Visa at E-visa

The process here is same as” Applying Vietnam Visa at Visa on Arrival”. It is one of the speedy process, but when it comes to the e-visa Vietnam fee for Moldova Citizens it will be little higher than “Visa on Arrival” option. Also, here you no need to pay the stamping fee.

To get your cheap Visa Vietnam for Moldova Citizens through “Visa On Arrival” contact us! We offer 100% money back guarantee if customers are not satisfied with our service. We also offer 100% money back guarantee if the visa application is declined by the government.

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