April 30, 2019
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Can A San Marino Citizen Get A Cheap Visa On Arrival In Vietnam?

The citizens of San Marino need a valid visa to enter Vietnam for any purpose such as business or tourist. A San Marino citizen doesn’t have visa exemption for Vietnam. So every San Marino citizen should apply for a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. You can apply for Vietnam visa by one of the two ways.

  • Applying through Vietnam Embassy
  • Applying for Visa on Arrival

Vietnam Visa for San Marino Citizens via Embassy

As there is no embassy of Vietnam in San Marino, you can apply for a visa in the nearest embassy of Vietnam. To apply for a visa, San Marino passport holders need a valid passport for at least 6 months before the entry date, two recently taken passport size photos, and visa application fees.  Citizens of San Marino, in case of using seaport or land crossing to enter Vietnam, should go to Vietnam embassy in any of the nearest neighboring country to get visa in advance, because visa on arrival support for air travelers only.

For your information in case you need to go to neighboring country for applying Vietnam visa, please see below for Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to San Marino: Italy, Austria & Switzerland.

Embassy of Vietnam in Roma, Italy

Address: Via di Bravetta, 156 – 00164 Roma – Italia

Telephone:  +39 06 66160726    +39 06 99704318

Fax:  +39 06 66157520

Email: vnemb.it@mofa.gov.vn

Website: www.mofa.gov.vn/vnemb.italia

Vietnam Embassy in Vienna, Austria

Address: Felix Mottl – Strabe A-1190 Vienna, Austria

Telephone:  00-43-1 3680755

Fax:  00-43-1 3680754

Consular section:  00-43-1 3680755/10

Reception:  00-43-1 3680755/11

Email: embassy.vietnam@aon.at

Website: www.vietnamembassy-austria.org

Vietnam Embassy in Switzerland

Address: Schlösslistrasse 26, CH-3008 Bern, Switzerland

Telephone: 0041-31 388 78 78/74, Fax. 0041-31 388 78 79

E-mail: vietsuisse@bluewin.ch

Website: www.vietnam-embassy.ch

During the Vietnam visa on arrival process, you can apply for the visa in a few simple steps. You will receive the approval letter through your mail after completing the simple steps. It may take three to five working days for you to receive the visa approval letter. To get the visa upon arrival at the destination airport, you need to print out the documents and pay a stamping fee.

Steps to Get Visa on Arrival to Vietnam for San Marino Citizens | Vietnam Visa Cheap

  • You need to fill the online application form for visa on arrival
  • Pay online
  • Get the visa approval letter to your mail
  • Make a copy or download it to get the visa on arrival at the destination airport
  • Submit your visa approval letter at the landing visa desk
  • Then pay the Vietnam visa stamp fee
  • Get your visa stamped on the passport
  • Show your visa at the destination check-point for entering Vietnam

While you are applying for visa on arrival with us, we offer 100% cash back if your visa application declined by the government. You can get the 100% refund of Vietnam visa cost for San Marino citizens if any error has done from our end during the visa application process. If you are applying for rush or urgent visa application or business visa application, we will not provide money back guarantee.

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