February 18, 2019
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How to Get Cheap Vietnam Visa for Taiwanese Citizens

Travelers who wish to explore the beauty of Vietnam wonder if they could get visa to Vietnam at reasonable prices. Well, the good news is yes! With the revolutionary ‘Visa on Arrival’ program, you can get Vietnam visa at relatively inexpensive rates. Through easy steps done online, getting cheap Vietnam visa has never been easy.

Why get Vietnam Visa through Visa on Arrival?

There are two ways a traveller can get visa to Vietnam – through embassy and the said ‘Visa on Arrival’ program.

You shall visit your nearest embassy of Vietnam and go ahead with the procedure for visa application. But this is time consuming and you’ll have to spend time on queues, which could be overwhelming.

On the bright side, Visa on Arrival program lets you apply for Vietnam visa from anywhere, so you can even apply as you rest on your couch. When you depend on a trustworthy visa agent, you can surely have a great peace-of-mind as they’d do everything for you. Reputable agencies will strive to make your visa application successful for a reasonable e-visa Vietnam price. In a nutshell, Visa on Arrival is the best way to obtain cheap Vietnam visa.

Visa on Arrival lets you save money in the following ways:

  • No travelling to embassy required, thus saving you travelling costs.
  • No more wasting time queuing up. Time is money.
  • For a minimal service fee, a proficient visa agent will do what it takes for your visa application to be approved by the government.
  • When you do it yourself, there are chances of making mistakes and wasting money as a result. This could be avoided when you let the professionals do the work for you.

Vietnam Visa Fees – Visa on Arrival:

The Vietnam visa cost for Taiwanese citizens can vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for. You can apply either for a tourist visa or a business visa.

Tourist visa is applicable for those visiting the country for informal reasons such as vacation. The price varies depending on whether you apply for single entry visa or multiple entry visa. The fees are as follows:

  • $6 service fee, $25 stamp fee – 1 month single entry
  • $8 service fee, $50 stamp fee – 1 month multiple entries
  • $25 service fee, $25 stamp fee – 3 months single entry
  • $30 service fee, $50 stamp fee – 3 months multiple entries

Business visa is meant for working professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to visit the country for business or work reasons. Similar to tourist visa, the fee varies corresponding to your application for single entry and multiple entry visa. Here’s the fee information:

  • $80 service fee, $25 stamp fee – 1 month single entry
  • $85 service fee, $50 stamp fee – 1 month multiple entries
  • $95 service fee, $25 stamp fee – 3 months single entry
  • $100 service fee, $50 stamp fee – 3 months multiple entries

Application Process:

All you need to do is to visit the website of Vietnam Visa Cheap and fill out the online application. A visa approval letter will be sent to you via email, which you can print and exhibit at the destination airport. You’d then receive your visa from the airport, which grants you entry to the country.

Reputable visa agent, Vietnam Visa Cheap offers 100% money back guarantee if your visa application is rejected by the government for any reason. Not satisfied with their service? Be assured to get 100% of your money back! So, wait no more and get in touch with the professionals today.

Simple Steps to get Vietnam Visa for Taiwan Citizens

Anyone willing to visit a different country are under the impression that visa application process is cumbersome. With the advent of online Visa on Arrival program, it doesn’t have to be an ordeal anymore.

Visa for Vietnam from Taiwan

The exquisite natural beauty and amazing culture of Vietnam has made it one of the most favoured destinations in the world. So, if you are from Taiwan and you’d like to visit Vietnam, you will have to apply for visa.

visa on Arrival

Vietnam is a beautiful country that just keeps on giving. This awesome destination is so full of ancient buildings, tasty food, and other great natural wonders that keeps you in awe.

Visas were never more simple.
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