October 17, 2019
Vietnam Visa

Vietnam Visa for Citizens of India: Application Process & More!

I planned on expanding the content base on my blog by providing a few tips and quick information about the VISA application process for Vietnam that every Indian must know. Being a travel blogger as an Indian is a blissful full-time job. But now I’ve considered putting out some informative and helpful content on how to get to different places. I was inspired to do so since my last tour to Himalayas, Southeast Asia, and especially Vietnam.
Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries, and the mesmerizing place is full of wonderful nature, history, and splendid culture. It has quickly become one of the most famous tourist hubs in Southeast Asia. Obtain a Vietnam visa is mandatory for all nationalities. But fortunately, it is easy and straightforward to apply to obtain a Vietnam visa for Indian citizens. All you need to know is how to do it!

What is the Vietnam visa on arrival?

It is nothing but a pre-approved visa which is obtained through an online visa processing agency. Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians is applicable only for those who are traveling by air. If you are traveling overland, you will have to obtain a Vietnam e-visa for Indians. Reading further, you can find the application process for both.
You must be wondering why I got a Vietnam visa when I could travel to any other place in Southeast Asia. As mentioned above, getting Vietnam Visa on arrival is much easier for an Indian.

Why should one choose a Vietnam visa on arrival?

I was not aware that obtaining a Vietnam visa on arrival is much better than visiting the embassy until I saw a random travel add that popped up on Google. When I further researched, I found that visa on arrival, forbids the difficulty of going to the Vietnamese Embassy in person. It also has fast processing time, is cheaper than going to an embassy, and can send the application from anywhere and doesn’t have to be in India. VOA document collection is effortless and hassle-free. I planned to write on the same, for I believe it will help a lot of travelers like me.

Most Convenient

As far as I have experienced Vietnam visa on arrival is the most convenient of all. Everything is processed online. All you need to do is print out the arrival letter sent to you through email and submit everything at the airport desk. You are all set to go!


Vietnam visa on arrival is one of the fastest, as the visa approval letter for picking up your visa on-arrival is processed in less than 48hour after applying.


Vietnam’s on-arrival visa is not only fast, but it is also one of the most affordable. Obtaining it only $6 when it comes to online processing and as little as $25 when it comes to stamping fee.

The Application Process

Vietnam Visa-On-Arrival for Indians

Step 1:

In order to obtain a Vietnam visa upon arrival, you must first get a visa approval letter. You need to approach an agent to obtain a visa letter of credit to Vietnam. Choose either one or multiple entries and choose any number of days between 30 to 90 days of stay and complete the Vietnamese visa form. You must clear a processing charge of $6

Step 2:

You will have to further wait for the Vietnam Visa Approval Letter. The approval letter will be sent through an email within 2 working days. Cross check to know if all the information in the application is correct (Name, Date of birth, Gender, Nationality, Passport Number, Email, Flight Number, Date of Arrival, Port of Arrival & Purpose of Visit)

Step 3:

You will have to carry a print of the approval letter sent via email to board the airplane & show on arrival to pick up your visa.

Step 4:

Carry two passport size photos along with the approval letter (4 cm x 6 cm or 3 cm x 4 cm), recently clicked.

Step 5:

Get Vietnamese Dong, EUR or US Dollars to pay the visa stamping fee at the airport. It will cost you about $25 for single entry visa stamping, and it may go up to $50 for multiple entry visa stamping. If you arrive on a 6 month visa or 1 year visa, the visa stamping fee is US$ 95 and US$ 135 relatively.

Step 6:

Take the letter, dollars, and passport-sized photos to your destination international airport in Vietnam to pick up your visa there. Do not forget to leave at least an entire page blank in your passport for a Vietnam visa.

Vietnam e-Visa for Indians

The visa on arrival applies to you if only you choose to arrive by plane. If you plan to reach Vietnam by road, you mainly have two options. Either you can order Vietnam e-Visa for Indians online or apply for the visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in New Delhi. You will have to submit your passport along with the visa application to complete the application process and the time taken from processing the visa application is between 4 and 5 business days if you choose to get your visa from the embassy. I think the easiest and fastest way to get to Vietnam by road is to apply for e-Visa from Vietnam online.


Vietnam makes it easy for nationals of most countries to apply for visas and get into the country. If you are from Hong Kong, you can apply for a cheap Vietnam visa and have it within 2 to 3 working days.

The Vietnam Immigration Department issues approval letters to Hong Kong citizens intending to travel to Vietnam by air. This is a very important document that can enable a traveller to get a visa on arrival at the airport.

There have been more and more flights from Taiwan to Vietnam in latest years. In addition to its lovely landscapes and vibrant cultural aspect, Taiwanese people were drawn by the lax and straightforward approach of life and its distinctive ancient cities.

Vietnam visa online

To extend your stay in Vietnam, you can either extend your visa or opt for a visa renewal. Any traveller who enters Vietnam with a valid visa can stay in the country only for the specified duration in the Visa approval letter.

Korean Currency

Vietnam is a great place with many attractions, traditional food, people, culture, trekking etc. But before you plan to head for the trip, you need to apply for the Vietnam visa, especially if you are a Russian passport holder.

Vietnam is encouraging more visitors to visit the country especially tourists. To make it more attractive, the requirement of a visa for visitors from particular countries has been waived.

For those looking to have a remarkable travel experience, Vietnam is a good place to visit. With the intention of boosting the tourism industry, the government of Vietnam has exempted some countries from visa requirement.

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