March 1, 2019
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How do I get a Cheap Visa for Vietnam from Russia

The Vietnamese government has opened up boundaries to promote tourism and has been welcoming travellers from all around the world to explore what the country has to offer. Russia is one of the few countries that can enjoy visa exemption, with restrictions.

Vietnam Visa Exemption for Russians:

  • If you are staying in Vietnam for less than 15 days, you don’t need to apply for a visa.
  • There must be a gap of 30 days or more between two visa-free visits.

When Russian Citizens should Apply for Visa:

  • Travellers looking to stay for more than 15 days in Vietnam should apply for a visa.
  • Anyone willing to revisit Vietnam in less than 15 days will need to apply for Vietnam Visa.

How to Get Visa to Vietnam:

There are two ways you can apply for Vietnam Visa:

  1. Visa application through embassy
  2. Visa application online – Visa on Arrival

Visa Application through Embassy:

  1. Applicants willing to apply have to visit any embassy of Vietnam in Russia.
  2. You will have to fill out the application form and submit all required documents, which also includes your original passport. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months.
  3. Provide latest passport-sized photographs as well as a self-addressed envelope.
  4. Once the application is processed and approved, the visa will be sent to your address specified.

Application through embassy is a difficult process, especially for people coming from faraway places. One has to stand in queues for a long time and wait for their turn. The processing time for applications shall also be time consuming. You will also have to travel back and forth multiple times to the office. This is when the alternative method of getting the cheapest Vietnam visa is helpful, as described under.

Visa Application Online – Visa on Arrival

Visa on Arrival is the most convenient and cost-effective way of obtaining cheap Vietnam visa. In just a few simple steps, it is easy for you to complete the application process and receive your Vietnam visa when you arrive at the airport. Make sure to deal with an experienced visa agency such as Vietnam Visa Cheap for a smooth application experience.

  1. Visit the visa agency website.
  2. Head to the application page and fill it out with the necessary information.
  3. Pay the service fee mentioned in the website. Payment can be done through credit card or PayPal.
  4. Once the application is approved in a few days, you will receive a visa approval letter to your email.
  5. Print this letter and submit it to the landing desk at the destination airport in Vietnam.
  6. Pay the stamping fee and you will receive the visa stamped on your passport. Show this at the check-in point to enter the country.

The benefits of Visa on Arrival include:

  • No embassy visits required. Apply online, anywhere, anytime at your own comfort.
  • No waiting in queues. Online application is instantaneous.
  • No document submission is required.
  • Receive your visa as soon as you arrive at the airport.
  • Save cost through reasonable service fee from Vietnam Visa Cheap.

In addition to the above benefits, you can also enjoy a refund guarantee from Vietnam Visa Cheap. If your application is denied by the government, or if you are not satisfied with the service, you will be receiving a full refund. Get in touch with the professionals if you have any queries or want to get the application started.

woman wearing hat and holding passport

Citizens of Belgium wanting to visit Vietnam have one common question – do they need a visa to Vietnam. Well, yes.

Visa on Arrival Counter in the Airport

Vietnam has been one of the popular destinations, tourists love to visit. If you are a Dutch passport holder and would like to visit Vietnam, you would definitely want to know if you can get visa on arrival.

Denmark Passport with boarding pass

All Denmark passport holders travelling for tourism or business can enter Vietnam for a maximum of 15 days without a visa. To get free visa, you just use your passport and visit Vietnam.

Travelling Friends holding their passport

Those aiming to travel to Vietnam might already be overwhelmed by the visa application process involved. Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Passport along with Stamp

When dealing with visa application, travellers think about the hurdle of spending time in long queues, submitting multiple documents and travelling several times to the embassy office to complete the application. A visa application process will not have to be cumbersome.

woman preparing for travel with passport

To travel to Vietnam, Australian citizens must require a visa and they can either obtain it from an embassy or online. The visa procedure can be started at least six months before your travel.

Couples with their travelling ticket

Visitors entering Vietnam must require a visa to Vietnam on arrival. But, UK citizens have got a visa exemption for 15 days including the date of arrival and departure.

Woman sitting with passport

If you wish to travel to Vietnam as a tourist, for business purposes or to visit your family and friends, you must apply for Vietnam visa. When it comes to applying Vietnam visa, there are three different ways you can apply for it.

People tend to get confused when they want to apply for a Vietnam visa, or generally a visa for any country. But the truth is, with the power of the internet, it has become possible for travellers to apply for their visa right from any location, at a time that is convenient for them.

Visas were never more simple.
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