February 25, 2019
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How to Get Cheap Vietnam Visa for Korean Citizens

Most travellers are under the impression that getting cheap Vietnam Visa is rocket science. This is because of the complicated process involved in applying for visa through embassy. There could be exorbitant processing fees and hidden charges that could get in the way of the application process. This is why Visa on Arrival online program is a boon for being an ideal solution to get Vietnam Visa for a reasonable price.

How Reasonable is Visa on Arrival:

Just in case you didn’t know, Visa on Arrival is an online program that lets individuals apply for Vietnam visa at reduced rates. Travellers can register anytime, anywhere through their devices on a reliable visa agent’s website and get their visa stamped when they arrive at the airport.

Reputable travel agents such as Vietnam Visa Cheap will be committed to offer you the best experience with their professional expertise and assistance for a nominal service fee. North and South Korean citizens can obtain Vietnam visa for a service fee starting from $6 all the way up to $90.

Visa on Arrival is better because:

  • No documentation is necessary for online application.
  • No traveling expenses are involved, so you can save money
  • No hidden charges or surprise fees, as you are paying only the service fee and the stamping fee.

The following are the service fees for e-visa application with Vietnam Visa Cheap:

  • $6 for 1 month single entry and $8 for multiple entries tourist visa.
  • $15 for 3 months single entry and $20 for multiple entries tourist visa.
  • $75 for 1 month single entry and $80 for multiple entries business visa.
  • $85 for 3 months single entry and $90 for multiple entries business visa.

The service charge has to be paid during the online registration process. Once you are done with it, you will receive your visa approval letter after a few days to your email. Print this letter and show it at the landing visa desk of the destination airport to pick up your visa. This is when you will have to pay your stamping fee.

  • All single entry visas have a stamping fee of $25.
  • All multiple entries visas have a stamping fee of $50.

A single entry visa allows a traveller to enter and exit Vietnam one time within the validity period. If you exit Vietnam, your visa will become invalid even if you leave before the expiry date. You will have to reapply for a new visa if you wish to enter the country again.

A multiple entries visa gives you the ability to enter and exit Vietnam several times within the validity period. So, if you exit Vietnam, you can re-enter the country without applying for a new visa, provided it is before the expiry of your multiple entries visa

When you pay for the stamping fee, you will get your visa stamped. Exhibit your visa at the check-in point and you can enter Vietnam. Simply put, the Vietnam visa total cost involves service fee and stamping fee.

Visa on Arrival is undoubtedly the convenient method of getting the cheapest Vietnam visa, if you deal with the right agent. Get in touch with the professionals at Vietnam Visa Cheap today for any help.

Girl holding Vietnam Visa

For all US citizens holding passport to visit Vietnam must require a Vietnam visa regardless of the length of their stay and purpose. Obtaining a Vietnam visa on arrival is the best option to get a valid tourist or business visa for your stay at Vietnam.

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Are you thinking of touring Vietnam? Wondering if it’s really possible to get an inexpensive visa to the country? Well, yes! Hong Kong citizens do have the opportunity to get cheap Vietnam visa, provided you choose the right visa agent who can help you out with the same. Keep on reading to learn how.

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Nowadays, people visiting Vietnam are choosing Visa on arrival as the best process to obtain a visa for their stay in Vietnam. They consider visa on arrival procedure to be more convenient and simple compared to direct visa application at the embassy.

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UK citizens who are willing to travel to Vietnam can apply for visa in two methods. Visa on arrival Visa from embassy Visa on Arrival As a UK citizen opting for visa on arrival, fill out the online application form for visa on arrival and pay online.

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People who would like to visit and explore Vietnam often have the question about the Vietnam visa price. Well you’re in luck, as this article is here to give you the answer.

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Australians citizens who want to apply for cheap Vietnam visa can directly contact the Vietnam embassies in Australia or apply for Visa on arrival, if they are travelling by air. Here are the contact details for Vietnam embassies in Australia.

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Vietnam is a great choice of location if you are looking to spend some days relaxing and having fun with your friends or family. If you are Hong Kong citizen and would like to know how you can get cheap Vietnam visa, this write-up will help you out.

Vietnam Visa cost for French Citizens

There is no specific Vietnam visa price for French citizens, the price varies according to the kind of visa you apply for. It is even possible not to have to pay for a visa because you can get into the country without a visa.

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The Vietnam visa fee for French citizens is relatively cheap in comparison to other countries. If you are looking to pay less for the visa, you should consider doing the entire process by yourself.

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