April 9, 2019
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How can a Latvia Citizen get a cheap Visa on Arrival in Vietnam

Travellers from Latvia willing to visit Vietnam must apply for a Vietnam visa. While there are different methods to apply for a visa, the most convenient and cost-effective method of application is Visa on Arrival. Visa on Arrival is an online service offered by visa agents that lets applicants to apply for their desired type of visa from anywhere and pick it up when they arrive at the destination airport.

How to Apply Vietnam Visa Cheap ?

The procedure for Visa on Arrival is simple and straightforward. In just a few simple steps, getting Vietnam visa cheapest is fast and hassle-free.

  1. Vietnam Visa Cheap is one of the experienced visa agencies that offers one of the best visa application services at reasonable rates. Visit their official website to start the visa application.
  2. Fill out the online application with details such as the type of visa you require, your nationality, and more.
  3. After filling out the form, pay the service fee online using credit card or PayPal.
  4. Your application will be processed at the Immigration of Vietnam once you have made the payment, and will be approved in a few days.
  5. When your application is approved, you will be getting a visa approval letter on your email.
  6. Download and print this letter before leaving for your trip, as this is required to get your visa.
  7. When you arrive at the destination airport of Vietnam, you will be able to obtain your visa after showing the visa approval letter at the landing visa desk.
  8. Pay the stamping fee when you are getting your visa stamped on your passport.
  9. Show your visa at the check-in point to enter Vietnam.

Fees for Visa on Arrival | Vietnam Visa Cheap :

The Vietnam visa total cost comprises of service fee and stamping fee. The service fee is to be paid to the agency to get your visa application processed and approved, and to send the visa approval letter to your email. Whereas, the stamping fee is the fee to be paid to the government when you are getting your visa from the landing visa desk at the airport.

Here’s the Vietnam visa fees applicable to Latvia citizens:

For tourist visa:

  • 1 month single entry – $6 service fee, $25 stamping fee
  • 1 month multiple entries – $8 service fee, $50 stamping fee
  • 3 months single entry – $15 service fee, $25 stamping fee
  • 3 months multiple entries – $20 service fee, $50 stamping fee

For business visa:

  • 1 month single entry – $75 service fee, $25 stamping fee
  • 1 month multiple entries – $80 service fee, $50 stamping fee
  • 3 months single entry – $85 service fee, $25 stamping fee
  • 3 months multiple entries – $90 service fee, $50 stamping fee

If your visa application was declined by the government of Vietnam, Vietnam Visa Cheap will provide you a full refund. If you are not satisfied with the service provided by the agency, you will also be getting a refund for that as well. So, go risk-free and get in touch with Vietnam Visa Cheap for more details on visa application today.

tourists in the waiting room at the station with passports

Getting a visa for Vietnam, wherever you are, has become easy in the recent times. With the Visa on Arrival online program, anyone will be able to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa effortlessly, provided you have quality assistance from a reputable visa agency.

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For Azerbaijani citizens, there is no visa exemption for both tourist and business travel visa. If you want to enter Vietnam, you have to apply for Vietnam through any one of the following process.

Man holding the Ireland Passport in his hand

Irish citizens willing to visit Vietnam must apply for a Vietnam visa. Since there is no embassy of Vietnam located in Ireland, one has to travel to a neighbouring country where you could apply for a Vietnam visa at the embassy.

Passport Officer checking for the Passenger Passport

For those willing to visit Vietnam, a visa will be required. Applicants are generally under the impression that to apply for a visa, they will have to visit an embassy office for the same.

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Vietnam is well-known for its diverse culture, culturally rich travel destinations, and more. There is no denial that Vietnam is the exciting holiday spot for its visitors.

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Vietnam visa application has become easier and cheaper than before. The expenses relating to Vietnam visa will depend on the method of applying for one.

Vietnam visa for Ireland Citizen

Applying for Vietnam Visa is easier than ever. With the introduction of the revolutionary Visa on Arrival program, you could apply for the cheapest Vietnam visa anywhere, at any time.

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The first thing that comes in the minds of people with regards to visa application is the expenses associated with traveling long distances to visit embassies and waiting to apply for their visa. However, visa application has become easier and affordable with the introduction of Visa on Arrival online application facility.

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For those planning to visit Vietnam, applying for a visa would be stressful. This is because the first thing that comes to their minds is the tedious process of visiting embassies and the inability to determine the overall expenses incurred for the application.

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