January 1, 2020
Blog Steps to get Vietnam Visa Cheap

Vietnam Tourist Visa Tips for Bahrain Citizens

Some countries are in a visa exemption agreement with Vietnam. Bahrain is not on the exemption list. So the Bahraini citizens who live in Bahrain or other countries in the world should have a visa to enter or work in Vietnam.

There are two ways to apply a cheap Vietnam visa for Bahraini citizens.

Option 1:

Apply for cheapest Vietnam visa online on arrival with Vietnam immigrant department:

It is strongly recommended to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa price on arrival as this can save your money, time and also help you avoid some unwanted troubles. All you should do is complete four steps to apply for the visa. It takes a few minutes to fill in the application form entering your full details, for, example your name, passport number, arrival date, payment form.

Then you would receive a Visa stamp on arrival at the airport in Vietnam. Quick, cheap, convenient, and safe is the best feature of this way. As you don’t have to send your passport anywhere or wait longer to get feedback from a consulate or Embassy, it saves a lot of time.

This way helps reduce the minimum of losing your documents. The service charge is fixed with no extra or hidden fee. You will be getting the confirmation of the status of your visa in a few working hours. After 24 to 48 hours, you will get permission to get a visa stamp at the airport when you arrive in Vietnam.

In emergencies, you can process the visa approval letter for applying visa from the immigration department of Vietnam, depending on how urgent your need is. There is also a traditional way to get a Vietnam visa, which we can discuss in the next instruction.

Step by step Procedure:

  • Visit the website and fill in the secure online application form and make payment.
  • For standard service, You should wait for two working days and one day for urgent service for getting the visa approval letter via email.
  • You must print the letter out and bring it along with two photos, your passport, and some dollars as a stamping fee to get your Vietnam visa stamped on your arrival at the Vietnam airport.

Option 2:

Apply at the Vietnamese Consulate or Embassy:

It is quite challenging to do it. First, you should send your passport and the required documents to the Vietnam Consulate or Vietnam Embassy in your country. Then you should wait for the announcement from the Embassy. This is a complicated way where sometimes you might feel unsatisfied with the problem of losing your documents, both wasting money and time of going to the Embassy.

The Vietnam Consulate or Embassy has not established in Bahrain yet. So you should contact the Vietnam Embassy in Kuwait, the nearest country to apply for the visa. We suggest you apply for a visa through Vietnam Visa on arrival as the best choice.


Visit the Vietnam consulate or Embassy nearest to your place to apply for a visa. You should leave the original documents like a passport, and it takes around 4 to 5 working days for processing. It is also advised to contact the Embassy in advance for visa application requirements.

If you are a Bahrain citizen who wants a visa to enter Vietnam, contact Vietnam visa cheap, a leading travel agency in Vietnam.

Vietnam Tourist Visa Fees for Barbados Citizens

If you are traveling from Barbados to Vietnam as a tourist, you will find many fun things to do. But before you can enjoy all that Vietnam has to offer, you need to get a visa.

Vietnam visa extend

Yes, Dutch citizens with a valid Vietnam visa can extend their stay in Vietnam but this should be done before the current visa expires. The application for the visa extension must be done at least 10 days before the expiration of your current Vietnam visa.

Pay for Vietnam Visa from Belgium

Belgium passport holders who are planning to visit Vietnam must apply for Vietnam visa as they are not in the visa exemption list. They can apply for Vietnam visa in three distinctive ways; one is applying thorough embassy, second one is Vietnam visa on arrival and the third one is applying for Vietnam e-visa.

Stay In Vietnam With An India Passport

You can stay in Vietnam to 87 days (three months) with India passport. For that, as an Indian citizen, you should have to apply for a visa.

Cost of Vietnam visa

Denmark passport holders who are planning to go to Vietnam should apply for a valid visa to enter Vietnam, if you need to stay more than 15 days. As a citizen of Denmark, you are required no entry visa for a stay of maximum 15 days in Vietnam.

Attractive positive young curly female using laptop in cafe

As a Macedonia citizen, you need to apply for a valid Vietnam visa through Vietnam embassy regardless of your purpose of travel. But, you will have to drop your passport off, plus the form and your photos, plus your fee, and then return several days later to pick up the visa.

Woman sitting on the desk with laptop

San Marino citizen think applying for a visa from the Vietnam embassy is the cheapest and easiest ways of getting a Vietnam visa. But, applying for Vis on Arrival is an easiest and risk-free method for applying Vietnam visa.

In the past, people often considered getting cheap Vietnam visa from the nearest Vietnam embassy of Macedonia. Since Vietnam doesn’t have embassy at Macedonia, the citizens has to travel for a long distance to apply for Vietnam visa.

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