December 24, 2019
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Vietnam International Travel Information

Visa information is one of the most searched travel searches. If you are planning to travel to Vietnam, here is some of the basic information you can find including information about a cheap Vietnam visa.

Do You Need a Visa?

Depending on what passport you hold, the visa requirement may be waived. For some countries, a 15 to 30-day visit does not require a visa.

Countries that do not require a visa include: ASEAN member states that can visit for 30 days without a visa, UK, France, France, Germany, Spain and Italy can visit for 15 days without visas. Scandinavian passport holders can visit Vietnam without a visa for 15 days. Russians, Japanese and Koreans are also exempted from visas for 15 days. The government of Vietnam is always trying to encourage travel to the country so you can check the official website to see if you may not need a visa even if your country is not mentioned on this list.

Acquiring a Visa

It is easy to get a cheap Vietnam visa. There are a lot of great offers online to help you get that Vietnam visa cheap. The application can be done online and you can also make the payment online.

With the help of a visa specialist, you can receive a response to your application by email. This can be within 2 working days or slightly longer, but not more than a week. This response will contain the visa which you can then print out. On arrival at the Vietnam border point, you will present your printed visa and pay an additional Vietnam visa fee so that your passport can be stamped.

Arrival by Air

For many countries, if you arrive by air, entry into Vietnam can be granted with a visa on arrival. With the help of a visa service company, you can negotiate for Vietnam visa cheapest assistance and they will help you through the entire process with a guarantee that you will get the visa on arrival. There will still be the need to get online and secure a letter that authorizes you to be given the visa on arrival. Please note however that this applies only to particular nationals and you need to enter Vietnam at an airport border point. for people entering through a seaport or land, the visa will need to be received before you get to Vietnam

Stress-Free Travel

Instead of stressing about acquiring a visa and the different procedures involved, you can let a company handle all that for you. The Vietnam visa total cost will not be too expensive and you have better chances of receiving the visa quickly. Visa assistance is what many international travelers depend on so that they can concentrate on planning their visit to Vietnam and getting their suitcase packed with everything they may need for the trip.

We offer the cheapest Vietnam visa assistance with a money-back guarantee if your visa is not approved. Our clients can testify that we deliver on our promise. Get in contact with one of our agents and let us assist you to get that visa in time.

Vietnam Visa Cheap

Although Vietnam may not be a favorite destination for many, it still has a lot to offer for travellers. In fact, it is becoming a hot travel destination that attracts many travellers from various parts of the world.

cheap Vietnam visa

Vietnam is slowly emerging as the popular travel destination. From beach hoppers and foodies to art and culture lovers and adventure seekers, Vietnam has got something to offer everyone.

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