November 8, 2019
Vietnam Visa

Types of Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Types of Vietnam Visa on Arrival

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Anyone can get a Vietnam Visa approval letter by applying online and it must be presented when boarding your flight, and upon arrival to the immigration officer to get the visa stamped. With the approval letter, you can travel to Vietnam but can’t enter. You need to get the visa stamped at the airport to enter into Vietnam.

Here are the different types of Visa on Arrival:-

  • One month single entry visa
  • One month multiple entries visa
  • Three months single entry visa
  • Three months multiple entries visa

These visas are granted based on the length of your stay, number of visits, and the purpose of your visit.

Documents required for obtaining Visa on Arrival

  • Passport with six months of validity
  • Credit or debit card
  • Entry permit form
  • Two passport size photograph
  • Visa stamping fee

How to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa on Arrival?

If you are planning to travel by air to Vietnam on an international flight, a great alternative to obtain a visa from the Vietnamese Embassy it to opt for a simple and cheaper visa – Visa on Arrival. No matter wherever you are, you can get the visa on arrival easily and it is cheaper as well. Yes, the Vietnam visa price is very cheap. Once issued, the visa will be exactly the same as visa issued by the embassy with the same conditions and limitations. Here is how you need to apply for visa on arrival:-

  • Fill out the quick application. Ensure to give the right details like your name, date of arrival, passport number, DOB, nationality, passport expiry date, type of visa, the purpose of the visit, and gender.
  • Pay the service fee of $25 through your debit/credit card or PayPal account.
  • Once you make the payment, your visa request will be processed and you will receive the approval letter in your email within two working days.
  • Print the approval letter and get two passport size photographs.
  • Bring the approval letter, photo, stamping fee of $50 and passport size photos with you on your trip to Vietnam.
  • Upon arrival, submit the documents which you have to the immigration officer to get the visa stamped.

If you are traveling with children, ensure they have their own passports. You need to apply for visa and pay the same processing fee and stamping fee as for the adults. Ensure that your surname, other names, entry & exit dates are correct.

If the purpose of the visit is a business trip, it is advisable to apply for multiple entries visa so that you can enter and exit Vietnam as many as times you want within the expiration date. Single entry visa is suitable for tourists as a person is allowed to enter and exit Vietnam only once.

Do you want to apply for visa on arrival? Contact Vietnam Visa Cheap. We are a reliable travel agency that provides 100% money guarantee if the visa is rejected by the government or if you don’t like our service.  We can help get your approval letter within 4 working hours to 2 business days.


With over pristine beaches, dynamic growing cities, mountainous highlands, and historic places, Vietnam has become a popular tourist destination. Be it tourism or business visit, you will need a valid visa to enter Vietnam.

So you are planning to visit Vietnam. Hong Kong citizens are required to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa, regardless of the mode of the transport you are using to enter Vietnam.

Also known as ‘one time only’ visa, single entry Vietnam visa is used by the visa applicants to enter and exit Vietnam only one time. After that, it will be marked ‘used’ by the government and you cannot use it to enter Vietnam the next time.

Vietnam visa is a prerequisite for all nationals who are entering into Vietnam for tourist or business purposes. Even though there are three different methods to apply for Vietnam visa, Vietnam visa on arrival is considered to be the quickest and cheapest method to obtain visa to Vietnam.

Vietnam is a friendly country with breathtaking tourist destination and large commercial centers. So, there are more and more people pining to visit Vietnam for both tourist and business purposes.

The nationals of Hong Kong must hold a visa to enter into Vietnam, if they are travelling to Vietnam for business or tourist purpose. Vietnam is luckily a country with unique visa policies which are easy to understand.

With its scenic natural beauty and commercial centers, Vietnam attracts a large number of tourists and business people to it. There is a boom in the floating population of this country in the last decade.

As Hong Kong is not in the Vietnam visa exemption list, the Hong Kong citizens should get a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam for both tourist purpose and business purpose. If you are an APEC business travel cardholders, you can visit Vietnam for 30 days without a Vietnam visa.

Nowadays Vietnam has become a popular spot for business people. If you are looking for Vietnam business visa, you can apply for Vietnam visa in three methods: E-visa, visa on arrival and contacting the Vietnam embassy.

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