February 20, 2019
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All About Cheap Vietnam Visa for French Citizens

The Vietnam visa fee for French citizens is relatively cheap in comparison to other countries. If you are looking to pay less for the visa, you should consider doing the entire process by yourself. This means you will go to the Vietnam embassy on your own with all the required documents and then wait in line.

Processing the visa on your own can be time consuming but it will save a few dollars that you would have paid in agency fees.

The agencies too have slightly varied prices and you could decide to shop around to see which one will offer you the best Vietnam visa cheapest for France.

Single Entry Visa

A single entry visa is usually the cheapest visa. The single entry visa allows you to enter Vietnam only once and once you exit, the visa will expire and you would have to reapply for another visa if you wish to reenter the country. Tourists and business people on short stay usually opt for this visa.

Visa Exemption

For French citizens, there is an even cheaper option especially if you do not intend to stay long in Vietnam. You can go to Vietnam for a weekend or slightly longer and not have to spend on a visa. This is under the 15 day exemption. For a French visitor in the country for less than 15 days and not intending to engage in any business, they can enter Vietnam free.

You will however need to prove your intention to leave the country after or before the 15 days have elapsed.

Agent fees

Agents are able to quicken the process of getting the visa. When you apply for a visa online, agents are on hand to deal with that and most of them have a charge for this assistance. Although some unscrupulous agencies may have hidden fees, most agents are straight forward and you can even get a good deal with them.

Saving time can also account for saving money after all, time is money. Many travelers prefer to use agents especially if they are not familiar with the application process and e-visa Vietnam cost for French citizens.


Business Visa, Single Entry, 1 Month – $70

1 month is the least amount of time you can apply for. You will pay 70 dollars and the visa will expire once you exit Vietnam even if it is before the 1 month has elapsed.

There is also a stamp fee of 25 dollars

Business Visa, Single Entry, 3 Months – $95

If you wish to stay in the country for more than a month, then you would apply for a 3-month visa. The single entry visa will entitle you to enter Vietnam once, and exit once. If you exit the country before the expiry of 3 months, you would have to reapply for a visa and pay the same cost of 95 dollars and a stamp fee of 25 dollars.

Business Visa, Multiple Entry, 1 Month – $75

A multiple entry Vietnam visa price for France will allow you to exit as many times as you please and return without having to reapply for a visa for the period of 1 month. It will cost you 75 dollars and the stamp duty is 50 dollars.

Business Visa, Multiple Entry, 3 Months – $110

For a stay more than 1 month with the intention to exit and reenter the country multiple times, the 3-month visa will cost you 110 dollars with a stamp fee of 50 dollars.

Tourist Visa, Single Entry, 1 Month – $18

Many French citizens visit Vietnam for pleasure. If the purpose of the visit is simply to tour for 1 month, the visa will cost 18 dollars with a stamp fee of 25 dollars.

Tourist Visa, Single Entry, 3 Months – $28

If the purpose of the visit is simply to tour for over 1 month, the visa will cost 28 dollars with a stamp fee of 25 dollars.

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Vietnam Visa cost for French Citizens

There is no specific Vietnam visa price for French citizens, the price varies according to the kind of visa you apply for. It is even possible not to have to pay for a visa because you can get into the country without a visa.

Simple Steps to get Vietnam Visa for Taiwan Citizens

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Visa for Vietnam from Taiwan

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