September 11, 2019
Vietnam Visa

2 ways to get a visa for Vietnam from Canada

We live in a world where freedom is equal. We are in a society where we work everyday. Why don’t you take a break and take a nice trip somewhere you can calm your mind? Vietnam is a beautiful outstanding world of dream. You can dream it, you can hear it because Vietnamese culture has always been recognized in the entire world. Vietnam is a paradise country where tourists spend their time living their best life. Before getting there, you may ask yourself : “How do I go there and where should I go ?”. You’ll think that Canadian people have to go through a long path from Canada to Vietnam. When planning your vacation, you’ll ask yourself : “If you’ll need a visa or how do I get one ?”. I’m here to help.

The Planning

Before taking a trip, you have to plan where do you want to go first. The planning is where you start because it will be your first time travelling to Vietnam.
There’s a lot of resources on the Internet that you can use to search information about your trip. The most important is the visa which will give you access to enter Vietnam. There’s website or center in Canada that offers visa to go to Vietnam. The first way to get your visa is by acquiring it by a local visa service like in Montreal, I paid my visa at the Chinatown district . If you don’t know where to get yours I suggest you to get your visa on Internet on It only cost 6$ USD for the visa pre-approval letter then 25$ USD if you arrive and pick up your visa on arrival at the airport ! Later, I will explain you in details.

Acquire your visa by a local visa service 

I’ll share my experience on how I got my visa via a local visa service. First of all, local visa services are almost everywhere. All you need is an identity card and your passport. You’ll need to complete a formula to be approved and get your visa. It cost 25$ CAD per visa (Exclude service charge for the agency). Some of these center also offers boarding ticket with the visa. The boarding ticket is optional you can decide to not buy it.
You’ll have to wait few days before receiving your visa and you’re good to go !

Vietnam visa by Internet

Most of tourists think, all Canadian citizens are required to have their visa in hand to enter the country.
Some of you will ask : “can I apply online then get my visa on arrival at Vietnam international airport ?

It is accessible and there will be steps if you want to get your visa on arrival. Before applying for a visa, be sure that your passport must be at least 6 months valid counting from the date of arrival which means you have to prepare your trip way before. Also, you’ll need blank pages left in your passport for the stamp. Start by visit their official website :
The second step requires an application form online via their security network (formula) to get your Visa Pre-approval letter. On arrival at the Vietnam International Airport (like Ho Chi Minh / Hanoi / Nha Trang / Da Nang….) get your visa stamp.
The option of getting your visa on arrival to Vietnam is only applicable on AIR TRAVEL .

Information required for visa on arrival Vietnam

You need to complete a formula to get your visa on arrival. I’ll explain you what do you need to complete your formula. Start by giving your name exactly as written on passport. Your date of birth in (DD/MM/YY); Your nationality on passport ; your passport number ; then your date of arrival which you must indicate when you’re coming. You can’t come earlier than the approved date but you can come later than the approved date. You need to have in possession your passport photos which is required at Vietnam Airport. After all is cleared you only have to pay for the service fees and the visa.

At the end, it isn’t that hard to get your visa. All you need is to search for information and get to the right place. Getting a visa for Vietnam from Canada is easy to find on Internet and there is a lot of locals services that offers too. Now, you’re ready to be set and enjoy your vacation !


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