September 12, 2019
Vietnam Visa

Vietnam Visa: What should I pack?

Once you have your Visa On Arrival for Vietnam you will want to start planning your trip, getting excited about all the amazing things you are going to do and of course, the all-important thing, packing!
For some people this is all part of the preparation process and they just get on with it while others thoroughly enjoy the process and it gets them excited for their trip. Then there are the people who absolutely hate it, and if fills them with dread! No matter what sort of person you are, the below list should help you with your dream trip to Vietnam.

The essentials:

Of course, you need the invitation letter for your Vietnam Visa on Arrival. You also need your passport with 6 months validity left, two passport  sized photos, onward travel documents and US dollars- in cash. For more information on how the Vietnam Visa On Arrival process works, see the articles (My Vietnam Visa and Five Steps To Getting Through The Airport in Vietnam). You will also need either cash or a cash card (I recommend both) as spending money whilst in Vietnam. I would also add to the essentials lists any medication that you need to keep you alive- always a good idea to have it handy!

Daily packing:

  • A day bag will come in very handy, so you can take out just the stuff you want for that day/ night. You can also double-up your day bag as your hand luggage to save you packing it!
  • A water bottle if you like to have water to hand in 30 degree heat and don’t want to have to buy it everywhere. However, drinks in Vietnam are very cheap!
  • If you aren’t used to the sun then definitely bring a hat and sunglasses to avoid the risk of sunstroke and over heating
  • A small, lightweight rain coat- you’ll definitely need this if you arriving in the rainy season but even in the dry season it still rains quite a lot in Vietnam. It is best to be prepared


** This is based on a hot climate. If you come to Northern Vietnam from November to March it will be much cooler so you will want trousers and light weight but long sleeved tops during this time. Add a few warmer weather clothes to if you’re heading further South.

For one week I recommend the following:

  • At least seven pairs of underwear if not more (You will probably need two pairs per day and might not always be able to wash/ dry your clothes)
  • At least five pairs of socks (although you will mostly be wearing flip-flops and beach shoes)
  • Bras- for the ladies. Again, you will go through these extremely fast so bring as many as you can fit! One tip is to wear your bikini a lot under your clothes as it dries faster and can be washed easier!
  • Three pairs of shorts/ skirts
  • Three dresses
  • Five to seven t-shirts (That match the shorts and skirts)
  • Shoes for the beach, more practical shoes for exploring/ motor-biking
  • Pyjamas (or use your shorts and t-shirts, which is what I do)
  • Swimming stuff
  • Jeans/ trousers/ long sleeve breathable tops if you plan on riding a motorbike and/or don’t want to get eaten alive by mosquitos at dusk and dawn
  • Something to cover your shoulders and long trousers for when you visit temples in Vietnam


  • If you are travelling with family and friends then I suggest sharing things like toothpaste, insect repellent, hand sanitiser and sun-cream to save everyone packing it
  • You can buy pretty much everything such as deodorant, soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc. once you arrive and most hotels and accommodation will also provide it
  • Make-up and hair products (although you won’t wear much make up- it’s too hot!)
  • Shaving products


  • Try not to over pack on the technology but you will of course need a phone and charger
  • A lot of adapters (Asia specific or world-wide) so you don’t end up arguing over them with family and friends
  • A laptop/ Netbook/ Kindle/ Camera and chargers
  • A memory stick for transfer of photos- You will take a lot!

A few extras:

  • Luggage labels and a brightly coloured suitcase will make your arrival in Vietnam a much easier process, and you’ll have to wait around for less time at the airport.
  • Hard copies of your important documents such as insurance, flights and hotel bookings- just in case!
  • Most hotels and accommodation will provide a towel, but you might want to bring your own for beach days and swimming, especially if you plan on going to Halong Bay. Ideally bring a light weight travel towel and not a bath towel!
  • A diary to record the amazing experience that you are going to have!
  • Books- if you intend to spend your time soaking up the sun, chilling in Vietnamese coffee shops, lying on a beautiful beach or chilling by the pool.

So that’s it! The ultimate packing guide to accompany your Vietnam Visa! If you need help with your Vietnam Visa on Arrival then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

My Vietnam Visa
September 12, 2019

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