March 28, 2019
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What is the Best Way to Get Cheap Vietnam Visa for Bulgarian Citizens?

Expect APEC business travel card holders and Phu Quoc island travelers, all other Bulgaria citizens should have a visa to travel Vietnam. “So, what is the best way to get Vietnam Visa for Bulgaria people?” this might be your question now. There are two ways to apply and get visa successfully.  They are Vietnam Visa on arrival and Vietnamese embassy.

What about APEC Business Travel Card Holders and Phu Quoc Island Travelers?

Vietnam Visa for Phu Quoc Island Travelers: Phu Quoc island travelers with an air return ticket and who stay on the island for 30 days or less is exempt from having a Vietnam visa. But they much have visa, if they wish to go out of the island.

APEC Business Travel Card Holders: For 90 days, APEC business travel card holders are exempt from Vietnam visa. They must apply for Vietnam visa if you exceed the 90 days of visit.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival Or Vietnamese Embassy – Which is the Best Option to Apply? | Vietnam Visa Cheap

If you are living in Bulgaria and planned to visit Vietnam, you will look for the cheap Vietnam visa option. Applying Vietnam visa through local Vietnamese Embassy is the right way, but it comes with some consequences.

What are the consequences?

You have to visit the embassy at least three or four times and also have to attach the original document for visa verification purpose. So that, there will be a chance of missing your original documents. But, when it comes to Visa on arrival option, you don’t have to attach those documents and present physically before the immigration department. Also, you no need to wait in the quiet for the long period to get your visa approval letter. Here the approval letter will be send to you via your mail. The only think you have you do is, pay the stamping fee and get your visa ta the Airport.

When comparing to, both the option, Visa on arrival is the best way to get your visa as soon as possible with hassle free manner.

Reason to Apply Your Visa at Vietnam Visa on Arrival Option | Vietnam Visa Cheap

If you decided to apply visa at Vietnam Visa on arrival option, you will end up with easy procedure.

  1. With your accurate travel information, you have to fill the online application form.
  2. While filling the form, you will be asked to fill the name, address, DOB, country your wish to travel and other travelling details.
  3. Then you have to attach the current photo of yours and your family members who are travelling with you.
  4. If your child is travelling with you, you will to get passport for them too.
  5. Within 3 days, you will receive the notification that your visa letter gets approved via mail.
  6. Need to submit the copy of approved visa letter and pay the Stamp fee
  7. Finally, you have to get your approved visa at Airport after paying the service fee.

Simple, right? This is why people prefer Vietnam Visa on Arrival option to apply visa for cheapest Vietnam visa.

Man holding the Albamia passport

Even though there are three different options to apply Vietnam visa for Albanian citizens, the most effective and cheap Vietnam visa application process is applying visa on arrival. It is considered to be one of the most convenient methods to apply for Vietnam visa and there is no long waiting period.

Beautiful Women having the vietnam visa

If you are a visitor from Andorra, you must require a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam irrespective of the purpose of your stay in Vietnam. There is no visa exemption for Andorran citizens who are willing to travel to Vietnam.

Liechtenstein passport

Vietnam is a common destination for travelers thanks to its beauty and attractiveness. But, as a Liechtenstein citizen, it is essential to have a proper visa to experience Vietnam’s beauty.

Kosovo passport

The Vietnamese government has been motivating tourists to visit the country and explore what it has got to offer. The government has also eased the rules, exempting visa requirements for some countries.

Bulgaria passport

Yes, the APEC Bulgaria citizens who are the business travel card holders are exempt from Vietnam visa for 90 days. Also, the Bulgaria citizen who need to go to Phu Quoc island with an air return ticket and who stay on the island for 30 days or less are exempt from having a Vietnam visa.

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