January 7, 2020
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Tourist & Business Visa Fee & Process for Argentina Citizens

Vietnam, the country with a rich history, is located in the easternmost part of the Indochina Peninsula. It is blessed with many breathtaking views throughout the country, which invite tourists from across the globe. This way, the tourism sector is undergoing a constant growth, especially during the past decade. Furthermore, the urban development of Vietnam is also facing a substantial growth, inviting business prospects. Just like the tourist visa, the business visa is also easy to get. You can apply for this visa at the consulate or apply online for a Visa on Arrival.

What is the Process of getting Tourist or Business Vietnam visa?

  • Visa Approval Letter – You must fill out a visa application online with the right information. Ensure to fill out the form without attempting to make any mistakes, as it might invite huge expenses in future. Carefully fill out your name with the right spelling, the DOB, passport number. The form will also require you to fill out your date of entry and exit, and details of arrival airport. Double check the application form to make sure that all the information is entered correctly.
  • After you have verified the entered information, make the payment towards the service fee. You can use PayPal, western union or bank transfer to make the payment.
  • After submitting the application, wait to receive the visa approval letter in your email. You will receive the letter in two working days. After that, take a print of the visa approval letter and have it with you to show at the airport.
  • After you arrive at your destined International Vietnam Airport, hand out the visa approval letter to the immigration officer. Along with this, you will also have to submit passport-sized photographs, passport and the Vietnam visa fee to the immigration officer. You will get your cheap Vietnam visa without any hassles, if your passport details match with the visa application form.

The easiest way is to get the help of a Vietnam Visa agency, recognized by the Vietnam Immigration Department. Also make sure that their services are legitimate and guarantee a 100% money back guarantee, if the visa gets rejected. If you are travelling from Argentina, get the help of a registered visa agency, to get the cheapest Vietnam visa. This will also help you avoid embassy visits and lengthy processing time.

Tourist Visa on Arrival Fee from Argentina

For a One month and 3 months single entry, The Visa Stamp Fee is 25 USD. While for a One month and 3 months multiple entries, the Vietnam visa price is 50 USD. It costs 95 USD for a 6 months multiple entries visa and 135 USD for a 1 year multiple entries Visa.

Business Visa on Arrival Fee from Argentina

The Vietnam visa cost for 1 month and 3 months single entry costs 25 USD. But, for 1 month and 3 months multiple entries visa, it costs about 50 USD on arrival. However the cost of 6 months multiple entries is 95 USD, and 1 year multiple entries is 135 USD.

Along with this, if you are seeking the help of a recognized Visa agency, you will have to bear a small fee as their service charges.

Should you have a sponsor for a Business Visa?

It is not mandatory for you to have a sponsor letter to get a business visa. But, having one will ease your visa process. Even if you don’t have a business partner in Vietnam, you can very well apply for a stay of up to 90 days. Your Visa agency will make the process of your Vietnam business visa simple and straightforward.

Is it possible to extend the business visa in Vietnam?

Yes, it is possible. After you land in Vietnam, if there is a need to extend your visa, you can extend it. But, the maximum allowed length of extension for business purpose is 1 year multiple entry.

It is possible to convert the tourist visa a Business visa?

No, it is NOT possible. In that case, you will have to exit Vietnam, and apply for a business visa again. There is no way to switch the type of visa when you are in Vietnam.

Vietnam Tourist Visa Tips for Bahrain Citizens

Some countries are in a visa exemption agreement with Vietnam. Bahrain is not on the exemption list.

Vietnam Tourist Visa Fees for Barbados Citizens

If you are traveling from Barbados to Vietnam as a tourist, you will find many fun things to do. But before you can enjoy all that Vietnam has to offer, you need to get a visa.

Vietnam visa extend

Yes, Dutch citizens with a valid Vietnam visa can extend their stay in Vietnam but this should be done before the current visa expires. The application for the visa extension must be done at least 10 days before the expiration of your current Vietnam visa.

Pay for Vietnam Visa from Belgium

Belgium passport holders who are planning to visit Vietnam must apply for Vietnam visa as they are not in the visa exemption list. They can apply for Vietnam visa in three distinctive ways; one is applying thorough embassy, second one is Vietnam visa on arrival and the third one is applying for Vietnam e-visa.

Stay In Vietnam With An India Passport

You can stay in Vietnam to 87 days (three months) with India passport. For that, as an Indian citizen, you should have to apply for a visa.

Pay for Vietnam visa from Germany

As a tourist country, Vietnam offers visa exemption for certain countries, and Germany is one among them. With visa exemption, the citizens of Germany can enter Vietnam without a visa.

Cost of Vietnam visa

Denmark passport holders who are planning to go to Vietnam should apply for a valid visa to enter Vietnam, if you need to stay more than 15 days. As a citizen of Denmark, you are required no entry visa for a stay of maximum 15 days in Vietnam.

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As a Macedonia citizen, you need to apply for a valid Vietnam visa through Vietnam embassy regardless of your purpose of travel. But, you will have to drop your passport off, plus the form and your photos, plus your fee, and then return several days later to pick up the visa.

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