April 30, 2019
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Can A Lithuania Citizen Get A Cheap Visa On Arrival In Vietnam?

Lithuania citizens require Vietnam visa to enter and stay in Vietnam either for tourist or business purposes. If you are Lithuania citizen and planning to visit Vietnam, you can apply for Vietnam visa through three different options. They are,

  • Applying for Vietnam visa via E-Visa option
  • Applying through Vietnam Embassy
  • Applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Applying at E-Visa Option

Citizens of Lithuania are eligible for applying Vietnam E-visa.

As a Lithuania citizen, if you are willing to apply for a visa through E-Visa option, you have to visit the website of Vietnam immigration department, which is 100% risk-free. After filling out the online form, you have to make the payment online to get visa approval online.

Here, only the single entries who wish to visit and stay for 30 days can apply for their visa at E-Visa option.

Applying at Vietnam Embassy Option

Presently, Lithuania doesn’t have Vietnam embassy. So Lithuania citizens should contact the nearest Vietnam embassy to apply for Vietnam visa. Citizens of Lithuania can apply for their cheap Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy, but you need to take your original document and passport with you. You may need to spend a lot of time in the queue at embassy.

Basic Documents Required To Apply for Your Visa at Local Embassy

Original documents that required to applying for your Vietnam visa in Vietnam embassy,

  • Recently Taken Passport size photo of the Visa Holder
  • Documents Related to Travel details
  • Documents that have your Basic personal information
  • Your Original passport with at least six months validity

Nearest Vietnam embassy for Lithuania citizens

Embassy of Vietnam in Minsk, Belarus

Address: No 3, Mozajskovo Str., Minsk Belarus 220040

Phone: 237 48 79 (To call the embassy from Lithuania, please dial +375)

Office hours: Monday – Friday: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival Option | Vietnam Visa Cheap

Applying for your visa through Vietnam visa on arrival option is one of the best ways to make a budget-friendly and hassle-free journey.  Yes, like applying for your visa at the embassy, you don’t have to submit your original certificate. In Vietnam visa on arrival option, you have to fill the application form via online. Rest will be taken care of by the professional from the travel agency that you hired. Within three business day, you will receive the visa approval letter.

Applying for your cheap Vietnam visa for Lithuania citizens with us is cheap. Also, you don’t have to wait in a long queue to apply for your visa. With our simple 100% risk-free online procedure, we make your visa approval procedure as easy as possible. We offer 100% money back guaranteed if customers not satisfied with our service. Also, we offer 100% money back guaranteed if the visa application declined by the government.

Smiling Women with Passport

There are three different methods to apply for cheap Vietnam visa for Lithuania citizens. You can directly contact the Vietnamese embassy in Lithuania to apply for a Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa for Lithuania citizens

Being an exciting holiday spot, Vietnam offers diverse travel experience to its visitor. Lithuania citizens who are interested in visiting Vietnam must have a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam and there is no visa waive off.

Vietnam visa for citizen of San Marino

The citizens of San Marino need a valid visa to enter Vietnam for any purpose such as business or tourist. A San Marino citizen doesn’t have visa exemption for Vietnam.

Portugal passport placed on the Map

In general, people who are planning to visit Vietnam have three options to enter Vietnam. One is a visa exemption option, through which one can enter Vietnam without a visa and stay there for a maximum of 15 days.

Women holding the portugal Passport in hand

As a citizen of Portugal, you need a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam for both tourist and business purpose. You can apply for Vietnam visa by two methods; one by applying via Vietnam embassy and the other is applying for Vietnam visa on arrival.

Poland Passport

Everyone who is travelling from Poland to Vietnam must have a valid visa. Poland citizens should apply and get a valid Vietnam visa before your travel.

Vietnam Visa for Romania Passport

As a Romania citizen, you must apply for a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. Whatever the purpose of visiting Vietnam, you need to have a valid Vietnam visa to check-in Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa For Poland passport

Poland citizens need a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. You can either apply for Vietnam visa via embassy, or you can apply for Visa on arrival via online.

Women Holding the Portugal passport

Portuguese citizens need to apply for a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. As a Portuguese citizen, you can apply for Vietnam visa via two different forms – applying via Vietnam embassy or applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

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