March 1, 2019
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Can a Netherlands Citizen get a cheap Visa on Arrival in Vietnam?

Vietnam has been one of the popular destinations, tourists love to visit. If you are a Dutch passport holder and would like to visit Vietnam, you would definitely want to know if you can get visa on arrival. The good news is yes! Netherlands citizens shall apply for visa on arrival and receive their Vietnam visa when they arrive. Wondering how this is possible? Keep on reading to know more:

Visa on Arrival – How to Apply?

The first and foremost aspect any visa applicant has to consider is to deal with a reliable visa agent. There are many services that claim to be offering the best service, but it is imperative that you conduct a background check before proceeding with them. Vietnam Visa Cheap is one of the successful visa agents that offers a hassle-free visa on arrival service. You can apply for your Vietnam visa with them through these simple steps:

  1. Visit the agent’s website and get to the webpage where you can begin your application process.
  2. Fill in the required details as required in the application form.
  3. Once the application is complete, you would have to make an immediate online payment of their service fee, which could be done with credit card of PayPal.
  4. The company begins to process your application and do everything to get approval from the immigration of Vietnam.
  5. As soon as your visa application is approved, a visa approval letter from the government would be sent to your email address. This letter is your evidence to obtain your visa on arrival.
  6. Download and print this letter before you pack your bags and leave for Vietnam.
  7. Once you reach the airport, present this letter at the landing desk. You will get your Visa stamped. A stamping fee will have to be paid during this process.
  8. Once you get your visa, show it at the check-in point and enter Vietnam!

Visa on Arrival – Fees for Netherland Citizens

Vietnam Visa Cheap is not just known for its satisfactory services, but also for its inexpensive e-visa Vietnam fee. For Netherland Citizens, the service fees applicable are as follows:

Tourist Visa: 1 month single entry costs $6, 1 month multiple entries costs $8, 3 months single entry costs $15, 3 months multiple entries costs $20.

Business Visa: 1 month single entry costs $75, 1 month multiple entries cost $80, 3 months single entry costs $85, and 3 month multiple entries costs $90.

Stamping fee for single entry visa costs $25, and multiple entry visas cost $50.

Even better is their 100% refund guarantee they offer for their customers. If you are not happy with their service, you can get a full refund. Also, if your visa application was denied by the Vietnamese government for some reason, you will still receive 100% of your money back.

Now that you know how effortless it is to obtain cheap Vietnam visa on arrival, get in touch with the professional agent today. Enjoy your trip!


The Vietnamese government has opened up boundaries to promote tourism and has been welcoming travellers from all around the world to explore what the country has to offer. Russia is one of the few countries that can enjoy visa exemption, with restrictions.

Denmark Passport with boarding pass

All Denmark passport holders travelling for tourism or business can enter Vietnam for a maximum of 15 days without a visa. To get free visa, you just use your passport and visit Vietnam.

Travelling Friends holding their passport

Those aiming to travel to Vietnam might already be overwhelmed by the visa application process involved. Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

woman preparing for travel with passport

To travel to Vietnam, Australian citizens must require a visa and they can either obtain it from an embassy or online. The visa procedure can be started at least six months before your travel.

Couples with their travelling ticket

Visitors entering Vietnam must require a visa to Vietnam on arrival. But, UK citizens have got a visa exemption for 15 days including the date of arrival and departure.

Woman sitting with passport

If you wish to travel to Vietnam as a tourist, for business purposes or to visit your family and friends, you must apply for Vietnam visa. When it comes to applying Vietnam visa, there are three different ways you can apply for it.

People tend to get confused when they want to apply for a Vietnam visa, or generally a visa for any country. But the truth is, with the power of the internet, it has become possible for travellers to apply for their visa right from any location, at a time that is convenient for them.

Girls having Vietnam visa for Hong Kong Citizens

Are you thinking of touring Vietnam? Wondering if it’s really possible to get an inexpensive visa to the country? Well, yes! Hong Kong citizens do have the opportunity to get cheap Vietnam visa, provided you choose the right visa agent who can help you out with the same. Keep on reading to learn how.

Vietnam Visa for Korean Citizens

Most travellers are under the impression that getting cheap Vietnam Visa is rocket science. This is because of the complicated process involved in applying for visa through embassy.

Visas were never more simple.
Here’s why:
  • Evisa does all the work.
  • You Write, Evisa sends.
  • You arrive, Evisa delivers.
  • 100% guarantee refund policy.
  • (see our refund policy)
Disclaimer: We are neither a government website nor affiliated with the embassy. We are a commercial website for consulting & supporting to get a visa for Vietnam.