November 4, 2019
Vietnam Visa

5 Critical Mistakes to avoid While Applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Hong Kong Citizens

5 Critical Mistakes to avoid While Applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Hong Kong Citizens

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Vietnam visa is a prerequisite for all nationals who are entering into Vietnam for tourist or business purposes. Even though there are three different methods to apply for Vietnam visa, Vietnam visa on arrival is considered to be the quickest and cheapest method to obtain visa to Vietnam. This reduces overcrowding and losing important documents at the Vietnamese embassies or losing money to online scramblers who promise you to get Vietnam visa online.

What Is Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Vietnam visa on arrival is a simple process that allows you to get your Vietnam visa within a few days of application. It doesn’t require you to stand in endless line or struggles with complex visa application procedure.

Instead, it provides you with a simple online application in which you have to enter your basic details and pay a service fee. During the application process, you will be asked to upload the scanned copies of your passport, photographs, signature, and other necessary documents. Once the procedure is completed, you will receive your visa approval letter within 3 days of the application. You have to download a copy of the visa application form and visa approval letter and present it at the landing counter to get your Vietnam visa stamped to your passport.

As easy as the process seems, it comes with equal amount of confusions among travellers when applying through Vietnam visa on arrival. So, we’ve compiled a few mistakes that every visitors must avoid to prevent visa rejection.

Forgetting the Approval Letter

As we have stated earlier, the approval letter must be presented before the immigration department in order to get your visa stamped to the passport. If you miss the approval letter pre-arranged by your travel agency, then you will not get your visa stamped at the destination airport. If you have lost your approval letter before travelling, apply for a cheap Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizens in a Vietnamese embassy. You can also choose a rush visa service with your travel agent on your arrival at the airport.


Always remember, Vietnam visa on arrival is available only for air travel and it’s not applied for any other means of transport. Moreover, Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable only in the five international Vietnamese airports and you cannot enter Vietnam through any other entry point. Contact your travel agent immediately, if you are travelling in other means of transport.

Forgetting Arrival and Exit Date

Unlike other countries, the validity of your Vietnam visa depends on the entry and exit dates printed on your visa. You can enter only on the entry date or even after that, or leave Vietnam before the exit date or on the exit date. You cannot enter Vietnam earlier unless you have a visa exemption or prolong your stay after the exit date.

Incorrect Details

While filling up the form for your Vietnam visa on arrival, make sure to enter the right details. Before clicking the submit button, re-check whether you have entered all the details correctly. If you find any error in your visa application or approval letter, contact your travel agents to prevent any difficult situation at the airport.

Expired Passport

Applying low cost Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizens requires a passport with at least six months validity. If you apply for Vietnam visa with an invalid passport, your visa will get cancelled.


Vietnam is a friendly country with breathtaking tourist destination and large commercial centers. So, there are more and more people pining to visit Vietnam for both tourist and business purposes.

The nationals of Hong Kong must hold a visa to enter into Vietnam, if they are travelling to Vietnam for business or tourist purpose. Vietnam is luckily a country with unique visa policies which are easy to understand.

With its scenic natural beauty and commercial centers, Vietnam attracts a large number of tourists and business people to it. There is a boom in the floating population of this country in the last decade.

As Hong Kong is not in the Vietnam visa exemption list, the Hong Kong citizens should get a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam for both tourist purpose and business purpose. If you are an APEC business travel cardholders, you can visit Vietnam for 30 days without a Vietnam visa.

Nowadays Vietnam has become a popular spot for business people. If you are looking for Vietnam business visa, you can apply for Vietnam visa in three methods: E-visa, visa on arrival and contacting the Vietnam embassy.

Nowadays getting a business visa for Vietnam is easy and the number of days depends on the type of visa application process you choose. To get the cheap Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizen, you have three different options to consider – Apply via Vietnam embassy, visa on arrival and e-visa process.

While applying for Vietnam visa, your passport must have at least 6 months validity. If your passport has expired, then you must renew it before applying for a cheap Vietnam visa to avoid the unnecessary issues on the day of your travel.

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