December 30, 2019
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5 Things First Time Travellers to Vietnam Should Know

There is a so much love about travelling to Vietnam. Vietnam extends from the soaring mountains of the north to the vibrant waterways  and endless rice paddies in the south. If you have never been to Vietnam before and with a cheap Vietnam visa,it is your next holiday destination, definitely finding out what to prepare for the trip is vital. Although it is a relatively inexpensive country to explore, Vietnam is one of the safest destinations you can visit.

  1. When to go?

Choosing the best time to plan your trip is the first thing you should think about when you decide to look for a cheap Vietnam visa fee. In Vietnam, there are three main parts of the company, the north, the south, and the centre. The climatic conditions in all these three areas are entirely different. Therefore planning your trip from December to April would be the best time to enjoy throughout Vietnam.

  1. Money and currency

Dong is the currency of Vietnam. Entering Vietnam, you can exchange money in the bank or airport. Remember, the note you receive should remain intact, not to dim or torn. Also, with your dollars, you should make sure that there is no text or stain on it. This is because the bank will not exchange or accept it with lower rates from the hotel or stores. So you will not be able to make payment with them.

Even if you plan not to use cash, you still should exchange a little because the Vietnamese still prefer using cash.

  1. Passport and Visa:

To enter Vietnam, you should bring your passport that is valid for at least three months after your entry date. A valid visa is also required for a citizen from foreign countries who visit Vietnam for any purpose. Some countries have a visa exemption agreement with Vietnam. Hence make sure whether you should apply for a cheap Vietnam visa.

  1. Know your transport options:

To cover long distances and save accommodation costs, overnight buses are a good option. The top bunk offers more privacy, which is at the height of street lights. Earplugs, headphones, and sleep masks are recommended.

You can also pay off a few dollars and fly in the less sustainable and more convenient option. There are many budget Airlines in Vietnam which offer cheap fares. Train travel is another option to get around Vietnam that is cheaper than flights and more comfortable than buses. Considered among the most incredible train journeys in the world, it is a must for rail enthusiasts.

  1. What to bring?

When you get a cheap Vietnam visa, you will be so excited that you should know what you should take with you to your holiday destination.

Personal papers: Vietnam visa, flight tickets, passports, all travel confirmation, and last updated information for your trip.

Luggage and clothing: Depending on the time period of your travel, you should bring suitable clothes. Comfortable shoes, a light jacket, convenient clothes are often recommended.

Money: You don’t have to bring too much cash with you as there are ATM machines available everywhere. Keep some Pence in Dong to pay for transportation or by small things.

Personal items: Shaving equipment, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairdryer, etc. You can The good idea is to carry toiletries always in your daypack when you have an outside day.

Electrical equipment: iPad or smartphones is the must-have items. Wi-Fi and internet connection are available almost everywhere.

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Vietnam International Travel Information

Visa information is one of the most searched travel searches. If you are planning to travel to Vietnam, here is some of the basic information you can find including information about a cheap Vietnam visa.

Vietnam Visa Cheap

Although Vietnam may not be a favorite destination for many, it still has a lot to offer for travellers. In fact, it is becoming a hot travel destination that attracts many travellers from various parts of the world.

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Vietnam is slowly emerging as the popular travel destination. From beach hoppers and foodies to art and culture lovers and adventure seekers, Vietnam has got something to offer everyone.

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