April 29, 2019
Blog Way To Get Vietnam Visa Cheap

What is the best way to get cheap Vietnam visa for Portuguese citizens?

Are you a Portuguese Citizen planning for a tourist or business trip to Vietnam? Are you aware of applying for a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam? As a Portuguese Citizen, you must have a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam for both tour and business purpose. You can apply for a Vietnam visa through two methods.

  • Applying for Vietnam visa via Vietnam Embassy
  • Applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Applying for Vietnam visa via Vietnam Embassy

Since Vietnam embassy is not in Portugal, you need to contact the Vietnam embassy nearer to your location. There are four nearest Vietnam embassies, and they are located in Spain, Morocco, France & England. You can find the one nearer to your location and apply for a Vietnam visa. Also, you need to take your passport and other original documents with you while applying for Vietnam visa via embassy and wait in the queue during the visa application process.  Even though applying visa via embassy is a reliable process, you may feel it complicated and most time-consuming task when compared to applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

Applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival | Vietnam Visa Cheap

Applying for cheap Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Portuguese citizen is a simple four-step process that takes just a few minutes to apply your Vietnam visa. You need only an internet-connected device to apply online. Also, you can avoid standing in a long queue and taking the original documents to the embassy as it has a risk of losing your documents in a rush. No need for original documents at the time of applying for Visa on Arrival process.

Steps to apply for a visa on arrival | Vietnam Visa Cheap

Step 1: Apply online.

  • You need to complete the visa application form and pay by credit card or Paypal.

Step 2: Get the visa approval letter.

  • You will receive the visa approval letter in your mail. Take the print copy of the approval letter, so that you can pick up your visa at your destination airport.

Step 3: Pick up your visa.

  • Present your approval letter to the landing visa desk and pay the stamp fee and get your visa stamped on your passport.

Step 4: Check-in Vietnam

  • Show your visa at the check-in point to enter Vietnam and enjoy your trip.

While applying for visa on arrival, you need to pay visa stamping fee to the government of Vietnam and service fee to the company that follow-up the procedure.

Visa stamping fee:

  • You need to pay $25 for a single entry (1-3 months), $50 for multiple entries (1-3 months), $95 for a 6-month visa, and $135 for a 1-year visa.

Service fee:

  • The service fee varies from company to company, so you need to check for the most reliable and cheap one.

Applying for Visa on Arrival with us can help you get 100% refund if the government declines your visa or you are not satisfied with our service. Also, we don’t provide money back policy for rush or urgent visa and business visa application.

Portugal passport placed on the Map

In general, people who are planning to visit Vietnam have three options to enter Vietnam. One is a visa exemption option, through which one can enter Vietnam without a visa and stay there for a maximum of 15 days.

Romania Passport

Romania citizen can apply for Vietnam visa in two different ways – Contacting the Vietnam embassy or applying online for Visa on Arrival. Since applying via embassy is a time-consuming process, most people prefer applying for Vietnam visa on arrival.

Poland Passport

Everyone who is travelling from Poland to Vietnam must have a valid visa. Poland citizens should apply and get a valid Vietnam visa before your travel.

Vietnam Visa For Poland passport

Poland citizens need a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. You can either apply for Vietnam visa via embassy, or you can apply for Visa on arrival via online.

Romania Passport

Every Romania citizen should apply for a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam for both business and tourist purposes. As a Romania citizen, you can apply for visa via Vietnam embassy or apply for Visa on Arrival.

Women Holding the Portugal passport

Portuguese citizens need to apply for a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. As a Portuguese citizen, you can apply for Vietnam visa via two different forms – applying via Vietnam embassy or applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

Poland passport

Poland passport holders need a valid visa to enter Vietnam. You can apply for a visa via two methods; one by contacting the Vietnam embassy in Poland and the other is applying online for Visa on arrival.

Woman having the Romanian passport

Vietnam has become one of the most popular tourist and business destinations for many people. If you are a Romanian citizen and planning to go to Vietnam for either tourist or business purpose, you need to apply for a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam.

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