January 11, 2020
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Cheap Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Citizens Of Belize

Belize citizens planning to visit Vietnam either for tourist purpose or business purpose need to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. As Vietnam is one of the wonderful places with more natural beauties, most people prefer visiting Vietnam during their vacation to enjoy with their families.

How to get cheap Vietnam visa for Belize citizens

Belize is not in the visa exemption list, so as a Belize citizen, you need to apply for a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. Applying for visa on arrival can make the process easy and you can get your visa approval letter within three or four business days. You can avoid waiting in queue in front of the embassy to apply for the visa. This saves you time and money.

Places to visit

Ha Long Bay – It is the top tourist attraction that features thousands of islands, each topped with thick jungle vegetation, forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars.

Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue – The pagoda overlooks the Perfume River.  It is the unofficial symbol of the former imperial capital.

Phong Nha Caves – The Phong Nha Caves have hundreds of cave systems and most of them are large enough to hold entire city blocks.

Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi – Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the major scenic spots in the city and serves as the locals’ favorite leisure spot.

Hoi An – The heart of the city is still the Old Town, full of winding lanes and Chinese-styled shops.

Phu Quoc – It is famous for producing the best nuoc mam or fermented fish sauce in the world. The island features pristine tropical forests, undamaged coral reefs and great beaches.

When to visit Vietnam

You can visit Vietnam any time of the years as the weather condition will be good for you. If you feel to visit Vietnam during special occasions, you can plan for a trip during annual festivals. The Tet is one of the important festivals of Vietnam. It is the Vietnamese New Year and it comes between the last week of January and third week of February. The cities give a party-like atmosphere and the families gather for get together.  You can enjoy the scent of incense in the air, the colorful decorations adorning the streets, and glorious fireworks displays filling the skies.

Vietnam Visa Cheap

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Apply for Vietnam Visa Online

Dutch citizens with a valid passport for at least 6 months or more beyond the date of arrival can apply for cheap Vietnam visa for Dutch citizens. They can apply for Vietnam visa through three different methods.

Pay for Vietnam Visa from Belgium

Belgium passport holders who are planning to visit Vietnam must apply for Vietnam visa as they are not in the visa exemption list. They can apply for Vietnam visa in three distinctive ways; one is applying thorough embassy, second one is Vietnam visa on arrival and the third one is applying for Vietnam e-visa.

Get a Vietnam Visa from Belgium

As the popular holiday destination, Vietnam attracts more number of Belgians to enjoy its scenic beauty. Since Belgium is not under the Vietnam visa exemption list, the Belgians have to obtain a visa to enter Vietnam either through an embassy or by applying for a visa on arrival.

Stay In Vietnam With A German Passport

Many people visit Vietnam for both tourist and business purpose. If you are a German citizen thinking of visiting Vietnam either for tourism or for business purpose, you don’t need a visa for a maximum of 15 days.

Apply For A Vietnam Visa

If you are a Russian citizen and planning to go to Vietnam, you can apply for Vietnam visa through the embassy or apply online for Vietnam visa on arrival. Applying through embassy takes more time, and you may need to spend your precious time spending in a long queue.

Stay In Vietnam With A Switzerland Passport

Without a visa, as a Switzerland Passport holder, you can visit and stay in Vietnam’s Phu Quoc island for 30 days. And if you are an APEC business travel cardholder, you can visit and stay in Vietnam for 90 days.

Pay For Vietnam Visa From Italy

Italy citizen can visit and stay in Vietnam for 15 days without a visa and can stay more than 86 days in Vietnam by applying for a visa. So, how do I pay for Vietnam visa from Italy? This is depending on the visa applying method you choose.

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