March 8, 2019
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What is the Best Way to Get Vietnam Visa cheap for Italian Citizens?

Every country citizen requires a visa to enter Vietnam. If you are an Italian citizen and trying to enter Vietnam for tourist or business purpose for the first 15 days, they are eligible for a visa-free stay. But, if you are extending your stay for more than 15 days, then you have to apply for Vietnam visa before you are entering Vietnam. If the term of your stay in Vietnam is just 15 days at maximum and your travel date meets the condition mentioned above,

Check the Passport Validity

All travelers need a passport valid for at least 90 days following their departure date from Vietnam. However, ensure that you are traveling with a passport valid for at least 6 months.

Blank Pages in Passport

You still need at least 02 free pages on your passport, even you are exempted from Vietnam visa to have immigration stamps sealed upon arrival in and departure from Vietnam.

Transit Visa

You must check with your airlines/carrier for the requirement to obtain a valid visa for any country you pass through in your route to Vietnam.

If your arrival date falls within 30 days from exit date of your last stay in Vietnam with visa exemption, or for any reason you wish to stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days, please apply for a tourist visa before you go.

Visa on Arrival Application Process and Fee Details

Vietnam visa on arrival for Italian citizens can be completed through a travel agency’s website online. You must check the validity of the passport before applying for visa on arrival. If your passport doesn’t have any blank page, a loose-leaf visa will be issued. In order to get your visa on arrival, you must apply online. This application is available in three parts. The first part requires you to fill in the basic information such as your name (as in the passport), date of birth, and more. The second part requires you to fill in the travel details and passport information. In the last section, you will give you current contact information. The payment can be done online using credit or debit card. The service Vietnam visa fee for Italian citizens varies according to the type of visa you have applied for. Once the application and payment process is completed, a visa approval letter will be mailed to you, which you have to download or make a copy. This visa approval letter must be presented before the immigration department to get your visa stamped onto your passport.

Our process is simple and easy, and you don’t have to waste your precious time on completing your complex visa procedures at an embassy. Our process is 100% risk-free and the Vietnam visa fee is cheap. We offer 100% money back guaranteed if customers not satisfied with our service. We offer 100% money back guaranteed if the visa application declined by the government.

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For German citizen, there is an exemption for Vietnam visa for their stay of 15 days in Vietnam. They must apply for a Vietnam visa before entering into Vietnam if they are extending their stay for more than 15 days for both business and tourist purposes.


As of May 2018, Italian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 187 countries and territories, ranking the Italian passport 3rd in terms of travel freedom. Moreover, Italian passport ranks first in the world in terms of travel freedom, with the mobility index of 160.

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Since quite a long time, Vietnam and Germany have had strong democratic relations and Germany has been a big supporter of Vietnam in the time of crisis. Credits must be given to the German government for helping Vietnam surfacing up as a powerful economy.

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The Vietnamese government has waived the visa requirements for Italian citizens of their stay is less than 15 days. You should apply for cheap Vietnam visa for Italian citizens, if your stay is more than 15 days.

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For those German citizens, who would like to avoid the perhaps lengthening visa procedures with their local Vietnam’s Embassies, the service of Vietnam Visa on arrival is available for help. It is legitimated and supported by the Vietnamese Immigration Department.

Vietnam Visa for Italian Citizens

A Vietnam tourist visa for business or tourist purpose is not required for Italian citizens, if they are opting for a stay of only fifteen days in Vietnam. But, if you want to extend your visa for more than 15 days, you must apply for a Vietnam visa before entering Vietnam.

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With the rapid improvement in Vietnam’s tourism, the Swedish citizens must need a visa to enter Vietnam. But, if their stay is less than 15 days, they are allowed to enter Vietnam without visa for both business and tourist purposes.

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